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Tesco is among the company that is well known in the country of the United Kingdom. It has emerged to be one of the largest retail businesses in the country. It is not just familiar with the local markets but has made a name for itself in the international market as well. One of the leading factors that have led to the success of the company comes in the form of its organic expansion. Such a strategy has helped the company with a number of strategic acquisitions. Due to the prevalence of the competition within the local markets, the company has been greatly affected by the same. The research work takes into consideration the sustainability that exists within the business that has helped it to achieve competitive advantage.

It was in 1990 that the company was founded by Jack Cohen. Hackney was the place in London where the stalls of the company first appeared. Not until the year of 1924 was the company named Tesco. The latest stages of the 20th century saw the rise of the company as it made changes to its strategy to expand into the global market. It is important for the company to keep up with the political dynamics of every market where it operates.

Aims and Objectives

In the present world, people must show greater concern towards the surroundings that they live in. The advancements made in the field of science and technology it has certainly made the lives of people easier but have taken a toll on the environment. It forms a responsibility and duty on the part of every organization and company to not only the needs of its customers but also the environment.

Aim of the research

The aim of the research work is to understand the ways in which Tesco has achieved sustainable development.

Objectives of the research

The objectives of the research are,

  • To understand the need and importance for Tesco to uphold sustainability within its curriculum.
  • To understand the strategies taken up by the company to achieve sustainable development.
  • To determine the ways in which Tesco can be a greater help to the society and the environment.

Literature Review

Sustainability is one of the issues that has gained significant importance within the world of business. Climate change has been the major focus of the entire world, which has resulted in a change in which organizations and companies operate around the world. For business leaders and administrators, sustainable business practices have emerged to be the greatest concern. If the reports are to be true, NASA has reported that 95% of human activities have led to the rise in temperature around the world (Guo and Wang, 2019). Human industry is a big part of the entire change because of its dependency on the different resources and consumption. A retail giant such as Tesco understands the need to develop sustainable practices within its company that would lead to the betterment of the people associated with it and the environment that surrounds the company.

The people associated with Tesco are of the opinion that the future of the business is greatly dependent on the decisions and actions took them. Prior to making the decisions, it is of utmost significance to analyze the impact that would have on the people that associate themselves with the company and the environment. The company understands the responsibility that comes with being the largest retailer in the United Kingdom (Hashim et al., 2021). Tesco has taken giant strides to tackle some of the greatest social and environmental challenges that the world currently faces. It has always been of the intention to serve its shoppers a little better every day. It is a way that the company believes is the route to achieving sustainability and accounting for greater responsibility. One of the most effective plans that the company has come forward with comes in the form of the Little Helps Plan. The framework enables Tesco to monitor and improve its performance by analyzing its supply chain and the operations that it undertakes.

It is self-obtrusive that they may be much less high priced whilst an organization purchases extra matters than usual. While studying Tesco’s methods, one issue to recollect is its pricing strategy, which has allowed the organization to stay aggressive in its approach. It has executed such low fees that the corporation has determined to fabricate its personal grocery store products. It might absolutely lessen the general value of the manner and open the route for expanded profitability. But one manner that the corporation has advanced upon its productiveness is with the assistance of delivery chain management.LBPG5018 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY ASSIGNMENT SAMPLE

Tesco’s subject and duty for its consumers and its sustainable enterprise infrastructure are developments that set it aside from different companies. Tesco Eat’s internet site states that its essential aim and project is to enhance people’s lives each day. The organization’s items are of great quality, which has contributed to its purchaser value (Jones and Comfort, 2021). Tesco’s internally targeted strategic goal prioritizes client demands. These are a number of the steps Tesco has taken to make certain its enterprise’s long-time period viability. It has confirmed a great subject for each of its clients and the environment. The corporation ought to be held up, for example, to different businesses.

When drawing an analysis of the diverse strategical models undertaken by Tesco provides a clear image of the importance of its strategies to gain competitive advantage and achieve sustainability at the same time. The external and internal factors have been the drivers of the change within the company. Core resources and competencies have led to the growth of the company and have turned Tesco into an effective business model for others to follow. It is important to note that neither activities nor strategies per SE can help a company achieve competitive advantage or sustainability (Alexander, 2020). Organizations and enterprises that hold a strong, sustainable strategic position have achieved the same by developing a number of distinct competencies and upholding practices and activities that help meet the demands and requirements of the customers.LBPG5018 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY ASSIGNMENT SAMPLE

Research Methodology


When it involves the research method, it is all about the systematic and theoretical approach taken by the researcher to conduct his research work. The ideas related to the research method allow offering more knowledge approximately the subject of the research. Positive paradigms and quantitative and qualitative strategies have helped the researcher to behavior the whole research painting (Pandey and Pandey, 2021). It is the submit positivism philosophy that the researcher has opted for. When it involves the layout of the research, it resembles a descriptive layout, and the deductive method had been the method taken up with the aid of using the researcher. The researcher has been very thorough together along with his research paintings and has furnished the justification for deciding on every one of the above-referred strategies.

