KF7011 System Analysis and Design with UML Assignment Sample 2023

Class and Method Design 

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There are various types of contract available with the airline reservation system that includes the fixed price, cost reimbursable contract and the time contract that provides the various seller and buyers with the fixed price of the project. This may include the fixed price for the activities that is carried with the project development.

The cost benefit needs to analyze prior to the initialization of project for analyzing the system design. The second method describes the cost reimbursable contract that depends on the project development and management which is required with the system that is used with the development of scope of the project with the buyer and seller based on the profit and loss which is estimated initially with the project.

These include cost plus free and cost plus percentage cost which are different cost reimbursable contract that is used with the individual.

There is different specification in method that includes requirements specification, standard specification, test specification, quality specification and so on. The requirement specification is the important specification that is used with the collection or gathering the requirement with the airline reservation like flight name, date of journey, departure place, departure time, arrival date, and time and return details.

These details were used for searching and reserving the ticket with the scheduled time. The design specification depends on the various processes that is required with the system like structural model, behavioral model, cost and project estimation. The design is provided with the various components that is processed with the airline system.

Data Management Layer Design

The database is created with the table for using the existing data and the user application that is developed with the database which is used with another file for storing the data. The existing data in one table to another table is presented with the airline reservation system that is already using with the some records. The address list of the passenger is maintained with the database for the employee with the external travel agency is used with the maintenance of travel ticket.

This is used with the larger data entry that is recorded with the data entry which is provided manually and stored with the database. The travel agent may track the database with the import and export files with the database management system. The data is imported and exported based on the format provided with the various functions that is used with loading and reloading the data with the table. The file format used with storing of data is SQL or with loading of data based on DBMS approach.


KF7011 System Analysis and Design with UML
KF7011 System Analysis and Design with UML

The core aspects with the software engineering with the development process is differed with various phases and step that is focused with the development. This is also called as software development and the step includes the software product which is provided with the life cycle model. This software product is refined with the final idea that us moved with the overview of the waterfall model.

The waterfall cycle is modeled with the database development based on the development of the system which separates the specification from schema creation that is defined with the development of database. There are three architecture that distinguishes the activities based on the schema and the constraint is represented with the semantic enforcement of the data with the user other than the data usage.

The database is used to store the data of the passenger that is defined with the conceptual framework and behavior model that is defined with the relational approaches.

Human Computer Interaction Layer Design

The journey interface both the non registered and registered user with the journey details and is used with the accessing the data by clicking the journey details from the link provided. The page is opened with both non registered and registered users that is used with the journey that is required with the case that is linked with the booking the ticket and flight. The interface is connected with the airlines that provide the journey with specific data.

The schedule is interfaced with the registered and non registered user that is scheduled with the airline based on the specific users within the link. The schedule is visited with the registered customer that requires the link from top to bottom of the page with the user description. The user or passenger is required with the schedule id for the enquiry of the schedule and flight schedule with the ticket or flight.

The user interface is the required with the system analysis that is used with the business model with the engineering and marketing needs that is defined with the airline reservation environment that is accessed with the needs of the passengers.

The user interface is designed with the application that is intended with the identity of standard with the airline reservation system. The technical issues were identified with the different objects that are intended with the reserving the ticket with the airline management system. This is dramatically changed with the cost benefit analysis that is interfaced with the global distribution system which is processed with the schedule.

The approach with the individual may vary with different human computer interaction for flight booking system reveals the strategy with theoretical finding that is provided with the qualitative approach. The user interaction is defined with the collected data that is determined with survey that solves the issues with the development of various strategies.

Physical Architecture Layer Design

The architectural design for the airline booking system is provided with the guidelines that is indicated with the booking the flight ticket with user interface and web services that is interfaced with the booking system based on availability and cost of the project.

The ticket booking is carried with the support of synchronous document that is exchanged with the different dates and application that uses the main component that is interact with the laptop or with mobile. The web service is used with the airline reservation system that is required with the data manipulation with the passenger and return booking details based on the web services. The JavaScript is used with the server with the implementation of the project with the small database.

The web application is designed with the flight booking system that facilitates the website development. The various programming language like PHP is used with the development of website.

This PHP is the open source scripting language with web server that uses HTTP server installed with windows 64 bits. The client can access with the system with various browser using the platforms like Android, Windows and LINUX.

This website gets the information about the passenger and then stores with the database and then verifies the flight details for storing the data with the system. There are various functions involved with the airline reservation system which is provided with the arrival date and time, departure date and time, city, travel date, passport no, passenger id and so on.

These data were stored with the database with the actual prices of the customer. The destination is reached with the deployment of successful development of data with the security threats.  The browser is used with the web server that is used to interact with the passenger for searching and conforming the ticket to the system. This flight ticket is conformed through mail and it is stored with the database.

Reflection on System analysis and design

I have the started this project with my own interest which is acquired with me during my UG course. I like to develop the website and application and I have some basic knowledge with these areas. This made to me to do work on this project. The topic I choose is the airline reservation system that is used with booking the flight ticket online.

For developing this project, I planned to conduct the study with different system analysis and design strategies and used analyzed various methodology with the software development model. This model is proposed with the various strategies and found that waterfall cycle model is the best model suited with the airline reservation system.

The requirements with airline reservation system are collected and the analyzed with the different behavior model based on use case diagram which provides the description and function of the project. The structural model is provided with the class diagram and object diagram that is used with the description of object and class involved with the system.

The behavior model is analyzed with the airline system by providing the sequence diagram that describes the system structure. The state transition diagram describes the various states with the model.

The crc is the diagram that collaborate the various techniques with the requirement specification. The CURD matrix is explained with the creation of database that is used with the airline reservation system. Thus I came across many hurdles in developing the project that is developed with the airline system. The travel agent acts as a middle vendor for storing and retrieving the data with the group pf members.

This is used with the behavioral system that uses the functional model. The functional requirements with the project are identified with airline reservation system that is coordinated with the group forming the airline reservation system.


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