KF7011 System Analysis and Design with UML Assignment Sample 2023

Class and Method Design

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The class diagram describes the structured class diagram of the flight reservation. It is a description of set of objects that share the same responsibilities, relationships, operations, attributes and semantics. In general it is a process to add details to the class diagrams defined in the analyse phase and making fine decisions.

The main reason for implementing class diagrams are to minimize the execution cost, memory and other cost measures. It also helps to determine the choice of algorithms implementation methods. It also helps to analyse the complex problems and breaking them into simpler ones. There are different types of contracts forms in the airline reservation systems.

The basic template for the contract form is passenger name and the date of birth. The passenger name starts with title first name and last name. The date of birth shows the month day and year. The next template asks about contact person details. It shows the title, first name and the last name. The next detail we need to enter is email-id.

The next detail we need to enter is area code and the phone number. The details like address, full name, email-id, phone no, number of guests, date and time, etc. These are the basic templates in the airline reservation systems.

The contract describes terms and conditions that describe what you are legally entitled to expect from us when you purchase travel related services through us. For booking the air ticket we are bound to accept the all the terms and conditions for booking the flight. Booking conformation, challenges and cancellation are cleared mentioned in the contract.

The design for methods should be clearly defined. The prizes and payment modes are clearly described by them. Special conditions and information for flights are clearly mentioned in the document.  Baggage policies and allowance are clearly defined. These are a template which was mentioned in the contract.

Data Management Layer Design

The data management layer decides about what type of databases are using for storing the data. There are different types of databases are there. They are relational databases, object relational databases, object oriented databases etc. while developing the project the developer has to decide the database design, storage and access methods.

The relational database is fully depending on the relational models. The object relational database is fully related to relation with object oriented approach. The object oriented concepts depends on the object oriented programming concept.

The data can be stored by using any of these models. The major strength and weakness of each model is depicted below.

KF7011 System Analysis and Design with UML
KF7011 System Analysis and Design with UML

Fig 1: Different types of data storage

The storage efficiency is important for minimizing the storage space. The speed of access deals with minimum time of retrieval for desired information. The data storage size and estimating work load and response time is important for database management design.

The huge data of air reservation system is generated. Usually the data is stored in the cloud. Different levels of accessing the database are also important. We have to design the database management classes. Attributes, tables, indexes are very important while designing the database. It was a huge design we have to consider many things.

Human Computer Layer Design

The main purpose of input is to capture accurate information from the system. When the user wants to book a flight there are so many steps which requires human computer intervention. They are to book a flight we need to we need to decide whether direct booking or indirect booking of the flight. The first search is flight search that is direct or indirect.

The next step is reservation management that is we need to create the passenger name record. The choosing of loyalty programs and additional services should be selected. The customer deals with fares and payment and payment processing.

The next process is ticketing that is personal name record generation. The next process in check in and boarding. The further process is online check in and airport check in. The last process is boarding pass issue. The last process is baggage tracking and reclaim. These are the basic process in air reservation. In this way we have to design the human computer layer design.

The interface standards design is used to create layer design. The input types, keystrokes etc. These things should be decided to create human computer layer design.

Physical Architecture Layer Design

The physical layer architecture deals with the physical architecture components, we to decide the physical architecture of the airline reservation system whether the manager is going to select the server based or client based or client server based architectures. To store the data the developer has to choose whether going to use green IT or cloud computing.

The developer has to select the deployment services also and need to specify hardware and software. The developer has to analyse the performance, security, cultural, operational requirements etc.

The physical architecture has to decide how the system is distributed across the network and how hardware and software is used. It requires knowledge of key factors is essential. The main purpose is to decide which an application is running on what hardware.

These are various factors that affect the physical architecture. The developer has to decide the hardware and software components. The network connections should be determined. In server based architecture all the works are done by server. The client just sends the request. In client based architecture the expense is very high. In client server architecture there is a balance processing between the client and the server.

In selecting the physical architecture the cost, interface capabilities, cost of development, ease of development etc are to be considered as very important. There is another important one to think about data storage. They are cloud computing. In cloud computing there are so many features which are to be considered.

We have to consider the deployment diagram, infrastructure design etc. the network model, software and hardware specification etc. These are the important things that should be considered. The security requirements and non-functional requirements should be decided perfectly.

Personal Experience with the system analysis and design

There was a nice experience in analysing the system analysis and design. The various types of interface levels and database selection, network selection are considered as very important. The database designs are different types and data storage are a vast concept in which the developer has to identify all the cost and benefits to take a right decision.

There are so many advantages and disadvantages which have to be considered by the management to select the correct hardware and software.

SAD life Cycle and Methodologies

The System life cycle starts from planning phase to implementation phase. The main goal of project is to satisfy the needs of customers. The requirements should be specified clearly to start the work of project. There are some many methodologies to develop a project.

The first step is planning and the second step is designing the project and the third step is coding and finally it is tested and implemented. This is the normal project life cycle process. In this same way the system analysis and design life cycle process is done.

System Analysis

The requirements should be clearly identified to develop a project. The system analysis is the important in the project life cycle process which to analyse the system requirements. It includes both hardware and software requirements.

System Design

The design lays an effort for selecting the data base design, design for different levels of access and storage design etc. These are considered for system design.

System Analyst

The system analyst has all the work for analysing the system. The needs and developments required for the system is analysed by him.

Team Project Experience

The overall project experience is each and every work is shared and worked together. Each and every one shared his knowledge isimplemented in the project. All of them shared his experience and worked efficiently to reach success. The team members give their suggestion to meet all the requirements of the project. Thus it paved the way for success.



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