Executive Summary

This reported work is all about maintaining a unique flavour of coffee among customers by Starbucks. The brand name signifies that this organization is committed to delivering a unique taste of the coffee. This can be successfully maintained by generating better coffee beans and decorating the entire ambience properly to get better coffee aroma in all the Starbuck Stores.


Starbucks Coffee makes them completely different from other coffee firms are based on this report work through unique coffee experiences. The Starbucks Corporation has tried to host their annual meetings by the presence of 3,400 Shareholders, staff members, board members and guests. President and Chief Operating Officer, Kevin Johnson has made business trajectory for the past five years that makes the growth of the company.

The effective of the marketing process in the international market helps to make company expand and transfer this unique coffee taste on those particular foreign countries (Asniwaty et al. 2019). Kevin Johnson has offered in making of tribute on a heritage that highlights on power in iconic branding and develops better strategic vision to set up an organization’s future.

The main aim of this report work lies in understanding this unique coffee taste of Starbucks and providing effective marketing process to increase customers from international countries. This unique taste of coffee in Starbucks helps to make different from other coffee company with effective coffee quality and better delivery of services among consumers.

Providing a brief business description of Starbucks Coffee

Starbuck Corporation has been established in the year 1985 in the US with purchasing and roasting of quality coffee beans and sells them among customers. There is a present of other food products but coffee makes a unique place among all the customers.

Starbucks Company tries to sell coffee and tea products with the presence of various channels in the marketing process that helps to reach in hands of a maximum number of customers. The organization main objectives lie in establishing Starbucks as a respected brand and most recognized in the world. This goal of a company can be achieved through developing of plan that can able to continue as a rapid form of expansion in retail operations.

This helps to provide growth in Speciality Operations and make a selection with an opportunity that delivers benefits in branding of Starbucks by introducing new products and new channels development through distribution (Chapter, 2017). The organization goals are to make the leading area in-retailer and coffee brand in each area of the target market at the time of selling unique quality of coffee and other related products.

The company tries to make a superior form of customer service by developing high customer loyalty. The main strategy of Starbuck is to make an expansion of retail business by increasing high form of the market share at the time of existing in markets where additional stores can be opened with an opportunity to become a leading coffee retailer speciality.

The company tries to focus on all the customers that can able to get this unique quality of coffee taste. Kevin Johnson tries to highlight three main unique areas and assets of the firm. These unique areas lie in increasing form of digital engagement, celebrating innovation lab of Starbucks Reserve Brand and growing necessary relevance in the country of China.

Discussing unique experiences of coffee

Starbucks the name automatically conjures a better form of images in upscale coffee flavour. There is the presence of inviting form aroma in brewed coffee and atmosphere of the cafe has provided Starbucks with the best-known coffee roaster and server across the world.

The company has done outstanding work in branding their products with only coffee that has been listed as 100 important brands in the world. Starbucks started to make premium roaster of coffee by making a wider form of an announcement that makes the way of changing coffee, which can be served and made in stores across the world.

It makes a suitable form of change in coffee taste with better experiences of possible coffee.  The company tries to implement a better form of the coffee atmosphere in all cafes so that customers can able to get a strong aroma of coffees (Dorn et al. 2016). The smell of sandwiches in breakfast makes wider form overpower on the coffee aroma that delivers a wider form of coffee, which makes a better form of images in the organization.

The better coffee experiences in coffee deliver high extended areas that can brew on own coffee at home.

The roasts in coffee make Starbucks important areas in choosing sales that can able to reflect on the high flavour of coffee and better aroma of coffee. This roasted area can able to tend in leaning on the darker form of roast because it can able to maintain on a better form of consistency in coffee flavours that can provide light roast that makes variations in suitable seasons and regions.

The experience of Starbucks coffee provides unique experiences that can make a wider growth of a business. A presence of attentive employees tries to provide better for coffee services among consumers.

Starbucks stores can offer suitable choices in decaffeinated and regulars areas of coffee with the broader form of selection in espresso beverages in Italian-style, cold beverages, ice refreshment that can be beverages and suitable form of tea selections and roasted packed in whole coffee beans. The stores of Starbucks can offer a wider range of types of equipment that can make coffee and accessories.