Research Philosophy

During the path of the research work, it’s the post-positivism philosophy that has been selected by the researcher, as he believes it flawlessly fits the venture work. The understanding may be received from the high-quality facts that have been one of the number one motives for or utilizing the post-positivism philosophy. The understanding from diverse theories, journals, and peer papers was taken the assist of. It is without a query that post-positivism philosophy clearly fits the research work. The put-up positivism philosophy additionally makes it a great deal simpler to investigate the facts.

Research Approach

With the deductive method, it will become less difficult for the researcher to set up the position, which has a tendency to outline the numerous theories that exist and to speculate among the wide variety of choices. It is the precise purpose for the researcher to make use of the deductive research method for the duration of the system of the research paintings. It might have in no way been feasible for the researcher to go along with the inductive method, as an awful lot of the venture paintings are primarily based totally on the information won from numerous theories and speculation. The researcher has taken to the prevailing fashions and theories, with which he can evaluate his paintings.

Research Design

The thing of layout in research is substantially related to the strategies that might be used to investigate and accumulate variables for the research’s problem. When it involves the Research Design of research work, there are four different types, to be specific. They are descriptive, confirmative, explanatory, and exploratory. In the context of this precise research work, the research design selected is that of the descriptive research layout. Such a layout comes with some goals that assist in outlining and describing the critiques of the respondents. The research questions and the speculation of the research has a chief effect on the descriptive layout.

Research Strategy

For research paintings, there are techniques that may be carried out by the researcher. They are the qualitative and quantitative research techniques. The quantitative research approach makes larger moves to quantify the conduct and different attributes of the research variables. On the opposite hand, the qualitative research approach offers with good enough quantity of understanding approximately the critiques and the components that motivate the research paintings (Oliva, 2019). During the crowning glory of the research paintings, each of those techniques has been appreciably used. Surveys and interviews in which the two kinds of techniques were used in the research paintings. They discover a near relation to that of the deductive approach (Wang, 2021). Surveys are a crucial element of task paintings, as a whole lot of understanding may be won with the assistance of questions. Moreover, such questions are exceedingly less complicated to answer. But what the interviews assist is to benefit a perception about a selected fact.

Managerial Implications of the Research

The results achieved from the research work can help an organization or company make effective managerial decisions. The process of decision-making within an organization is the key to its success. The managers need to be competent enough to take the company or the organization in the right direction. But along with being attentive to the pre-determined goals and objectives of the organization, it is equally important to show better concern for the environment and the surroundings. Therefore, the research work about the values of sustainable practices within Tesco must form to be an example for the upcoming organizations, not only in the retail industry but across any industry.

Limitations of the Research

The research work goes a long way to understanding the steps taken by the company to achieve its goal of sustainable development in the United Kingdom. The campaigns and projects taken up by Tesco it has helped the society and the environment a great deal. But what the research work feels to cover is the fact of the steps that the company can take on the international platform to raise awareness about the harmful effects of the industrialized world on the environment that has been a leading cause of climate change. It is yet to see the steps taken by the company on the international front to counter climate change.

Ethical Considerations

It is crucial to take a look at moral concerns at some stage in the route of any research project. The maximum vital thing to which the researcher ought to pay unique interest is preserving the confidentiality of the respondents’ private statistics. Respondents have been usually counseled that in the event that they determined something to be wrong at some stage in the look at the process, they might withdraw from any of the surveys (Arifin, 2018). The safety in their private statistics changed into given the very best priority. The researcher observed all the moral guidelines. None of the respondents’ private data was made public.


It is without a doubt that Tesco has been one of the largest companies that have entered the retail industry. The very size of the company helps the same to understand the need for the company to achieve sustainable development. It has always prioritized the needs and demands of its customers. If looked at the pricing strategy of the company, it has always been inclined toward the people who belong to the lower section of society. It is the core responsibilities and the competencies that Tesco abides by which has helped it to attain competitive advantage and sustainability. The company is of the opinion that it forms be its duty and responsibility to develop and contribute to society. To help people on a regular basis, the company has come up with the project of Tesco Eat’s. It is upon the website of the company.

The quality of the products on offer for the customers is what has led to the increase in purchaser value. There are contributions made toward the environment and the society by Tesco on a monthly basis. It is worth mentioning that the Little Helps Plan that highlights the social concerns of the company.

Gantt Chart

Activities 1st to 3rd week


4th to 6th week


7th to 9th week


10th to 12th week


13th to 15th week


16th to 18th week


19th to 21st week


22nd to 24th week


Choosing the research topic                
Background of the project                
Determining the aims, objectives, and Questions of the research                
Literature review                
Determining the methodology                
Analyzing the surveys                
Scheduling the Time Plan     ·                  
Findings of the research                
Analyzing the collected Data       ·                
Concluding the overall research                
Self Reflection         ·              
Submitting the project                


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