Integrated Marketing Communication Plan Assignment Sample

Integrated Marketing Communication Plan Assignment Sample


Integrated marketing communication termed out as significant process and one of crucial part of overall marketing plan of action (Kushwaha and Singh, 2020). The main object of integrated marketing communication ensures that all communication remains consistent and conveys the firm message in way that adheres to its image, value and objects. Also, execution of integrated marketing communication approach into business plan of action that creates long term effects and develops brand reputation of an enterprise. This is process that works as to boost the speed of information flows and leads to reduce operational cost of an enterprise (Sulaeman and Kusnandar, 2020). The present report is based on business activities of ASDA, it is British multinational groceries and general merchandise retail sector. Also, its diversified into areas as clothing, electronics, furniture, petrol and toys. After, Covid-19 Pandemic retail sector of UK has brough structural changes in their marketing tactics by using digital integration with customers. Also, report is based on practical application of communication tools. Lastly, assignment will develop marketing communication plan so that business activities can be conducted effectively and efficiently.

Application of communication tools.

The modern business world is evolving so it is need of each enterprise to implement effective communication tools that helps to conduct business activities effectively. Also, effective communication plan is one of the critical success components that aids align business activities systematically. Marketing communication tools defined as complex process that uses different tools which generates brand awareness (Muritala, 2021). Herein, there are differ marketing communication tools that are defined as-:

Advertising- The one of the most effective communication tools of marketing is advertising. It aids to reach out the number of customers. Therefore, this aids to caters to above the line marketing (Kao, 2020). This is defined as tactic that is inclusive of paying for space to promote commodity, service and cause. It is framework that designed to offer the customer a view of product and to promote it.

Sales promotion– It is tool that caters to promote the product, service and solutions. Thus, idea of motivates directs interactions with the customers. It is crucial for garnering brand loyalty and generates lifetime value for customers (Kitchen and Burgmann, 2020). Free samplers, testers and tasters, discount and gift vouchers.

Email marketing- It is great tactic that allows to interact with prospects that leads in email marketing. This assist to build a direct customer base by messaging them. With help of this tool, an entity can able to create direct relationship with customer. This is one of the suitable ways that helps to fuel traffic to ASDA website (Schultz, 2020). Also, its helps in raising brand awareness. It is one of the effective tools that allows retailers to integrate online and offline efforts. Hence, ASDA uses strategic email marketing that works as to improve customer retention and brings enhancement in buyer trust.

Integrated Marketing Communication Plan Assignment Sample

Figure 1: Integrated communication plan

(Source: John, 2020)

Social media– It is one of the suitable promotional tactics now a days. This already open business to an extensive base of prospectus and targets audience members. Majority number of individuals relays on social media platform to enhance business profitability and productivity. Hence, social media assist to promote product and services with use of videos (Manoli and Hodgkinson, 2020). Therefore, ASDA must use this method as this allows to promote product of business to number of audiences at a single time.

Mobile applications– Now a days, mobile phones are practically indispensable. It helps to give the competitive advancement that works as to communicate with target audience at any time. However, after facing Covid-19 pandemic ASDA has created mobile application to promote and sell products. This also convenient for customers to make purchase (CHAMIDA and SULASTRI, 2020). Hence, an excellent way to get mobile marketing right is to design mobile application for brand. Thus, it is one of the effective tools that aids in reaching out to extensive base of customer.

Hence, it can be stated that marketing communication tool is powerful and effective method that aids to reach large audience in market. In order to make the effective marketing communication, there is must to integrate multiple avenues and subscribe to an Omnichannel communication plan of action. By use of marketing communication channel, the customers are able to reach targeted audience in market (Porcu and Crespo-Almendros, 2019).

Develop a relevant marketing communication plan based on findings.

