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IOT devices

IOT devices is the Internet of things which is referred to as a network of physical devices, vehicles and also other items which are embedded with electronics, software and network connectivity that will enable the objects to collect and exchange information and data. It helps to reduce the human intervention and gives an opportunity to work more efficiently accurately and provides many economic benefits to the users (Meyer, et al., 2013).

  1. Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale

Fitbit’s Aria is a smart scale which helps to track your weight, your body fat percentage, your body mass index BMI and also helps you to have a watch and observe these values for a long-term. This device is unique as it is wireless and helps you synchronize wirelessly and also it assists you in auto-updating your stats to an online graph that can be used by you to check how are you doing so far. Fitbit’s aria smart scale is a device that can recognize or identify upto 8 people at a time but at the same time the information of very individual is kept private. It also has developed a feature to provide you badge so as you get motivated with time. Also, it has another function that it will provide you with alerts on your Smartphone whenever you are near to achieve your goals (Jewell, et al., 2015).

  1. Withings-smart-body-analyzer

Withhings is one of the best companies which are well-known for making effective and innovative, creative devices, gadget that will help the individual to keep a look on their health and further helps to keep you fit. This smart body analyzer is a smart scale that will not only let you keep an watch on your weight but also performs many more functions at the same time that will help you in return. It has a list of unique features such as, measurement of heartbeats, the knowledge in context of full-body, your weight goals and graphs on your progress in the long-term and also monitoring of the indoor air quality (Jung and Chung, 2016).

  1. Nest

Nest is a company that is renowned for making products with attractive yet simple designs. On e of the interesting fact is that this company is been co-founded by the former engineers of Apple Mr. Tony Fadell and Mr. Matt Rogers late back in 2010. This company though has two products but with its competency and new innovative spirit and capacity to create more will surely help it to deliver more IOT devices in future.

The two products by this company are

  • Thermostat –

Nest learning Thermostat is another device that will help you by learning your schedule and will then program itself accordingly to reduce or raise the heating levels that ill in return reduce your bills. This device can also be controlled from your phone.

  • Protect smoke detector –

The second innovative product launched by Nest is the Protect smoke detector. It is a smoke and carbon monoxide detector. it is smart as it helps in giving a early warning signal by the help of flashing yellow lights and a message or warning in human voice. It is smart as it provides early warning not just giving loud alarm at the time of emergency or only when it detects the CO2 from anywhere. It will also help to detect where the CO2 is coming from so that you can recognize that it is just an emergency or not. Another feature is that you can cancel the alarm by just standing under it and by simply waving your arm (Lee and Lee, 2015).

  1. Sonos Music System

When we are talking of IOT devices how can be music left behind. Sonos Music System is one of the most appealing, stylish and attractive music system been launched so far. It is a system which includes Hifi wireless speakers and audio components. It includes your all music collection, the radio or the podcasts in one single app. As it has wireless network so it will assist you to play the music from anywhere, any room you are in. It has got a huge range of products for people who love music such as the speakers, sound-bars, etc (Porter, et al., 2014).

  1. Philips Hue light bulb

Philips Hue light bulb is one which has a line of color changing LED lamps and also white bulbs created by Philips. It was introduced in 2012 October. It works on the same principles as that of Apple’s products so it can be purchased from Apple store as well. It is one single bridge will help you to control upto 50 bulbs at a time and also is bale to create lighting scenes which is based on your selected photos. The lighting is also controllable from your smart phone or you can use your tablet also. It is observed that it will help people to save upto 80% energy as compared to the traditional bulbs which is acts as its unique feature. It is also not as costly as a single bulb will cost just $60.

  1. Lockitron

Lockitron is another one of the most innovative IOT devices been developed so far. It is not the only single smart lock in the market but it is one of the most innovative one. It is innovative as it helps you to enter your home without even having the keys. It will help you in entering your home by just the use of your smartphone. It will further help to you to monitor if you have locked your door properly when you are gone (Koreshoff, et al., 2013). And in case if you have not locked the door properly it will automatically send a notification on your smartphone saying your door is not locked properly or is unlocked. It has only one limitation so far that it works with only Iphone 4s or Iphone 5. Another unique feature this IOT device has is that its batteries last upto a year as it has as intelligent power management system.

  1. LG Smart Thinq

LG being one of the most renowned companies globally want to engage in creating Internet of things in its home appliances. For doing so, it has launched its Smart Thinq line of products for the users. Currently it has only four kinds of products but soon it will be creating more with the increasing demand of the customers for the products in the market. Currently the products which are connected with internet provided by LG are its refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, and its ovens. This technology will help an individual to save their time and control and save money as well.

