Journal Article

Journal Article

Title:- Post-innovation CSR Performance and Firm value

Authors: – Mishra, D (2017)

Aims & objectives:- The aim of this study is to analyze Post-innovation CSR performance and firm value in context to US firms. In respect to this study, there are two major questions are addressed.

First one: Do innovative firms demonstrate higher CSR post innovation?

Second one: Does post-innovation CSR performance increase firm valuation?

Methodology: – In the article, researcher is used secondary methodology to collect the information for performing research study. Under this method, there are 13,917 US firm sample is analyzed within year 1991 to 2006. The evaluation of sample size is offered various findings to researcher about how post-innovation CSR performances enhance the firm value.

Moreover, the study also revealed that how innovative firms contribute towards high CSR post innovation. Based on this, it can be examined how firm include innovation and identify post-innovation performances of firm.

Findings:- From the finding of Mishra (2017), it is outlined that these high-CSR innovative firms enjoy significantly higher valuation post-innovation. It means that the innovation provide numerous opportunities to firm in the form of registered patent or trademark or strategically investing more in CSR activities.

The strategies majorly related to improve the service quality so that social community can get best quality. Moreover, the innovation is considered as an important aspect for business as it helps to select right investment strategy for CSR program. It helps the firm to get right set of recognition across the globe.

However, these findings imply that firms likely seek higher CSR performance post-innovation to develop valuable reputational resources and reduce capital constraints. This means that the involvement of innovation supports the firm efficiency to grab the future opportunities and achieve the desired results and outcomes.

Therefore, it can be stated that post-innovation definitely proven as a vital factor for organization to implement the CSR on appropriate manner. Hence, these are the major findings which are extracted from the research study.


From the above discussion, it is concluded that higher CSR performances means more the brand value.  It is only possible post-innovation which supports the firm to strengthen their operations and select right strategy for CSR which turns out positive for successful implementing of responsibilities for society. However, the increased recognition in society always contributes positive result for the firm in terms of increased brand value.

Thus, the finding clearly summarized that post-innovation, organization capability to contribute for society, environment and economy get increased which somewhere influences the firm reputation on positive manner.


The major limitation that researcher acknowledged that innovation also demand for the right strategies otherwise firm not take right decisions.

So the study does not present that what strategies that support firm to incorporate innovation. It is found that research study only outlines post-innovation strategy which tends to influences the firm brand value in market.

Otherwise, it does not cover the pre-innovation strategy outlook. This somewhere does not justify the study on proper manner that’s considered as major limitations for successfully accomplishment of research result or outcome.


Mishra, D. (2017) ‘Post-Innovation CSR Performance and Firm Value’. Journal of Business Ethics. 140 (2), 285-306.

Journal Article

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