Innovation and Entrepreneurship


This essay is used for developing business ideas to sell the organic foods in different restaurant chain in Australia. The food quality is checked as the buyers are interested in buying high quality food products from different sellers. Organic foods have attracted the local and the international people, in Australia.

The tourism and the food industry in the Australian market have tremendously increased in last 10 years. This has encouraged the service providers to select the better methods to sell the products and services to the clients in different markets. Innovative strategies and entrepreneurship in the food industry has boosted the overall business performances and sales.

The sales and the quality check for the ‘organic recipe’ is planned to be improved as it assists in approaching the clients and in introducing new measures for handling the complicated works (MinaTajvidi and AzhdarKarami, 2015).


Technology helps the restraints to improve the quality of the food products, reputation, control costs, increase sales, and revenue. Continues innovative strategies helps the service providers to heighten the barriers to imitate the operational works and keep aside the business portfolio different from the others.

This is used to strengthen the competition level and efforts to be made by the companies. Some of the studies conducted on the innovative strategy analysis state that the innovative practices and strategies are not limited up to descriptive overview, launch of the new products, processing of fine dining and rendering quick services to the restaurants.

Leadership factors help the managers or the staffs to select the best mechanism used for introducing the changes in the work culture for the organisations. Through the innovative strategies, the leaders adopt a unique marketing strategy that helps in improving the operational works.

Quality, reliability and accurate sharing of the information are some of the essential factors considered by the managers while updating the product related details with the clients.

Innovative strategies and adoption of the accurate methods are the key components for entrepreneurship. These facts are collected while conducting the study on the small and medium sized independent restaurants that plans to sell the better quality products and services to the clients.

As per the ‘entrepreneurship theory’ innovative strategies are considered to be the main driving force that assists in improving the economic development (Kraus, 2010).

Innovative strategies like the ability of the managers to develop and sell new products to the clients. This strategy is used for capturing new markets and to provide better services to the clients.

The changes in the market conditions and the ability of the companies to sell the better quality services to the clients or the buyers. Through the entrepreneurship risks and the ability analyses, the management examine the internal innovative strategies to introduce new methods and process for coping with the critical human management challenges.

The management requires the management to adopt better strategies to improve the investor relationships required for exploring the market opportunities within the company. With new methods and strategies, the entrepreneurs develop the capabilities to minimise the issues involved with improving the business opportunities required for expanding the business activities.

With an integrated system, the management plans to overcome the failure involved in the task execution and the plans involved with the launch of the new products. Innovative strategies are integrated with the human resource availability of the company.

In the entrepreneurship theory, the role of human workforce is integrated with the innovative strategies required to improve the business performances.

With human capital requirements the essential knowledge, skills, and task performance ability is developed and implemented through the formal educational values and the training methods. The work experiences are associated with adopting the better methods for increasing the value of the services.

Innovative strategies allow the company to adopt higher order model that is used for creating a networking system with the investors, capital investors and performances. Such an approach is used for promoting the services required for expanding the operational works and the tasks essential for dealing with the business activities.

The selected strategies for innovative policies are designed to handle the works or different task performances involved with the restaurant development and process execution works.

Through the innovative strategies, the management develops and introduces new method for designing a better method for increasing the business performances. The strategic values like integrating the human resource management with operational strategies are introduced by the management.

Innovative strategies are adopted to introduce supply chain management system that helps in developing and introducing new methods for promoting the services and processes to be used for selling the better quality products and services to the clients (Thailand, 2013).

Innovative business development and strategies are developed to make the internal work conditions are examined.

Through better strategic plans, the investor relationship plans are introduced by the management, to deal with the unexpected challenges. This is because of the inability of the critical human resource handling process. It assists in dealing with different challenges that impacts the operational strategies and policies adopted by the management.

The structural values and the policies and methods are adopted to deal with the internal work conditions and issues that affect the operational works. Innovate strategies are associated with developing new methods for handling the internal work related issues involved at the workplace.

Through the developed process, the management develop new methods for handling the complicated works and the tasks that are performed for handling the internal and external work related challenges.

In the entrepreneurship skills the management examine the challenges faced by the management in executing the works. Through the developed process, the management design now methods and techniques for handling the diversified and complained works.

This process is quite important in dealing with the challenges involved in the work allocation and the performances of the works. The developed strategies enable the management to examine the internal challenges that impacts the operational works and the performances. The innovative activities are related with the task handling and performances.

Through the designed process, the management could examine the internal challenges and introduce new methods for reducing the operational expenses involved at the workplace. To control the costs, the company or the restaurant develops a value chain system to handle the challenging inflow and outflow of the restaurants.

The valuation process is adopted for effectively using the system for the benefit of the company. With the developed strategies, the management can handle the complicated works and instruct the members or the staffs to deal with different complicated tasks. In the entrepreneurship skills the ability of the staffs and the managers to deal with different challenging works are examined.

It assists in reducing the operational works and the performances in the right manner.

Strategic values and the processes are introduced for coping with the internal challenges involved or faced by the management at the workplace. These strategies and policies are designed to introduce new measures that assist in dealing with different types of business issues like the operational works, people management, and handling the quality and costs.

The developed strategies are adopted for handling the works, and to handle the complicated work related issues (Peter, 2001).

Innovative and entrepreneurship factors are integrated with each other, as it assists the management to examine the internal work conditions and challenges with the company.

Through the developed methods and policies the policies are introduced for handling the internal challenges faced by the management. The strategic values are examined for the internal challenges like the issues in implementing the process, developing new methods for the execution of the works and other factors to improve the internal work conditions.

The leaders of the company examine the internal and external challenges like the government rules for securing the food quality and other tasks required for the execution of the works.

Through the developed policies, the management design an effective method that is used for overcoming the business related challenges like organising the works and introducing new methods to deal with different issues that affects the operational works.

Policies and the methods are designed to cope with issues like the execution of the works and in introducing new methods for dealing with different business issues like operational works and in introducing new methods for dealing with the operational challenges (Kraus, 2010).


The strategic values and the policies are designed to deal with different business related to selling the better food quality products to the clients. Through ad enveloped policies and strategic changes innovative methods are adopted for improving the operational works involved at the workplace.

New policies and methods are adopted for gathering the business information and to deal with different challenges involved in the restaurant. Through the policy changes and strategic value development, the companies design new methods for internal and external challenges involved at the workplace.

Through the innovative strategies, the management develops new methods for improving the operational works and the tasks performed by the restaurant companies.


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