The large stores of Starbucks can able to carry a broader form of selection in whole coffee beans in various types and sizes at the time of packaging it. The organization is always committed at the time of selling the finest form of whole beans coffee and beverages. The proper form of compliance can be obtained through rigorous standards of coffee. Starbucks firm can make control of purchasing of coffee, packaging, roasting and coffee distribution in retail stores.

The firm can able to purchase coffee beans from regions in coffee producing across the world. The custom roasts of coffee beans that can be used as an exacting form of standards in many blended areas and single coffee origins (du Plessis, 2018).


The report titled “International Marketing” highlights the manner in which Starbucks have gained a global reputation through its services and products. For attaining the reliable and valid information, only authentic websites have been, taken into consideration. Peer reviewed journals were read extensively to understand different opinions.

Company websites have also been, read to add the reliable contents of the requirement. Keywords have been, used to get quick information from the Google Search Engine such as Starbucks, relationship of Starbucks and customer, point of difference in relation to the Starbucks, USP of Starbucks, CSR responsibility of Starbucks, employee engagement of Starbucks and others. No paid form of websites have been used.


Describing relationships in the form of digital expansion in Starbucks

The key priority of Starbucks is to make an expansion of business through digital interactions among consumers. The proper way of establishment in digital relationships among the maximum number of consumers might represent an as significant form of growth opportunity.

President Johnson said that the direct channel of communications helps in combining personalization that can further enhance with better experiences among consumers and helps to drive on engagement in consumers.

There is a wider form of innovations at the time of buildings applications of the company so that the customers can able to purchase coffee products. President of Starbucks, Johnson has shared suitable form of details in developing of relationships on digital areas among the customers in the US (Eiseman and Jonsson, 2019).

There are presences of many customers in the US who are not becoming in rewards of Starbucks. The expansions from relations in digital areas can able to open wider mobile applications to pay and order a high form of capabilities on areas of rewards in non-Starbucks on staff members in a particular month. Starbucks Company can able to unveil on a suitable form of series in campaigns with outside and inside stores.

There lies with a suitable form of designing that can able to develop personalize areas in digital relationships among consumers that can able to create opportunities at the new revenues. When a retailer tries to focus on a particular customer, there is a necessity to develop a better form of relationships through delivering unique quality products.

The development of innovation in Starbuck Company helps to make unique coffee products that can able to attract the maximum number of customers across the world. The unique quality of coffee helps to expand business in domestic as well as international markets. The digital relationships help to develop opportunities in the new form of revenues at the time selling a maximum number of coffee and other products among customers.

The Starbucks Corporations can able to share of highly focused an area that makes the possible form of driving in more digital areas of relationships that might lie outside on loyalty program (Honack and Waikar, 2017). The Starbuck Rewards helps to make a suitable form of development in relevant areas of marketing and offers various discounts among occasional consumers.

Starbuck Rewards has around more 14 million members and roaster of coffee has around 70 million consumers in a month at more than 7,000 locations in the US. The maximum majority of consumers can able to visit one to four times per month. Starbucks can able to require consumers that can able to provide an email address, last as well as first names and ZIP codes to make a proper form of access in the Wi-Fi. (Check Appendix 1)

Analysing future growth in the international country of Starbucks

The market of China has been rapidly improving with a maximum number of stores opening in the past five years. There have been around 700 to 3000 stores opened at an average of every 14 hours. There is the presence of partners and consumers that can able to connect with Starbucks Company in a manner of the unprecedented manner in the country of China. There are present of Starbucks stores also opened in China due to excess demand for unique flavour coffee. The Chinese market provides various opportunities and growth to make an expansion of business in Starbucks.

The customers of China provide huge support to Starbucks by buying coffee products and other items from online as well as offline stores (Hota and Newlands, 2017). This embracement of customers in China has placed Starbucks in third places of experiencing better quality products. China has provided unique support for Starbucks Company of being as a partner to succeed in business by delivering important moments in developing consumers connections.

The major form of key growth in Starbucks has become more excited at the time of continuing with a wider scale of business in delivering unique quality of coffee among customers.

The Starbucks Company has been widely focused in remaining on proper track so that the customers of China can be easily received by delivering unique coffee products. The firm has opened more than 4000 stores in the market of China. The government of China is providing an adequate form of support from tax relaxation and adequate form of measures that helps to make the possible form of business in China by Starbucks.

