KF7011 System Analysis and Design with UML Assignment Sample 

Class and Method Design

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Contract system is one of the popular processing methods which explain the details of the agreement regarding the process. There are many varieties of contract used in different organizations. The contract specifies moreinformation including cost of the product and time of the work process related to the business activities. Before designing a system, the analysis of a project will help the organization to understand the [process and the advantages of the project. This class and method design highlights the designing framework of the project and the method for making the activity.

These entire components are analyzed before starting the work process. The complex processes are identified and the development methods are discussed. This gives the clear details to the developers about the design process. The class design clearly gives the method for the activity of problem. Modeling is mainly divided into two methods. Those are structural modeling and behavioral modeling.  The structural  modeling is used to provide the design features about the process and the behavioral model provides the activity process for the problem.

KF7011 System Analysis and Design with UML
KF7011 System Analysis and Design with UML

The general development of the system process includes requirement analysis, designing with architectural design and detailed design and the coding for the process and testing.

The main objective of requirement analysis is collecting all the expectations form the user which can be helpful to make the successive project. The requirement gathering for this Airline reservation system highlights the flexibility of the use and including the main details about the passenger. The access method of the developed project must be user-friendly and that system must be adaptable for the future innovations for making the process in an enhanced manner.

Data Management Layer design

The data are the important factor for every activity. Managing the data is most important. The data management Layer design explains the data access and manipulation logic. This also supports the process of data storage. There are four step design approach is used for the data management layer design.

Those are selecting the appropriate design for the data storage, identifying the problem-domain objects to object persistence format, Optimizing the format of the object persistence and designing the data access and manipulation classes. With the help of this data management, all the important data are stored and maintained carefully.

The airline reservation system collects the passenger details from the customers who are booking the tickets for traveling. All these details are more important and that should be stored to maintain the confidentiality of the user personal details. The object persistence is mainly classified into two types. Those are Transient objects and Persistent objects.

The transient objects are used to exit the memory process when the application is terminated. The persistent object is used to use the memory when the application get into the execution and this will share the data with other applications. These persistent objects used the data base management system to store all the data and those can be recollected from the databases even the application terminates. These persistent methods are used to serialize the objects directly from the databases.

The architecture for persistent design includes the design issues from the design classes. The appropriate design must be selected for the classes to maintain the data for the specific aspects. The file system is the powerful method which is used to store the different type of files in the memory. This file system is easy to access and simple to implement.

The main issues of the data base are handling the redundancy data and inconsistency of the data. The redundancy data specifies the data repetition and the duplication of files. The inconsistency specifies the data updated problem in the database.

KF7011 System Analysis and Design with UML
KF7011 System Analysis and Design with UML

Human Computer Interaction Layer Design

The human-computer interaction specifies the communication between the system and the user. This includes the navigation through then screen, capturing data and reports about the system products.

The main important consideration in this layer is how to design the user interface design. For airline reservation system, the general users also can use this system to know about the common procedures for the reservation process.

The user interface is more important in all business models. The airline reservation system focuses the processes of ticket reservation and explains the general guidelines for the ticket booking.

The user interface design provides the process of making the interfaces about the system and its style. The initial design quickly demonstrated the general solution to metaphors, mental model, navigation, interaction and looking style. The evaluation meeting is also requited to check the flexibility of the developed system.

Physical Architecture Layer Design

The logical implementation is developed for the airline ticket reservation system. All the logical designs are discussed before developing the system. The main processes and the sub processes are clearly understood and the designer’s developers the design frameworks using class and Method design, Data management layer design and human interface design. The physical implementation is based on the logical designs which are  developed based on the user requirements.

The implementation of the system is done with the help of PHP language. This is the familiar language which makes the web based projects easily. The main advantage of the PHP language is the simple coding and easy connectivity with the databases.

The main objective of using this language is stability of the website. Users can use different systems like phones, ipads and different browsers to view the developed site. So, the website stability is more important. The java script is the powerful scripting language which is used for the validation purpose. The main aim of the developed project is providing the quality of the work and the user satisfaction. PHP language is an open source language which can be easily used by the developers.

The features of the language give quick implementation with strong methods. The cost of the implementation is comparatively less than the existing methods. The time duration for the implementation is short period. The feasibility and the flexibility of the system are analyzed before the deployment of the system. This developed system can be utilized by different kind of users with various operating systems.

The main consideration of the development will focus the platform independence. With this consideration the user can access the website with different operating system support.

Reflection on System analysis and design

The developments of websites are basically need strong coding knowledge and the designing creativity. The system analysis is used to understand the user requirements and the objective of the system. The existing system drawbacks are also analyzed in this process. Based on this analysis report, we can understand the important process of the system.

The designing team takes the initial role in this system development. The quick design processes are selected for giving the samples for the proposed work. This designing team can provide the effective design to provide the framework for the website. The wireframes are needed to get the clear understanding of the system process. With the help of wireframes, the main part of the development is decided with coding.

The designing team considers the flexible access for the system to the user. The attractive and simple design methods are expected form the customer side. Different kinds of users are the customers of this Airline ticket reservation system. So the design must be satisfied all the users. The difficulties of the system design must be noted and cleared immediately based on the user feedback. After completing all the design process the development team can be started their work. Coding is the soul of the system.

Based on the coding all the activities are processed. Suitable language selection is the more essential part of the system development. The CASE tools are the powerful methods which can easily provide all logical design for the proposed development. All the flow diagrams and sequence diagrams are more useful to the developers to give the right coding for the better access. The use case diagrams are more useful to the users and guide them to access the Airline Ticket reservation system.

The sequence diagram explains the process flow and the instructions to the user based on the system response. All these diagrams are essential to develop a system. With the help of these diagrams both user and the developer can understand the system flow. This sequence diagram in more important to decide the behavior of the system. The state diagram explains the different state of the process. All the information is stored in the databases and the information retrieve methods are used for the further access.

The developed models are tested under various types. The unit testing, integration testing, verification and validation testing methods are used to assure the quality of the system. The w3 validator tool is used for checking the code which is used for the system implementation. After getting all the test results, the quality assurance team verifies and certifies the process of the Airline Ticket reservation system. The deployment of the system will be done with the user training for accessing the system.



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