Marketing communication plan defined as framework that aids to target customer. It is simple plan that needs to be design to communicate about product and services to target customers. Hence, this is outlined as-:

Marketing plan ASDA
  • To enhance firm profitability with use of digital channels.
  • To target new customers.
Products Over 40000 items.
Competitors Sainsbury, M&S food and Morison.
Position Leading in the retail marketing
Pricing strategy Lower and competitive
Sales and support Offline and use of digital channels.
Promotion To use mode of advertising with the print and electronic media, discount and club card.
Action plan In order to enhance 10% sales after the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Executive summary- The main object of marketing communication plan is to outline strategy that helps to creates high quality premium products. Therefore, entity must target market by creating commodities that motivates consumers to purchase commodities (Brunello, 2019).

Company overview– The present report is based on business activities of ASDA, UK retail sector. It is food retailing company and has market share of 15.7%. After covid era, entity has taken initiatives to creates digital platform. It is one of the powerful retailers which has its subsidiarise in almost 27 countries.

Marketing plan, objective and strategies-:

The main aim of marketing strategy is to carry out the business activities in manner that aids to accomplish business efforts (Lekhanya, 2020). To conduct the better marketing there is need to undertake implementation process effectively. Thus, plan, objective and strategies are outlined as-:

  • Marketing objectives– To enhance market acceptance.
  • Marketing strategies– By introducing the new market segments.

Aims & objectives-: The digital age has generated impressive set of new customer relationship building tools. These includes Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube etc. By use of digital channels in this tough time of pandemic aids to attract wide range of customers.

Marketing plan– Marketing departments of ASDA need to carry out business activities in manner that aids to accomplish business goals and advancement. Thus, management team needs to translate goals clearly so that all people of an entity work towards it (Duncan and Caywood, 2020). In order to enhance brand reputation, ASDA is taking initiatives to build brand image by use of low price and good service. So, chosen entity must create their commodity with low price and maintains the quality so that firm can have large number of customer base.

Market Analysis-:

Market trends- ASDA is taking initiatives to build digital platform for their product and services. This is need to be done in order to meet out the current trends of market. To target the customer and to reach high customer base this firm is taking steps towards to use those ingredients that helps to offer natural and organic products to customers.

Competitor analysis- ASDA has main competitors such as Tesco, Sainsbury, M&S food and Morison. In order to create brand image, they are trying to offer high quality commodities to customers. They are offering handmade and organic products to customers (Blakeman, 2018).

Target market- This is crucial to target audience and its is one of key aspect that determines success to business. In UK, lot of customers are health conscious so they are offering product which are beneficial for their health. So, they are targeting young and middle age population. As they are more concerned about their health.

Importance and value of Marketing plan– The significance of detailed marketing plans needs not to be over highlighted. Without use of marketing tactics, the consumer and customer cannot be highlighted.

Ansoff Matrix for ASDA

ASDA is one of the successful retailers in the UK. It has wide series of practical marketing plan of action. However, chosen entity needs to expand its products in market of UK with use of diversification strategy. This entity has accomplished competitive advancement over its competitors. Also, ASDA ensures continue change in market share of retailer in this international market.

Market penetration-:

ASDA mainly uses three-way strategy to gain competitive advancement to get market success. It must be based on low price, quality and customer service (Blakeman, 2018). Hence, global expansion plan of action responds to meet customer highest demand.

Market development-:

ASDA needs to enlarge its business activities from outside its current business environment. With the use of effective distribution channels and by creating new market with exclusive product range they can able to attract new customers.

Product development-:

ASDA has a strategy to develop their product and to bring modification to create a new product. Therefore, it includes product, package, quality and standardisation.


This is strategy that widely uses by chosen entity. Its works as to investing on new product, service and new market. For example-: ASDA banking, ASDA mobile etc.


Hereby, it can be concluded that integrated marketing communication is crucial to connect with large number of audiences in market (Blakeman, 2018).  The present report is based on business activities of ASDA. Also, report has outlined the practical application of communication tools. Furthermore, this project has developed marketing communication plan.


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