The unique quality coffee products have been a major form of perspectives in the Starbucks that helps to attract customers across the world from the brand name itself. President Kevin Johnson has managed to make an effective marketing process on main areas of China that helps to make a wider form of attractions for customers. The company is trying to continue in a suitable area that can able to make on driving leading areas of market and relevant form of information regarding coffee.

This leading form of driving in the market and appropriate types of innovations in coffee helps to mark in the different taste of coffee among consumers (Krishna, 2018). There are presences of different types of products other than coffee products that are becoming attractive among Chinese customers. The Starbucks stores are designed in such a manner that provides a major form of attractions among those people who do not like to taste coffee.

The presence of digital engagement has made wider aspirations of lifestyles for Chinese consumers at the time of contributing positive effects in the community that can able to serves. The brand is major areas to make resonating areas in a fast-growing class in middle areas of China.

Discussing on premium serves category of Starbucks as Halo in core business

The Starbuck Company tries to serve as a better form of a premium category that helps to develop on core business areas. In 2014, there has been a wider form of opening in the stores of Starbucks that can able to continue as a major form of investments at the time of expansion business.

The Starbuck Reserve Roastery in Seattle makes organization at the time of continuing in investing in suitable type expansion in the business (Lin, 2019). The immersive experiences on coffee products deliver a unique form of benefits in the core business.

The premium serves category provides sales of premium products in the organization. In this case, Starbucks premium category lies in the coffee product that formulates core areas of business. The sales depend completely on premium category products that pose major services of Starbucks Company.

The premium category of sales helps in defining important areas on the cost that becomes nearly 20% more in category price. There is a necessity to identify several forms of attributes that makes premium products at the time of responding across the world. This can be further cited as production having high materials quality.

This helps to point in offering a superior form of functions in the Starbuck Company. The coffee products need to be arranged in such a manner that can able to make a high premium-serving category in the Starbuck firm. The company has slowly started to open international Roastery in the location of Shanghai with the presence of premium coffee flavours.

There has been a wider range of engagement among consumers that provides important parts in the growth of an organization and increase selling for a unique taste of coffee among wider range consumers (Liu and Gui, 2017). Starbucks tries to plan in the opening of their premium stores in proper market segmentation.

This might include with Roasteries Reserve of Starbucks that can able to reserve up to nearly 900 stores and 15 percentage of store portfolio as Reserve locations of the cafe in the market. These type of benefits delivers organization with an innovative form of experiences among consumers and better pipeline of products.

This helps to deliver a better supply of unique coffee products among customers across the world by the opening of Reserve stores. The brand of Starbucks Reserve tries to deliver a unique presentation of nice flavour coffee by serving a better form of inspirations.

All the stores of Starbucks are designed innovatively so that the customers can able to feel real coffee aroma on the first visit of stores. Moreover, there have been wider forms of food and beverages supply that can help to enhance better response from the new as well as existing customers (Mason et al. 2017).

Creating on the global social impact generated by Starbucks

It has been stated that early travels in various places have become major areas for conducting coffee agricultures that becomes dependable for farmers. Starbucks Company tries to nurture personal relationships and the ability to build up the global form of personal networks that can able to support at the time of creating new ways of coffee production.

This has become one of the sustainable forms of transparent and good people. The Starbucks tries to open a wider form of switching that can help to bring efforts of all farmers that helps to deliver coffee beans for the production of daily coffee among customers (Pisano, 2017).

The company Starbucks tries to create positive impacts in global social areas by creating opportunities among youth at the time of developing a career in future aspects by the recruitment process in the firm. The firm mission and values lie in embracing the innovating process in delivering new ideas on meaningful manner among customers as well as tries to inspire partners.

Starbuck’s vision is to produce a sustainable form of coffee that can serve as sustainably. The organization has tried to promote a better quality of coffee that can able to make social and economic transparency with a set vision of making coffee as world’s first area of sustainable agricultural products across the world. The packaging and cups have become major environmental challenges for the organization.

There is a necessity to promote reusable cups and managing lifecycles for disposed cups. The organization is trying to discover a new idea that helps to mitigate faced challenges. The suitable form of building and designing in green stores becomes environmentally friendly that helps to carry out better business. The company tries to transform its stores in greenery areas that help develop new stores in greenery (Robinson, 2016).

The company tries to deliver greener power that helps to reduce environmental impacts and support access in green power. The clean energy power can be delivered through the presence of solar energy in around 500 Starbuck stores. The Starbucks Company is focused on delivering 100% ethical form of sourced coffee among customers.

