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Social media is one of the viable advanced technologies which gives a stage to virtual correspondence and to explore individuals. It helps in trading thoughts and data over the web. The data which is shared over web-based media stages may incorporate messages, pictures, video and records. This report consists of the importance of social media for a company offering apparel to customers, in enhancing their communication with the customers. Some of the significant benefits provided by social media are also listed in this report. The style venture has numerous cycles which are included while concluding the item. These cycles may incorporate purchasing the crude material, sewing the garments, plan made by the architects, hardware work and concluding the item before selling. However, it is significant for the association to check and control each action held inside the cycle. The practical approach for controlling the activities of the supply chain for fashion enterprises are also listed within the report.

Social Media

Social media is one of the influential digital technologies which provides a platform for virtual communication and to explore people. It helps in exchanging ideas and information over the internet. The content which is shared over social media platforms may include messages, images, video and documents. There are many devices from which a user can quickly get access to social media. Earlier, social media was only meant to connect with friends and family. Though, as per the great attention of people, it has been preferred by the businesses also. Many businesses, either small or big, are now focusing on the concept of social media. The management of customers towards social media is evolving the businesses to open their E-commerce platform (Zhang and Luo, 2016). Many of the industries, such as the apparel and clothes, have adopted an E-commerce platform where they target the audience through the social media platform.

The physical reach of business is nothing as compared to the reach provided by social media. Companies can easily target valuable clients or customers through social media. There are various tools made for exploring new friends and families. Some of the major social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and many more (Carpenter and Harvey, 2020). As per the current scenario, Instagram is having the highest engagement of people. Social media have eased the era of the business. There are several benefits social media can provide to the business.

The use of social media over business depends on the type of industry. Specifically, the apparel industry has a physical store that can effectively use this platform to communicate with valuable customers and to engage more customers.

Benefits of social media for the apparel industry 

There are many benefits which are provided by social media for business. One of the significant aspects is better communication with the target audiences. It helps the business to attract the new customer to enhance the profit and business of the company. As a comparison to physical marketing, digital marketing is beneficial (Michaelidou and Micevski, 2019). Approaching the audience over the means of social media is one of the significant aspects or divisions of digital marketing. Some of the significant benefits provided by social media to the industries of apparel and clothes are listed below.

Interacting with the target audience –  many of the popular social media platforms are very useful for businesses. Applications like Instagram and Facebook help these industries in selling their products. Many of the big apparel companies take the support of such platforms to enhance their business. Earlier, applications were only used to develop relationships with the customers, but now some of the applications have features for establishing the business presence. Various programmes, such as affiliate marketing or the PPC concept, have been introduced to grow businesses (Wiederhold, 2017). Companies may simply upload their products over the social media platform to influence new customers for selling their items.

Responsiveness – social media is also useful in enhancing the reputation of the companies. Once the product is delivered to the customer through social media platforms, after this, feedback is generated through the application, which helps in knowing the views of customers. Despite this, many features like reviews and comments are provided by the platform to share the reviews at the public level. It might affect the ratings earned by the company through good reviews. Reviews and comments directly impact and influence new customers who engage in buying the products (Mulisa and Getahun, 2018). For example, if an apparel company has sold its products to the existing customer. Suppose these customers are not satisfied with the material provided to them. They may simply write bad reviews over the platform of the company’s profile.

