Please use the below given sample formats when answering the assignment questions. Please not that all the questions are on Social Media Research Center WEB SITE project.

Q1 : Project Charter example (3 0 Marks)



Q2 : RACI Chartexample (10 Marks)


Q3: Stakeholder Register  (5 Marks)

Name Position Internal/ External Role Contact Information

(Email/ Phone)




Q3: Stakeholder Management Strategy for the Center Website Project (5 Marks)


Project Title:


Role in Project
Unique Features
Level of Interest
Level of Influence
Suggestions on managing relationship


Q4 :Format for Milestone Report for the initiating and planning processes (10 Marks)

Milestones Date Status Responsible Issues / Comments


Q5: WBS  (10 Marks)– You need to create level 3 WBS. It should have a minimum of 30-40 tasks.

Q6 Gantt Chart (10 Marks)

Use WBS and add duration to each activity, to be done in MSProject

The Resource table to be used for allocating resources is as below

$ per Hour Max days
Project Manager 80 60
Systems Analysis 60 20
Web Graphic Designer 50 30
Web Application Programmer 50 50
Web System Expert 70 40
Program Team member_1 50 50
Program Team Member_2 50 50
Quality Assurance Tester 60 30
Database Administrator 50 40
Team Member_1 35 50
Team Member_2 35 50
Total Duration for the Project 3 months
Working Days 5 days per week ( No Over time required)
Working Hours 8 hours per day ( 8.30 – 5.30pm) – 1 hour for lunch
Project Start Date 3rd of September 2013
Total Budget 150,000


 Q6 : Critical path Digram (10 Marks)

Paste screenshot Network diagram from MSProject

Q7 : Referencing and Formatting and style (10 Marks)


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