Integrated Marketing Communication Plan

Integrated Marketing Communication Plan – Sunday Times

Section B.


In respect of Sunday Times, the campaign’s objectives will need to develop on behalf of SMARTT objectives framework that contains several components such as specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, targeted and timed. With the help of this framework, it will be possible for the company to achieve all organizational goals within no time (Ashley and Tuten, 2015).

Marketing Campaign Objectives

  • Increase the awareness promptly
  • Advertising communication
  • Increase engagement of the general public with the campaign

Brand Objectives

While discussing the brand objectives, it is determined that the brand objectives are different from the marketing campaign objectives because the marketing campaign objectives lead the promotion of the company whereas the brand objectives mainly focus on the brand of the company (Killian and McManus, 2015). In this manner, these objectives are as follows:

  • To enhance Sunday Time’s brand awareness
  • To convert the negative perception of the public towards the news
  • To encourage the general public of UK to read the newspaper for keeping them updated about the world
  • To motivates people for getting engage with Sunday Times for the long time period
  • To develop the strong customer base who are with brand loyalty

Current & Future Think, Feel and Do of Sunday Times

Current Future
Think ·         People are unaware of the importance of the news in their daily lives ·         More aware people about this news that are necessary for keeping them updated.
Feel ·         Crime-related news disturbs the people’s mind on Sunday.

·         Newspapers are unnecessary for the people

·          Newspapers do not contain the correct news

·         Incomplete news or information is dangerous

·         It is important to know about their surroundings

·         Newspapers are required by the public of UK

·         Newspapers contain the complete information

·         News helps the people to aware about the world

Do ·         Do not consider various news in the newspaper

·         Search news on the internet

·         Use the social sites to get themselves updated

·         Not promote the newspapers among the public of UK

·         Consider every kind of news in the newspapers

·         Go to the website of Sunday Times and prefer Sunday Times newspaper for keeping themselves update

·         Promote the newspapers as an affordable way to get aware

Creative Strategy


The proposition of Sunday Times for its campaign is to provide complete and important news to the people of UK. As per this proposition, it is determined that this is instructed by the customer’s brief and it only focuses on providing exclusive information that is searched by the reporters of Sunday Times (Batra and Keller, 2016). It is completely based on the insight which the public tend to feel about the news that newspapers contain the unnecessary news which is not required. However, this is not the matter in reality. In this way, with the help of this marketing campaign, Sunday Times will be capable to develop a positive attitude towards the newspapers (Wolf and Floyd, 2017).


The campaign’s message is ‘Provide the exclusive news to the public as soon as possible.  This message for the people in the UK is derived from the objective of the Sunday Times that are based on the organizational requirements. This campaign has not only the objective to communicate that provide the exclusive news but campaign also has the objective to attract the people towards the facts that news is essential for the people to run their daily life smoothly (Waisbord, 2018).  Under the campaign’s message, it reflects the Sunday Time’s objectives that will be achieved with the help of this campaign.


In the manner of appeal, this marketing campaign of Sunday Times will be operated within the different social media channels that have the intention to appeal to the people for both the sides such as rational and emotional so that people can be aware of the importance of news in their lives. In this way, TV channels are the best option for engaging large audiences emotionally by targeting psychological factors (Kiráľová and Pavlíčeka, 2015). Apart from this, print media can also be helpful for the organization to develop a more rational message in concern of Sunday Times such as exclusive, informative and important news etc.

Rational Appeals

Under this marketing campaign, Factual information is considered in which real stories, important aspects related to politics and about the world etc are included. In this manner, there is a number of benefits that are represented within the rational ways (Smilansky, 2017). These kinds of appeal will be preferred mostly by the organizations under their print media and other channels except for TV channels.

Emotional Appeals

Emotional appeals are used under the TV channels in which advertisements highlight the positive and emotional message of the organization. In the concern of Sunday Times, it needs to convey its message with the help of emotional appeals so that people can be attached to its newspapers in respect to promoting it (Cassidy, 2016). TV advert includes several images and sounds in respect to express the importance of the news that is found out by the reports of Sunday Times and its operations to the viewers of TV channels.  This creates more effect on the general public because TV adverts can give the reason to attach the general public more with the newspapers (Grant, 2016).

The tone of Voice, Branding and Mandatory Inclusion

As per Sunday Time’s activities, there will need to set the positive and friendly voice tone for the campaign that will be consistent and appropriate as per the guidelines and the values of the organization. In this manner, there will also need to use font type and color as per the guidelines and values of Sunday Times in all media channels (Austin and Pinkleton, 2015). In addition, Sunday Time’s values will also be included under the TV advertisement that will be made for the general public in respect to motivate them for considering the newspapers. For the TV advert, the campaign will adopt the style such as film-like color saturation.

Integrated Marketing Communication Plan

Creative Idea

In concern to make the campaign successful, true stories, and positive news will be represented so that people can be motivated to attach with Sunday Times and prefer its newspaper.  These stories will be selected from the website of Sunday Times for making the people’s Sunday more interesting. In this way, two or three stories were taken to be produced the TV adverts for the campaign (Batra and Keller, 2016). With the help of these true stories, positive and emotional news, TV adverts will provide emotional times which the public has spent.


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