  • Competition – social media is unbiased as per the basis of customer and market. Each of the markets which are set by the businesses is neutral. The decision depends on the preference of the customer. There are many campaigns which help newly established businesses to promote their products effectively (Pittman, 2018). As per the fact, social media have raised the level of competition for every business. The competition which is held over the social media platform is neutral. Therefore, it gave a chance to various established companies, big or small, to analyse their effectiveness.
  • Communication – communication is essential in the aspect of the business. There are two types of communication held in the organisation. One is internal, among the staff and employees. Other is external, communication done with customers and other valuable clients. In the process of apparel based companies, communication plays an important role. The way of communication engages customers for buying the clothes. It helps to describe the qualities provided by the company and to build relationships with existing and new customers (Ihm and Lee, 2020). Companies having effective communication have the advantage to gain the trust of customers which helps in referring to the products owned by the company.
  • Capable of getting social – the companies need to get socially involved with society and among the customers. Many of the global events supporting global cause and awareness are held over a social media platform. Companies join the event by placing their valuable reviews either in contrast or in favour of that event. It helps in building trust over society and culture (Jordan and Weller, 2018). It directly impacts the reputation of the company. In many scenarios, apparel companies promote the event by making design and texture in support of the event. This creativity helps them to earn business and profit to a great extent.
  • Effective marketing – there are many marketing modules which are given by the social media platform. Some of the established companies such as Amazon use paid modules and hire digital marketers for adjusting the bidding. Though, the company doesn’t need to hire the employee for the bidding system now. New features are added over these platforms which directly set their products over these platforms. Instagram and Facebook have their features for establishing a digital profile for their company (Schaupp and Bélanger, 2019). However, there are many benefits which small companies, as well as big companies, experience. It is not based only upon adding the items and product of apparel over such platforms. The description which is written along with images helps customers to analyse the products as per their requirement.
  • Informative – information is essential for both company and customers. The pertinent information written or communicated are also the concept of communication. This information is essential as they include every description related to the product. Every product uploaded by the company over social media requires a proper informative description (Waldvogel, 2017). It helps the customer to analyse the quality and material used by the company to produce the product. Clothes have various ranges as per the quality of the material. The materials used by the company are appropriately described with informative details.
  • Find Consumers – social media is known for effective targeting. The help of social media can target the customer and market both. It helps the company to provide clothes as per the preference and culture of the location. For example, if a company is providing clothes such as shorts and a sleeveless T-shirt. They might target the audience which belongs to America. The apparel provided by the company is most common in the region of America. The company has a great advantage to target any type of customer, ranging as per their age and gender. Though, specific locations are easily targeted by companies over social media which help to increase their profit instantly as per the investment done overproduction.

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management system is the process of controlling the flow of services and goods. It includes every small to huge process while converting the raw material into the finalised product or the output. It might include every contribution of the department in finalising the products. Companies which are internalised have a long supply chain (Kshetri, 2018). therefore, it is essential to control the activities done by the supplier and employees within the companies.

The fashion enterprise has many processes which are involved while finalising the product. These processes may include buying the raw material, sewing the clothes, design made by the designers, machinery work and finalising the product before selling. However, the organisation needs to check and control every activity held within the process. If any of the mishappenings may occur within the processes can affect the whole business of the organisation.

Companies must have an adequate supply chain management system. Many of the applications are provided by different Technical companies for analysing the activities involved in finalising the product. These applications have every feature to address control overwork. The reports which are made by the data of supply chain management system applications help in better decision making processes (Koberg and Longoni, 2019). Many of the right decisions in favour of the profit and business are taken by addressing and analysing these reports.

Benefits of SCM Software

There are various benefits of useful SCM software. some of them which may help the fashion company in analysing their supply chain activities are as follows –

