Conducting an interview analysis

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For interview analysis, one manager is selected from the Christian organization and one manager from commercial organization. While doing interview analysis, it is found that manager of both organizations plays different role and responsibilities to complete their task efficiently and effectively.

The manager of Christian organization works with a motive to work for betterment of society rather than bringing investment to the society. On the other hand, the manager of commercial organization works for earning profit for the organization by satisfying the customers with its product and services.

While comparing the role of managers in their organization, it is found that commercial manager has to target its customer with a motive to achieve profit and organizational goal but in Christian organization, it is found that manager focuses on providing donations and membership to the customers as manager and organization has a objective that is to provide benefit and satisfaction to the society. The role of manager in the organization is highly dependent on their organization goals and objective.

In interview analysis, it is observed that both commercial and Christian organization always follow some approaches to management through which it becomes easier for manger to perform their task as well as motivate and encourage other staff member to work for accomplishing organization goals and objective.

The approach used by manager in Christian organization is universal approach as the manager of organization works as a volunteer and leader for other management team. In comparison to Christian organization, commercial organization uses leadership and participative and many more approaches in management in order to accomplish the organization objective on time.

During the interview analysis, it is observed that in Christian organization, manager interact with other managers as enthusiastically and full of confidence when they are working in management team for a achieving a common purpose. But in commercial organization, manager have to interact with other management team manager with politely and convincing power and also consider and listen other manager on their point of view.

In commercial and Christian organizations, there is a difference in the interaction process as manager of each organization work for two different motive and objective which helps in identifying and determining the role of both the managers in their organization.

In commercial organization, each manager of management team is given right to listen and contribute in decision making by interacting with each other in a polite manner. But in contrast to it, it is observed that manager of Christian organization is interacting as a leader with other manager in a management team.

During the study, I observed that there is a requirement that both manager look forward to some key aspects which help them in interacting and improving the roles in their organization to a large extent.

In Christian organization, the manager is required to focus on using a more approaches to management like participative and motivation approaches for achieving the organizational and societal benefit easily. In similar manner, manager of commercial organization should also work for employee benefit also for which it should use universal approach through which emplo

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