International Marketing Communications 2014

International Marketing Communications 2014


This assignment has been designed to allow students the opportunity to explore the issues of international marketing communications from the perspective of a real organisation facing the difficulties presented by an increasingly competitive environment and changing customer needs.

Learning outcomes

This assignment covers the learning outcomes for the modules as documented in the module guide and definitive document

Hand-in procedure

Please follow University policy regarding the handing in of assignments and ensure that your assignment is handed in on time and that you retain a copy of the assignment for yourself together with the receipt.

Mode of working

This is an individual assignment and University policy will apply in all cases of copying, plagiarism or any other methods by which students have obtained an unfair advantage.



You are required to:


·        Revise the Context Analysis for your chosen brand, based on the verbal and written feedback provided for Assignment 1.


·        Based on that context analysis (which needs to be included in the Appendix) write a Marketing Communications Plan for your brand. This plan should contain the following sections:


·        Main issues identified in the Context Analysis

·        Marketing Communications Objectives

·        Marketing Communications Strategy

·        Tactics


Note: Please note how the marks are allocated on the marking scheme at the end of this document.




Format for the submitted work


The work will be submitted in report format and should be no longer than 2500 words.  Supporting appendices will not be included in the word count but only those appendices indicated in the assignment brief will be accepted.  Please indicate your final word count for the report at the end of the assignment.

Assessment criteria

In order to gain a good pass for this assignment at this level students are expected to pay attention to the following:

Structure and clarity of expression

The fundamental features of well-structured work are expected as the norm at this level.  There will be proper attention to the type and style of the assignment and the work should remain clearly focused, follow a logical sequence and clear sense of direction even though multiple complex issues are addressed and be produced to a high professional standard.

Content and understanding

Extensive knowledge and detailed understanding is expected, but it is how this knowledge is used in analysis which is equally, if not more important.  Capable students will demonstrate an authoritative awareness of relevant issues facing the organisation and their significance for contributing to an informed, critical review of the communications context of the organisation and its consequences for the proposed plan.


Students should demonstrate an ability to identify and critically evaluate the key issues which are most relevant to the successful development of a new integrated marketing communications plan for the organisation.  The ability to appraise and evaluate the current market situation and the suitability of prospective strategies to fit those conditioning factors and the range of stakeholders involved using appropriate concepts, theories or frameworks is expected and students should be able to demonstrate the contribution of disciplinary methodologies to providing a viable solution to the problems posed by the case.

Reading/Research and Referencing

Reading should extend beyond essential texts and / or general texts and encompass specialist texts as well as the extensive use of journal articles, periodicals including professional/industry publications in order to demonstrate a detailed and systematic knowledge base, depth of understanding and practical professional insights.  The proper, accurate presentation of quotations and references and research data is expected and inaccuracies will be penalised, as will the over-reliance on a single source or limited sources of information.

Application to industry

Students should demonstrate the ability to integrate theory into practice and increasing abilities to suggest viable solutions to the problems of the case organisation within the reality of the sector and environment in which it operates also demonstrating the ability to develop a realistic and viable strategic vision in the industry context.

Synthesis and Originality

Students should be developing the ability to demonstrate the advanced skills of synthesis. Providing solutions to unpredictable professional situations when necessary offering both creativity and originality whenever possible to meet that challenges presented by the case study.

In order to obtain higher grades students should consider the following:

  • the ability to demonstrate creativity and critical analysis in the provision of original solutions
  • the ability to demonstrate greater depth of knowledge and understanding through wide reading and varied research activities and the appropriateness of theory for understanding and developing feasible responses to real sector-based scenarios and problems


This assignment carries a weighting of 60% for the International Marketing Communications module.

Grading / feedback guidance

MKTM026 International Marketing Communications marking sheet

Grade A+   A    A- B+   B     B- C+   C    C- F+    F    F-
Main issues from Context Analysis



Concise and very informative discussion of the context . A good discussion of the context, informative but not showing the understanding of ‘A’ Fairly informative discussion of the context. Very basic discussion of the brand.
Objectives and strategy


Concise and thoughtful discussion, supported by excellent use of theoretical concepts. A good discussion, with a good understanding and use of key theoretical concepts. Reasonable discussion, supported by fairly good use of theoretical concepts. Weak discussion of perceptions, but with no use of supporting theory.



A comprehensive range of promotional activities identified.

Critical analysis of the promotional activities identified.

Excellent use of theoretical concepts to support the analysis.

A good number of appropriate and valid promotional activities identified.

Evidence of analysis of the promotional activities identified.

A good use of key theories / concepts to support analysis.

Limited number of promotional activities identified.

Some analysis of the promotional activities identified.

Attempt to use theoretical concepts to support the analysis.

Extremely limited number of promotional activities identified.

Very descriptive discussion of the promotional activities identified.

No use of theoretical concepts to support the analysis.




Excellent report structure, grammar and spelling and referencing where used Good report structure, grammar and spelling and referencing where used Weak  report structure, grammar and spelling and referencing where used Very weak report structure, grammar and spelling and referencing where used


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