  • Ethical working – the software which is provided in the market for controlling the SCM activities are customised. It includes every data of the process, whether small or essential. The application is provided to each employee and supplier to fill out the mentioned terms while working (Lysons and Farrington, 2016). It helps in checking the work done by the staff, and the employee is ethical or not. Many of the activities are correctly mentioned in this software. Some of the examples may include the purchase of raw material, expenditure done by the higher authorities, the quantity of finalised product made from the purchase raw material. Indirectly impacts the effective and efficient management of the supply chain. As per the report of finance generated by the accountant can bet checked with the record filled by the staff (Nakasumi, 2017). It helps in analysing any misstatement included by the staff. Any unsuspicious activity or wrong method opted by the staff or employee can be easily judged by the higher authority having the full access of SCM software.
  • Better communication – the SCM software also has a feature of a chat support system. The chats and information shared over the feature are fully protected and secured. It can be used by the staff and the higher authority of the employee. The features which are given by the SCM software are all accessible only for the higher authorities. Rest depends over them to give access to the choice of people. In the industry of apparel, the activities done by the hand of the supplier and the employee are necessary to be conveyed (Lambert and Enz, 2017). The chat support provided by the software directly hit the message with the help of the internet. This feature quickly clears a small conversation or the issue. Therefore, useful SCM software helps in providing better communication and support to the organisation. Some of the advanced software is provided to the sales team also. It helps the manager to be updated regarding the sales done by each of the individuals.
  • Sustainability – the software which is used for controlling the supply chain activities have ample storage. The storage can be customised as per the use of the organisation. This storage helps to store records or the report made through the data saved by the employee and supplier. These data can be readily available to the authority for analysing them properly. Many of the decisions are made by analysing these reports, which help the company to increase its growth and business (Kache and Seuring, 2017). In the era of the fashion industry, the company needs to update itself regularly as per the demand of the consumer. The company should regularly optimise their service and enhance its overall business to tackle future time or period. As per the fact, it has stated that if a company focuses on enhancing its product rather than increasing their business can result in exiting the competition. As per the increasing competition, it has been essential for the fashion enterprise to provide quality products and enhance their business growth (Bastas and Liyanage, 2018). though, the sustainability of the business is also dependent over the supply chain management. The activities done under the guidance of SCM software helps in reducing the production cost and wastage.
  • Legal activities– the activities are done as per the guidance of this software are ethical. It helps in reducing the illegal activities done by the employee or staff in finalising the apparel for customers. For example, if an employee is giving regular size clothes despite the large one as it increases the quantity. The details are appropriately analysed and filled over the SCM software to continue the next step. The identification of such fraud or illegal activities can be easily judged. As per the consequences, the employee doesn’t want to do any such activities as they are afraid of being caught (Ellram and Murfield, 2019). Legal actions are taken by the organisation, such as terminating the employee to ruin the working environment. If the activity done by them is more harmful and dangerous, they are simply given to the police or the concerned authority. Therefore, SCM software helps in detecting such unusual or illegal activities performed by the supplier or employees.

Legal Compliance

The fashion enterprise must be free of any legal complaints of operational activities. There are many laws which are amended by the government of a specific region to obey. Employee’s rights are the primary concern due to which the company suffers in most cases. Therefore, the proper obeying of these laws must be held, and the right of employees must be given to them. If they are doing any unusual activity which might be termed as illegal, the company can simply take the right action under the laws and regulation (Addo-Tenkorang and Helo, 2016). Any of the wrong steps taken by the company towards these acts may affect the working of the company as well as the reputation.

Recommendation – 

Addressing both concepts of using social media for enhancing communication and applying SCM software within the organisation. There are many benefits which an organisation experiences from these implementations. Though, there are some of the recommendations stated which may help in increasing the business and profit for the fashion enterprise. The owner or the director must focus on these recommendations as it will directly impact the efficiency and effectiveness of the company.

  • The Fashion enterprise can upload their product over social media. Most of the company’s focus on the paid marketing concept of social media. However, the company can simply place their presence over different social media platforms to involve society. There should be organic growth on such a platform as organic growth is time-consuming but more effective. It will help the company to establish their awareness among the society and region. Many such brands are established by using the medium of social media.
  • There are two types of marketing done through social media, Social media optimisation (SMO) and Social media marketing (SMM). The enterprise can upload their product over the campaign provided by some application. The company should regularly work over the SAME as the effect of SMM is only resisted till the money is paid to the company. The engagement of customers over social media is enormous as compared to the physical markets. Therefore, strategising the approach for social media would be very beneficial for the enterprise.
  • The SCM software will help the company to smoothen the activities done within the organisation. The implementation of this software is a little bit costly. Still, the impact of it over the production cost is very significant. one of the executives for the tech support is provided by the company to handle every issue and operation in the SCM software. The fashion enterprise must customise the software as per their requirement; this will help them to minimise the cost of the software as well as the effective use of the application.


Social media is likewise powerful in upgrading the standing of the organisations. When the item is conveyed to the client through social media stages, after this, criticism is created through the application, which helps in knowing the perspectives on clients. Regardless of this, numerous highlights like surveys and remarks are given by the stage to share the audits at the public level. It may influence the evaluations acquired by the organisation through great audits. Surveys and remarks straightforwardly effect and impact new customers who participate in purchasing the items. Despite this, organisations must have compelling flexibility to chain the executive’s framework. Various Technical organisations give a significant number of the applications to break down the exercises engaged with finishing the item. These applications have each component to address control exhaust. The reports which are made by the information of flexibly chain the board framework applications help in better emotional cycles. A large number of helpful rulings for the benefit and business are taken by tending to and dissecting these reports.


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