Integrated Business Management

Individual written Assignment- Integrated Business Management


An integrated Business Management is used to associate all the similar process in a business into a single system for feasibility process and functions. Integrated business management system helps the environment to explain the duties and their designation of people in the business.

This system also used to identify the hazards in the business process. Using this integrated system, all the process of the business is monitored. Integrated Business Planning is the business arranging activity that broadens the standards of S&OP throughout the process of supply chain, portfolios of product and client requirement and strategic planning, to convey one consistent administration process.

Integrated Business Management

Fig No: 1 Integrated Business Management

This picture shows four phases involved in integrated business management. In the first phase, the picture highlighted the co-ordination process. This is used to avoid all the unplanned process in the business and provide the proper planning structure for the activity.

The second phase is used to identify the effectiveness of the planning event. This planning helps to avoid failure in the proceeding activities. The third phase explains the automation system of all the activities of business. The final phase provides integration of business process with technology for the efficient progress in the appropriate business.

Business Concept 1: Supply Chain Management:

IzwanAzmi et al[1] proposed the importance of supply chain management. This process integrates with logistics activities that support strategic business process. This integration set up that the more extensive mix of a central organization with its providers and clients at the same time will prompt more execution.

The significance of integration in supply chains is demonstrative of the execution of elements of individuals inside the supply chain network as they endeavor to move products and enterprises from the point of source to the clients. The enhancement of empirical analysis will help the process of supply chain integration and logistics activities associated with strategic process.

KhairiKleab[2] presented the essential of supply chain management. This management is not just a procedure served to produce the decrements in cost in the financial limit or a crucial make more prominent operational efficiencies inside an association.

The Modern supply chain includes the vital arrangements of start to finish business procedures to acknowledge market trending and financial worth of the business. This chain includes various sectors of business such as suppliers, industry, the warehouse, the distribution center and the end user. This supply chain management is the powerful concept that increases the efficiency of the business process.

Vacaranca[3] presented the overview of the logistics and supply chain management process. This work is used to identify the connections between two different sectors. This supply chain management helps to identify the overall process that involves the sequential activities of the product travelling form the initial supplier to the end user.

This provides the involvement of product development and upgrades the production and sales service of the business. This management focuses all the aspects of the business product. The focus is from the starting raw material supplier to the final product customer. This supports the effective process of business management.

JuditOlah et al[4] presented the upcoming challenges and development sector of supply chain management. The important process of supply chain management is providing clear focus to all the areas that supports business process with development of the product.

They highlighted the global economic condition and the changing purchase habit of the customer. So, it is an emergence to change the trends in the supply chain management. The Internet has developed as a viable method for driving data combination with the collaborative support from different business sectors. They suggested that Internet-of-things will be the upcoming method for effective supply chain management.

Dubey. R et al[5] proposed the adaptability, alignment and agility of supply chain. For their analysis they used Review based vies method of management process. for their test implementation, 351 responsible were collected with the use of questionnaire.

They implemented their research on focusing the top management process between the supply chain visibility and agile, adaptable and alignment of supply chain. This research helps the business management to understand the product development process from the starting phase to ending phase. Using effective process in the business can improve the development of the business and the product delivery.

Business Concept 2: Marketing and Branding

FatosUkaj presented the essential things of branding in the small and medium size business marketing [6]. For every business management, branding is the important aspect that specifies the standard product quality.

Organizations have abused brand as a methods by which industries have improved their own turnover, competitive companies and their range in the market, and get user attention for their product.

Marketing involves more number process such as getting background knowledge of the market functions, improved decision making, types of items, cost of the product, distribution of the product and relationship with the customers. Brand management involves the important process of identifying the quality producers and distributers of the product, making the awareness of the brand and the design icon.

Atwal.G  et al[7] presented the brand management process for the product. This work focused the brand management for the costly products. Experiential marketing is a generally new direction that is making progress in western as well as developing economics and gives a differentiation to customary advertising.

Though conventional advertising structures focus customers as rational decision-makers viewed on the processing features and advantages of items, experiential marketing focus buyers on accomplishing developing establishment. Mostof the organizations choose experiential marketing methods.

Novel experience design structure will produce advancements in luxury marketing. This new framework is more useful for developing the business which produces the costly products in the market.

Kladoueial[8] presented the essential aspects of creating brand management. For making an effective brand some elements are important such as the name of the product, and the logo of the item. Their framework provides the conceptual model for commercial brands associated with identity based approach.