  1. AirQuality egg

It is always been wondered that what is the quality of air we humans are breathing?   The AirQuality egg is one of the unique innovations been created and developed till now. It is a sensing device that will help to measure the quality if the air in your surroundings and also in return will assist you to share that information obtained in an online community in real-time (Swan, 2012).

  1. Smart baby monitor

Smart baby monitor is another helpful device that will help to keep an observation over your little one’s respiration and also check the room temperature. Also it helps to let you know your baby is asleep or how active he/she is.

Issues in Internet of Things (IoT) system

The Internet of Things system also includes some issues in the uses, connectivity, control, security of data, privacy of the user information etc. In the words of Da Xu et al., (2014) the user faces the challenges in use of IoT system by developing the understanding about new and specific devices. Most of the devices in the IoT technology need a networking system that is not possible everywhere to the user and he or she may face the problem in uses. Additionally, more devices cannot work if they connects with any single network because it cannot load in high burden, so it need a proper and strong networking system for effectively use. There are many reasons of the insecurity of the data in IoT such as the service provides are not able to handle the big data, they can sale the data to other company for earn more, etc. Every device is gathering the data of user which is connected with the internet and they can use the data or information in wrong way (Gubbi et al., 2013). IoT need a proper security system to secure the data of the user from the hackers. The producer firms of the devices and government of the country can provide the security system by hackers to the IoT.

The proper connectivity of the devices is a big issue of the Internet of things system and make barrier in the current communication between the users. At present time in this technology, it needs centralized authority like server /client networking to connect the different devises in the system that restricts the other new user in the network. The central authority system is not acceptable for unlimited devices and the big network system requires massive investment and maintenance of the server (Borgia, 2014). In addition to this, this big network system of the IoT requires the capacity of handling larger amount of data or information that is shared by the users. The privacy is the unique challenge of the IoT system due to privacy of the user data need high prevention. IoT devices are becoming more prevalent by the using of tracking system or attractive feature that removes the privacy of user because hacker can track the devices easily. Internet on things provides commercial application or devices that need privacy of tracking and monitoring by the user only. The user needs the remote management of the IoT and the physical protections of the device also very important save the device.

Potential solutions issues in IoT

The security issue of the IoT can be solved by the manufacturer and government of the country by providing the internet security from the hackers. The manufacturer should provide the advanced technological devices which have high security from the hackers. The new technological devices like camera can be helpful to save the devices from any movement (Zhu et al., 2010). The government should make roles and regulation for the companies to make highly protective devices for the consumers. In addition, the IT sector of the government can track the hackers and arrest them for secure future of the IoT. The connectivity of the devices should be better for the effectively utilization of the devices and this issue can be solved by providing good network to the devices. This good network can need high investment on the cloud server that to handle the large data and exchange of information by the users.

The decentralization of the IoT network can be helpful to handle the large exchange of the information like the use of fog computing system (Atzori et al., 2010). The fog computing can be handle the critical operations by the smart devices. Moreover, the use of Peer to Peer communications can also solve the problem of connectivity because this technology allows the devices to identify network directly and exchange the information without any mediator. The government is providing several rules and regulations for network provider companies for solving data privacy issue. Additionally, many IoT’s are following the protection and privacy lows and for this they are developing devices. These devices can be supportive for providing the protection to the information of the user of devices. The device providers should also make an effective strategy for respecting the individual privacy according to the expectation of them. The device provides can also control in the issues which are related with the IoT system by follow the proper rules and regulations (Miorandi et al., 2012). The network provider organizations can work on the development of networking system to remove the problem of network. Moreover, there is a need of make strong the network autonomy and security of IoT applications for strong physical infrastructure. The devices should be made as user friendly because the user can face the problem at the time of first time use.


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IOT Devices Short description Manufacturer Cost
1. Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale A smart scale that helps to check your weight, BMI, etc. Fitbit Inc. Around Rs. 8000
2. Withings-smart-body-analyzer Help the individual to keep a look on their health and further helps to keep you fit. Nokia Around Rs. 18000
3. Nest


Has two products that help to make life easier Nest Around Rs. 9000
4. Sonos Music System


It is a system which includes Hifi wireless speakers and audio components. Sonos Around Rs. 50000
5. Philips Hue light bulb


Philips Hue light bulb is one which has a line of color changing LED lamps and also white bulbs created by Philips Philips Around Rs. 3500
6. Lockitron Helps you to enter your home without even having the keys. It will help you in entering your home by just the use of your smartphone. Apigy Inc Around Rs. 6400
7. LG Smart Thinq


Providing the products which are connected with internet and help the customers. LG Different prices for different products
8. AirQuality egg It is a sensing device that will help to measure the quality if the air in your surroundings. WickedDevice LLC Around Rs. 10000
9. Smart baby monitor Smart baby monitor is another helpful device that will help to keep an observation over your little one’s respiration and also check the room temperature. Nokia Around Rs. 12000

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