There is a presence of constant striving where cooperatives and new farmers can able to ensure ling-term coffee in future aspects. The organization tries in making of commitment at the time of bringing cultivating form of cultures among 90 million people that come through every area of the US. The company successfully serves on going form of efforts in equity, inclusion with partners, and diversity among customers.

The stores are designed in such a manner of stores on specific form communities that can able to provide appropriate training among youth to learn important skills and acquire knowledge. The community service has become major parts of our heritage and contributing as partners of nearly 55,000 service hours. Starbucks has been focused on delivering equal opportunity among the required people living in the community.

The benefits have been expanded among transgender partners and recognized as a top employer in the LGBTQ equality in the workplace.  There has been a hiring commitment series that can able to welcome new partners among communities that experience employment barriers.

The company has provided opportunities among 1500 refugees and 90,000 youth in the hiring process.  The presence of the team in Starbuck leaderships has laid strong commitments in growing firm’s global social impacts. There have been 90% gender pay equity in globally as the commitment of Starbucks. The better form of career development and equality are benefits provided by Starbucks (Shirdastian et al. 2019).

Developing strong talent among youths in Starbucks

Starbucks Company has been committed to hiring around 90,000 youth and delivering a better career as well as educational opportunities. The women and men help in representing untapped opportunities in infusion creativity and productivity in the workforce.

The company is creating an important form of pathways in developing opportunities with the help of talented leaders. Starbucks Company lies as a best-in-class staff member for youth, accessing high competitive wages, equity regarding stock, health insurance, development of career, supporting leadership, and mentoring suitable opportunities (Tikson, 2018).

From various statistics, it has been seen that the youth opportunity on an average can be stayed in the organization, receiving promotions and signing of different program activities. Other leading organizations and Starbucks tries to launch 90,000 initiatives in opportunities in the year of 2015 at Chicago. This initiative has become important areas in-country by the largest formation of employers that can lead a coalition by generating pathways in the form of meaningful educations.

There has been continuous growth of membership to make this initiative as the biggest form of achievements among youth. In the year 2018, Starbucks Company has been trying to expand suitable areas in the platform of LinkedIn to deliver youth having ages around 17 to helps them in growing their career. From this type of effort, the organization is trying to facilitate a mentoring form of opportunity among 90,000 people as a mentor at many companies such as Big Sisters, Year Up, and Big Brothers.

There has been a wider form of partners developed in pursuit of higher education that helps in achieving plans at the time of accessing educations among employees. The Starbuck Company tries to unveil the suitable form of technology in the form of mobile applications that can help to offers service members active duty, guardsmen, military spouses and veterans as an additional form of benefits as Starbuck Rewards (Tucker, 2017).

Discussing the traceability program in empowering coffee

Starbucks Company is trying to add a new form of ingredients to take a cup of beans as transparency in the next areas through traceability programs. Starbucks is trying to launch as a pilot program that can able to select among coffee farmers in Columbia, Costa Rica, and Rwanda with data technology in meeting real form of information.

This information lies with the journey in coffee beans at the time of aiming positive impacts as smallholder farmers in the supply chain. The traceability programs can deliver a suitable form of profound areas at the time of being connected with coffee drinkers among farmers who can able to grow it. Starbucks Company is trying to announce for reaching the milestones as an ethical coffee source.

Conservation International tries to measure on traceability programs that can deliver a better form of benefits among farmers at the time of receiving a better form of technology (Voigt et al. 2017). Starbucks tries to plan a suitable form of share a unique taste of coffee that further helps to empower it. The Starbucks Company is only a few organization of coffee that can able to trace coffee on specific farms at the time of helping to ensure in visible livelihood areas among farmers.

The proper way of pilot traceability program has helped to build up high values among farmers, which further helps in transforming coffee sectors in the Rwanda regions. Coffees have become a stimulating form of economic growth and transform the Columbian regions with unique flavors of coffee production (Wei, 2016).


Starbucks must understand the customer behavior concerning the purchasing element. The company does not invest much in advertisement or promotion, so the company must encourage the customers to buy the products of the company.  Here digital marketing must be, used to empower the mass-market brands.

