Job description is one of the most indispensable aspects of any organization. In the human resource management it acts as a crucial tool to provide the employees with an insight about the job and job satisfaction later (Lauby, 2017). This particular case is concerning the North West Regional Hospital which is the largest hospital of the region and is facilitated with 180 beds.

The wings of the hospital are spread in the northern Australia with 17 employees under each unit. In total the organization has the human resource of 700 employees which include the doctors, nursing staff, administrative staff and the allied health staff. With the expansion of the hospital the need to employee more administrative, nursing and medical staff has been observed.


  1. Job Description and its Key Features

In accordance to Gilmore, (2012)  The term Job Description can be defined as the summary of the expected behavior which an employee needs to showcase in the organization with the list of tasks which must be undertaken by the employee. As per the view of Marchington, Wilkinson, Donnelly and Kynighou, (2016) job description is the list of the duties and responsibilities which the employee performs in the working environment of the organization.

It offers an understanding regarding the employee qualification as well as skills needed for the completion of a particular job. It can also be explained as a bridge with connects the needs of the employer to the skills possessed by the employeeGillinghm, and Seibel, 2013). The key features of the job description are as follows:

  • Provides an insight about the job and the related functions and responsibilities.
  • Provides the list of skills needed to perform particular job. These skills may differ from technical, physical, mental or verbal skills.
  • Employee expectations become crystal clear as a job description incorporates what is expected out of the employee such as working hours, overtime, work schedule to name a few (
  • Explains authority and responsibility relationship which even helps in understanding the organizational hierarchy.
  • Expected performance standards is one of the prominent feature of the job description as it sates the quality of the production and also the minimum output expected out of the employee.
  1. Different ways to use Job Description

To the employee the job description can be used in many ways which are as follows:

  • Dessler, (2011), states that job description aids in development of the training and development programs of the employee with the help of which job promotions and other incentives can be decided upon.
  • Helps in the process of employee recognition and rewards. The job description acts as the basic line of the calculation of employee performance which is the pedestal of reward system.
  • The non-monetary and monetary programs are even crafted depending on the positions.
  • A clear list of expectations act as the guidelines of the discipline and the performance which is to be followed in the organization.
  • Performance management is completely dependent upon the employee description as it offers a measurable performance (

Conclusion: the originations be it profitable or non-profitable thrive for earning the best results nd optimum output (Cardy, 2011). This is only possible when in the originations the best working force is present. For this purpose the job description plays a vital role (Wilton, 2016). Job description can be termed as the first and foremost step towards hiring a capable staff. This case will pay heed on the need of the hospital for the post of a clinical receptionist for children’s department, community health registered nurse and emergency department registrar.

  2. Clinicreceptionist(locatedintheChildren’sDepartment)
  • To make sure that the clinic opens on time and all the cleaning is done before that so as to maintain the hygiene factor in the hospital.
  • Greet the kids and their parents when they enter the reception.
  • Make them comfortable when they have any quarry about the timings, the treatment or other information,
  • Giving the appointments to the patients and passing on information to the doctor in charge.
  • Maintaining the patients file and making them understand the terms and conditions. The files must be upgraded after every visit or any other procedure.
  • Guiding the patients while different procedures are carried out.
  • Collection on the doctors and the hospitals fee and the amount of the other facilities provided by the hospital.
  • Keeping a smiling face and treat the patients who are kids in this case with love and tender care.
  • Maintain separate data of the several test procedures.


  1. CommunityHealthRegisteredNurse
  • Must feel empathetic towards the people and patients who are less fortunate.
  • Observe, diagnose and provide a helping hand towards the patients dealing with different problems.
  • Providing assistance to the people who did not invest in the insurance policies with the ones who did.
  • Act as a bridge between the health requirement of the patients and the healthcare aids available.
  • Home visits is the part and parcel of the job
  • Good verbal command to educate the people about the issues related to health.
  • Being well skilled for the child as well as the pediatric care,
  • Taking care of the patients and educating them is the key of the job.


  1. EmergencyDepartmentRegistrar
  • Must have a quick decision making ability to make right choices under emergency situations.
  • Capability to handle the patients and their relatives and friends in panic situation.
  • To make sure that all the information of the patient in the emergency unit is collected as quickly as possible such as location, insurance policies and past heath issues.



