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This assignment gives the brief understanding about the duties and responsibility which is undertaken by me in the A PLUS AUTO and CAR Dealers. In addition to this, this project helped me to develop the required skills in terms to perform the assigned task (Bennett, 2013). I was also responsible to perform the several tasks. Thus, this was proved learning experience for me.

Department of Trade, Business and Innovation

Department of trade, business and innovation is set by the northern territory government on 12 September 2016. The main purpose is to make the healthy economy of growth of northern area. For that, they focus on the business development in the northern area. I did my internship in StudyNT under the department of business (Hortaçsu et al., 2013). They have a main aim to promote the education, training sessions among the schools, workplace area. Under the internship of StudyNT, I have undergone with lots of training which bring improvements in my task performances. In order to get the detail understanding of the task performances, the following activities are undertaken by me, which are mentioned below:-

Project and Task Assigned

Mission Report

During the internship program, I was responsible to perform various tasks. It includes the routing the invoices and maintaining the health safety environment. At the same time, proper imparting customer services is also big part of my training as under this I was responsible to sale the used or old cars to customers. For that, I used to assist the clients to select the suitable vehicle which is fulfilling their needs and demands. I have a duty to monitor the auction sheet followed by generated the computer data from the manual papers (Berkhof et al., 2011).

Major task: Purchase Cars from Auction

The major task which for which I held responsible is to purchase the cars from the auctions. In order to perform this task, firstly I have done enough research about the different auctions on the websites. Furthermore, I decided to pursue to Brisbane in regards to buy the cars. For performing my first task in an efficient manner, I prepared the budgets and necessary travelling documents. At the end, I have purchased 6 cars and by followed that I checked each transactions related to payments and timely checked the auction sheet of cars through online websites.

Monitor the developed auctions sheets

In the task performances related to purchase the cars from the Brisbane, I had checked the auction sheets of the six cars in which I monitored the models, price of the cars and ensured that payment transactions was done fairly without incurred any misleading or false action by the side of both the parties. The formats under which the auctions sheets are developed are mentioned as below:

A Plus Auto and Car Dealer

Auction List

[Select Name] BrisBane                                                                                               Closing Time: 5:00 P.M.
[Auction Item]: 6 cars                                                                                                       Items # [No.]
Description                                      [ Item Description ]
Donated by:                                     [Name or Business]

Name Car Models Phone Number Bid Amount
1.      XYZ RMZ Range Rover Evoque              – $319.20
2.      ABC Welly Die-cast Porsche 918               – $ 1119.20
3.       DPY Real Spoiler maruti Suzuki              – $3799
4.      PQR Rastar Die Cast mere cedes GLK               – $847.47
5.      ZYX Rolls-Royce phantom Diecast               – $1290
6.      TPD EPA-Est. MPG City/Hwy                – $13660
Guarantee Purchase

Name:                      Address                  Phone number                     Bid Amount:

The above auction sheet gives the detail information about the models of the six cars which I bought from the auction. Moreover, bid price for the six cars are also stated in the auction sheet. On the basis of this auction Spreadsheet, I monitored the bid amounts and ensure that deal has been finalized with as per the bid amount (Levinson et al., 2010). At the same time, I also checked that ordered model has in a good condition so that final customer could be satisfy and become loyal towards the company. I have also checked the parts, accessories of the used cars so that customers of the A. Plus auto and car dealer would be satisfied and perceived quality in the company services. For this purpose, I undertook every actions of the biding or auction process. Hence, these all are the actions which I performed in this task.

Training and Workshops

In my internship program, I was put under the training program on the very first day. In this, I got to familiar with the work environment of the company so that I feel free and work in an effective manner. On the work front, my team leaders explained me about WHS induction, educated me about the import car parts from interstate to overseas market. They also taught me about price differentiation of some car parts and equipments (Aldhizer, 2012). Besides that, they also put me under the role-play where I was assigned a task to decide the best car auction which could provide the appropriate model within the affordable bid price and purchased the six 6 used different model cars for the purpose of resale. For performing this task, I have trained about how to negotiate on the price and how to communicate the requirements to another party in references to buy the suitable car in order to resell it to the final customer. At the same time, company also allow me to negotiate on the bidding price with the auction agency. Such practices encouraged me to perform my task in a successful manner. Therefore, it can be said that training session has proved to be effective for me in terms to easily implement my duties and responsibility. It is possible for me to implement the task only because of the skills that company has incorporated in me during the training and internship.

Graduate attributes

Team work: Team Spirit is something that is current requirement for the business. Similarly, through addressing the different projects and managing their cost. Such practices helped me to develop the team work spirit and allow me to coordinate the work with different members in group.

Communication: Through the performing of multiple tasks where I got an opportunity to communicate with different people that help to develop the communication skills. Likewise, the task of purchasing the cars from auctions may allow me to contact to different auction agency and to negotiate on the bidding price of the cars (Saavedra & Opfer, 2012).

Critical Thinking: Internship task helped me to create the creativity in terms to manage the multiple tasks. At the same time, by performing different tasks, I developed the logical and critical thinking for decision making and problem-solving.

Strength and weakness

The internship report indicates the different strengths and weaknesses of A plus Auto which I have identified after the undergone of the internship report. The major advantage of the A plus auto is that it provides various opportunities to me in regards to develop the team spirit, communication skills, negotiation skills etc (Bloomfield et al., 2010). Besides that, it is identified that company also have an advantage of linguistic benefits which enhances the sales of cars and profitability.  Due to existences of the cultural diversity, I got the chances to interact with different group culture and it helps me to develop the leading skills.

On the other side, there are various weaknesses that I observed in the A plus Auto dealers are that lack of technicians are available in the company that become an major reason of existences of less competencies in the company. Moreover, the usage of less technology is also a limitation for the company as A plus auto dealers operate the manuals while managing the work in office. This creates various issues such as taking appropriate decision and solving every sought of problem etc.

From the above strengths and weaknesses, it can be stated that I have developed the effective communication, negotiation skills with the positive work culture environment. At the same time, it is also identified that I developed the critical thinking and team spirit with the working in diversified cultural environment in A plus auto dealer. But with this, there are various limitations exist and due to which I faced various problems. However, because of lack of availability of specialised staff, I didn’t get the proper guidance’s in my several tasks. Due to which I didn’t achieve the competencies in some areas like in leading and technical part. Therefore, I consider the time of internship as a learning experiences for me as I learned various skills and qualities which may help me in my future career (Lazakidou & Retalis, 2010).


On the basis of above learning, it can be recommended that A plus auto dealer should hire the qualified and technical staff for contributing in the productivity of the workshop. Furthermore, auto dealer could also need to adopt the advanced technology which will manage the multiple tasks in a short span of time convert the company focus from the manual work to computer work. Thus, it is required to consider all the above mention suggestions for achieving the higher productivity.


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