This will take time for the business organization to attain. As the world is focussing on sustainable products, so the company must make the customers aware of sustainable practices. The e-commerce strategy of the company must be enhanced and try to focus on increasing new customers. Here the company can create a new relationship with companies who have just started to capture the corporate customers.

Moreover, it can improve the ties and relationships with existing reputed corporate organization. To improve the relationship, the establishment can set up or facilitate the online chat rooms to comprehend the problems of the customers and organizational stakeholders.

The online sales must be, boosted to where the coffee equipment sales can be, increased. For the store expansion, it must regulate the legal guidelines for sustainable operations in the company. The company increase ties with the tourism companies so that it can provide a luxury product to their customers. The community services must be offered to increase the corporate social responsibilities correctly.


Starbuck bases this reported work on the unique coffee experiences. This can be, properly illustrated by conducting various forms of activities that help in generating these unique coffee experiences at all times. The Starbuck Company is trying to deliver unique coffee taste by making its products sustainable which helps to increase sales. This unique flavor of coffee helps in generating a maximum number of customers across the world to visit their coffee stores.


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Appendix 1

Other Findings related to the research report

Based on the point of difference what makes the Starbucks coffee experience

Starbucks is a renowned coffee retailer that is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. The company provides its customers with exceptional dark roasted coffee beans, coffee drinks, and provides coffee making equipment (Clements, 2019).


Image 1: The coffee beans that are used by the Starbucks

(Source: Fischer, D. and Roy, 2019)

Currently the company has more than 1500 stores (North America). It has the best coffee bar ambiance that helps it to acquire new stores and new customers.  The elements that make Starbucks to stay where the ahead are as follows:

Product supply – the organization employees put high commitment so that they can be the top-notch copy products through you checking on the agricultural circumstances and building relationships (Jun et al, 2019).


Image 2: The high demand for the Starbucks Product


Roasting coffee beans   – here experience personal are, appointed to control the entire process (Marie, 2019). This is, done to increase the standard operation to meet the ethical considerations and to avoid rejection of the products.

Mail-order sales – coffee is, also distributed through mail-order sales. The company has a software application that enables them to shop from the electronic Store (Blake, 2019).

Workforce composition – the workforce composition consists of 85% of people whose age is 26 and is, considered high school graduates (Ameer, 2019). The company puts intensive effort for at least 24hours concerning the training processes to build competency and skills of the employees.


Image 3: Training in the company

(Source: Alwaleed et al, 2019)

Here is the management of the company and the employees must have must be aware of the retail skills, customer service, drink preparation, and profound and intensive knowledge about the history of coffee (Nastasoiu and Vandenbosch, 2019). Moreover, their employees are, also provided with training for making the perfect cup of coffee e for their customers. Dissatisfied customers are, provided with a coupon so that the customers can enjoy a free drink.

The personality of the Starbucks – Starbucks highlight a person that provides the brand much more beyond its functional advantages. The brand is associated with an outgoing, personable, friendly, and youthful (Nguyen, 2020).

This is demonstrated wire the service provided by the organization employees through communication, product offering, store decor corporate culture, and packaging. The dimensions concerning the personality of the brand include three things sincerity, excitement, and sophistication.


Image 4: Old and New logo of the company

(Source: Trindade, 2020)

The brand personality is, also highlighted through the colors white and green. White represents sophistication, refined taste, purity, and goodness. Green highlights the elements that include relaxing, natural, secure, and easy-going.


Image 5: Mind Map of Starbucks.

(Source: Abdullah¸2019)

The culture – The company signature music surface cues that help that relate with the multi multinational and multicultural personality. Brand positioning is, considered to be e what the consumers want to think about a brand in respective in-market competitors.

The company has been able to provide the point of difference by targeting people who have a busy lifestyle, who only want the best quality e taste and individuals who are ready to offer the right value for the right product (Abdullah, 2019). The points related to Starbucks include community, convenience, cleanliness high-quality tests of coffee, speed, and reliability. The other point of differences is:

  1. Rules – the Aroma of the coffee
  2. Freshness – The back and collaboration for making the coffee with the Best Coffee Beans
  3. Image – friendly ambiance and friendly service
  4. Experience – sensory e and rich Aroma attractive ambiance.
  5. Variety – exotic and varied coffee drinks (Shirdastian et al, 2019)

6. Quality- ensuring the standardized quality e of the coffee product. The brand Mantra of the company is to provide rich and rewarding coffee experience to its custom

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