Mathis, Jackson and Valentine, (2015), suggest that the selection criteria for any job must be clear and specific.

  1. Clinic receptionist:
  • Qualifications: minimum high school graduation.
  • Experience: minimum experience of one year as a hospital or clinic receptionist.
  • Skills/abilities: Good command over the language, ability to manage
  • Personalqualities: smiling, jolly, punctual, kid friendly and hygienic.
  • Specialrequirements: good sense of humor will be preferred.


  1. Community Health Registered Nurse
  • Qualifications: Degree or diploma in nursing field will be minimum. Bachelors and Masters in nursing will be preferred.
  • Experience: minimum of 2 years of service in a well reputed organization where the same role of community health nurse was performed.
  • Skills/abilities: knowledge about environmental health and problems pertaining in a demographic area.
  • Personalqualities: empathy, zeal to serve, understanding about social behavior and good communication skills.
  • Specialrequirements: must be equipped with the license number as a nurse in the home state.
  1. Emergency Department Registrar
  • Qualifications: minimum of high school diploma. Gradation will be given preference.
  • Experience: minimum one year experience
  • Skills/abilities: good typing capacity of minimum 40 words per minute, good grip on medical terms, mathematical efficiency needed
  • Personalqualities: strong mental efficiency, immediate action and decision making power.
  • Registrations efficiency and an alert mind.
  • Specialrequirements: degrees in math will be appreciated.



Evaluation is the most important part to select the right fit out of all the recruited employees. There are several methods of evaluation by which the advertised post of the Clinical receptionist can be selected. Out of the several methods the 360 degree method, behavioral checklist are the most often used methods in the organizations (Price, 2011).

Out of all these methods the most suitable methods for the position of a Clinical Receptionist will be the behavioral checklist method. In the view ofNiles, (2012) this particular method is based on evaluation of the traits of the person or the recruiter and understanding the behavior which will lead to the results.

Aswathaappa, (2010) stated that the method of behavioral checklist is exactly in accordance to its name as it refers to identification of the behavioral traits of the employees which makes the employee valuable and analyzing the results which must be in favor of the organization.

Every job has a list of various traits expected. For the completion of the evaluation the employer must go through the checklist with the yes or no questions (Kumar, 2010). For the job of a clinical receptionist the hospital must form a list of various questions which must be answered in yes or no. The behavioral traits which are important for this particular job are as follows:

  • Child friendly
  • Good mannerism
  • Smiling face
  • Good sense of humor
  • Eagerness to help
  • Information accumulation capability
  • Up to date with appointment diaries


Behavioral checklist

(Source: Khalid, 2017)


While conducting an interview there are several questions which must be asked so as to understand the behavior of the employee and how the recruiter willhandle the job if selected (Marder, 2013). These questions must be answered in yes or no.

Are you fond of kids?
Have you served in a children’s department before?
Will you be able to maintain a systematic diary of appointments?
Over time might be needed at times, so are you fine with it?
Are you well versed with some basic medical terminology?
Handling panic situations will be a part of the job, are you well aware about it?
Do you specialize in upgrading and maintaining the records of the patients with the latest test results?
We hope you are well aware that you will be answerable to more than one doctor directly?
You must provide your assistance to the patients and their family whenever they will need it.



In the perception of (Sostrin, 2013) the selection panel is the deciding factor of the recruitments.The interview of the Clinic receptionist of the child department must be conducted by a panel of people who are well aware bout the working of the hospital. The panel will be consisting of three people who will be as follows:

  • Pediatrician: the clinic receptionist will be directly accountable to the pediatrician of the hospital and will have to maintain the records of the doctor. Henceforth the selection for the post of clinical receptionist at first must be done by the pediatrician of the hospital.


  • Head nurse: the proper functioning of the hospital is only possible when there is an amalgamation between the staff. The head nurse will be responsible for well adapting the receptionist to the hospital environment. Moreover, the head nurse is the one who is responsible for the working of the child care department.


  • Child psychologist: the child psychologist is the one who has a deep and indepth understanding of the needs and the psychology of the child. The presence of the child psychologist will prove to be very helpful in understanding the behavioral traits of the applicant and will the applicant have the right fit in the job.


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