The significant approach is needed to understand the brand’s symbolic elements. They highlighted three components for effective brand creation. First isname of the product. The name must be the unique and catchy. The second component is tagline.

This highlights the impressive slogan that specifies the product or its performance. The third component is logo. This must be unique and related to the product.

NeyatiAhuja[9] presented the consumer behavior on fashion industry with the impact of branding. Brand is the mark that affects the consumers purchase strategy. Advertisers use brands as to get the upper hand on different competitors and other noticeable activities of the company which releases the similar products.

Brand holds an extraordinary significance in shopper’s life. Consumers select only the branded items for believing their performance results.  This branding is the effective tool to decide the growth of the business.

ElisioCarolino Sousa Santos Junior[10] presented the portfolios of brands in the marketing. Generally marketing is used to promote their products with its brand. This brand is the important component for the business process. This Brand portfolio is used to understand the managing activities of the brand products and their sub-brand products.

Brand Boundaries assume a significant job in helping customers to understand the product and its performance that produces the required outcomes. Brand boundaries give a sense of framework that provides the effective trust about the product.

Integration of Supply Chain Management and Marketing

The integration of marketing and supply chain management is an effective association that provides various advantages to the business environment. Supply chain management focuses the logistic process from the initial stage of the product development to the delivery. The marketing technique is used to understand the present scenario of the market and the customer behavior of buying products.

So some strategies are needs to promote the product with branding techniques. This branding helps the sales of the product and make successive business name. Marketing is used to find the customer requirement of the product and the drawbacks of the other company product. This helps to identify the important aspects that satisfy their requirements.

Supply Chain Management helps to provide the successive outcome of the desired product and monitors all the process involved in production. The integration of marketing and supply chain using strategic approach helps to provide support in the sales unit of the supply chain management. The utilization of marketing and logistics coordinates the effective supply chain process.

Integrating the marketing and SCM helps to offer effectiveness of the cost and customer service in the business. This provides a better relationship with the partners of SCM process. Based on the market trends, the product must be promoted and the quality is more essential.

Marketing strategies provides direct influence in the SCM with offering managerial focus to the involved sectors, developing the inter-activities support, reassigning the roles of every activities, redesigning the structure of industry system, maintaining trust and good name with the customer service.

Industry learning, a significant segment of a market direction, specifies the limits of a firm since there are numerous learning assets and aptitudes to satisfy client’s interest in a productive and viable manner.

Consequently, a market orientation advances the rise of relationship advertising as well as gives the motivations to it to exist. The objective of Relationship marketing creates a framework with association of establishing, monitoring and improving the single relationship or different relationship in a supply chain.

This is used to identify the better understanding of the end user worth. The role of marketing orientation and relationship marketing are the key terms which provides the successful supply chain management. To increase the outreach of the product and getting good share value, the contemporary strategic marketing approaches are used.

This provides more advantages in the each step of marketing and supply chain management process. This method reduces the complexities of the process and provides effective functional activities for the successive output.

Creating the brand among the customer is more essential and a difficult job in the business. There are several brands around the customer and provide various use to the user.     The discussed relationship marketing is the powerful technique that provides the partnership marketing with the concept of client relationship management.

The ultimate aim of the integration with marketing and SCM is to provide satisfaction with the product to the customer. This integration provides association with various components like material suppliers, production industry, dealers for distribution and the user.

The marketing trends highlights the changing behavior of the requirement and that reflects in the supply chain process also. This integration of supply chain management and marketing helps the business organization to understand the local and global need of the product and their successive production and sales.


This work is used to understand the integrated business management concept. The role of supply chain management is effective to identify the production process of the product. Marketing is mainly used to advertising the product.

Another important task of marketing is to understand the situation of the local and global market, the competitor products in the market and their influences in branding. From this analysis, the organization can understand the need of the customer.

So many methods were used to collect the customer requirement. The Review based method is the effective approach that provides clear need of user. Branding is the powerful approach to provide the share growth of the product. This branding includes three essential components such as the brand name, the tagline and the logo.

Creating effective brand will produce the great success of the product sales. Brand name must create the trust of the product among the customer. This trust will lead to launch the sub-products of the organization. Maintain the trust brand name is more essential.

Providing good customer service is the key tern to maintain the brand name. The quality decides the success of the product. So, integration methods should focus the quality aspects of the product production with supply chain management and the effective sales using marketing and brand management.


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