LD9706 MSc Digital Marketing; MSc Business with Analytics Assignment

Introduction ( LD9706 MSc Digital Marketing; MSc Business with Analytics Assignment )

Every business needs to have strong visibility among its customers. Suppose the business does not have strong visibility in the market.  The low visibility in the market affects their business performance. And another thing is that brand awareness among their customers plays a crucial role in the longevity of the brand.

So the business needs to look for ways to increase visibility, and brand awareness among their customers plays deterministic roles in the success and the failure of the business. So the business always needs to look for an optimized way to increase this segment of the brand.

This paper will discuss the critical impact of marketing in the business that helps the business to increase the “visibility and brand awareness” to their customer. Technology has changed the marketing platform. Earlier the marketing platform involved printing media and various channels of conventional marketing, but with the advent of the internet, the marketing platform completely changed.

This paper will talk about the modern version of “the marketing tool and the metric that have a massive impact on the business” and the further this paper also helps to find out the marketing measure metric for the businesses” and the lastly the report will discuss the involvement of the analytics in the market.


This paper will discuss the modern version of the marketing technique in business. The modern version of the business is also known as digital marketing. The paper will discuss the element of digital marketing and its impact on the business. The chosen business in this paper is the  “Google merchandise store”. The store is an “ecommerce site, and this site sells Google-branded merchandise.

The store has a variety of products ranging from lifestyle products to apparel products”, the merchandise store is one of the subsidiaries business of the tech industry giant.

This subsidiary business is a great way to stay connected with their customer, and this site also increase the awareness of the google brand by increasing visibility of the google subsidiary the site also generating curiosity on the minds of the customer, this curiosity help both businesses to increase the awareness and the visibility to their customer.

This two parameters will help the business to grow the future in rapid further this will provide the competitive advantage over their competition this will help the leading company to stay ahead in the competition and the also ahead in the race of capturing the customer attention which will increase the market dominance over their competitor further this will help the company to generate massive revenue for themselves.

“The merchandise site of the company only contributes a small portion of generated revenue. The amount is £ 4000 a month.” but the recent popularity of the ecommerce business has given the indication that “this electronic store has the potential to become the world leader in the ecommerce business”. The roadmap of becoming the world leader in the digital space required a lot of time and a lot of analysis.

This paper will discuss the critical element that the business needs to improve and the critical element that the business needs to remove from its business process to become the world leader in the digital space. Further, this paper also provides an important market strategy for the business. This will help the business to stay ahead of its competition.


This report is totally based on the strategies and analysis for “Google merchandise store”, which is not only a store but also works like an e-commerce site as well. This store covers all kinds of stuff from starting to the clothing to materialistic stuff like the containers for the drinking purposes and bags as well. Google is not only based on only one or two companies.

The entire world has known Google for their services which they have provided to the people throughout the nation. Google has the recognition globally and not only for the merchandise store, but it is also considered to be the most popular search engine. Apart from search and the e-commerce store, google also has other aspects like the cloud-computing, technologies for advertisement, and the analytics of the internet.

The merchandise store is very much similar to the e-commerce site of the Amazon company, which provided people with various products, especially the retailing products. The CEO of “Google,”  Mr. Sundar Pichai, and the Ceo of the google company has decided to make an analysis on the performance of the digital marketing which the Google merchandise store has been pursuing and also the entire section of the discussion all the strategies of the properties of the digital marketing will be discussed.

Also part from the e-commerce store of Google there is a lot of sites and stores are there, from them an ongoing competition is going on, so that is why the Google store has been decided to held HX analysis which will be based on the digital marketing analysis for two different fashion e-commerce site who is giving a constant competition to Google.

 UX analysis

The analysis of the UX stands for the experience of the consumers who are continuously purchasing products from the e-commerce site of Google, where various products are there. So the main target of this e-commerce store is to spread max to max awareness between the customers throughout the world.

And also, apart from the criteria of awareness, one of the most vital aims of any e-commerce should be sales, so it is imperative to increase the rate of sales (Goić et al., 2021). So in this section between a lot of fashion brands, the experience of the customers needs to be discussed, where how much awareness and promising products the companies are able to provide to the consumers.

After the saling criteria, if the customers are satisfied or not, that needs to be discussed. There are a lot of merchandise stores available on the internet, but Amazon is quite popular like Google merchandise, so here in this section, the difference between the productivity of the e-commerce site of Google is going to be compared with the Amazon merchandise e-commerce store (Hanaysha et al.  2020).

There are some aspects and property on which the entire customer’s experience is totally dependent on, and those parts are 1. firstly the brand, nowadays people have more focused into the quality and thats is why the lubricity for the brands has been increased as well as the people have totally shifted to buying clothes or any pieces of stuff from a well-known brand, so it is very to access all products from the reputed brand.

  1. Then there is the factor of the cost of those products, which is very vital to expecting max to max engagement in the site, and this criteria totally depends on the proper pricing of the product and the customer’s experience or the interest of the customers also comes from that aspect (Hirche et al. 2021).

3 . Then there is the factor of the locations. The customers are often concerned about the stores, which are far from their locations or not, so that is why it will be effective if the number of stores should be increased(Jiménez-Marín et al. 2021).

  1. Then there is the point of the features and the quality of the products as well, which is the main USP for any store or any e-commerce store. And also, the consumers are more concerned about the varieties in the stores as well as whether the products are unique or not.
  2. Last but not least, the reviews of the customers, which are the key to verifying the statistics of the experience of the consumers, whether they are getting suitable treatments are not(Kakalejčík et al., 2019).

From this above diagram, it is pretty much clear that the customers are getting more good priorities from the Google merchandise, but where the differences have occurred, that is what needs to be analyzed.

By holding an analysis which is based on the recent experiences of the consumers, it has been seen earlier the E-commerce site of Amazon had been used to hold the title of a most searched item on the e-commerce site, and after some years, that title had been shifted to the Google merchandise company (Nair et al. 2020).

It has been seen those millions of the peoples who were used to purchased products from Amazon and other e-commerce sites and also the search engine factor as well, but after the year 2108, the whole engagement has been totally shifted in the google platform.

The facilities which the Google merchandise is providing needs to be discussed, and how the entire purchasing rate of Google has been increased also needs to be discussed.  And those facilities are the :

  • Easily identifications of the products: Here from the google merchandise store, people can explore any information regarding the products which the consumers want to buy. The google store has provided all the facilities by which the customers do not have to go searching for that particular product, and the consumers can quickly get any information regarding the products which they are aiming to buy.

For example, if the customers are searching for some particular product in the store, then the customers will get all kinds of information regarding that product, from the size of the products to the price of that product. Also, there will be all datas regarding similar products as well.

This criteria which had been discussed was for the Google merchandise store, but the Amazon store, which is considered to be the rival of the Google E-commerce business also considered to be very popular among the customers for their loyalty towards them.

Also in every year, an annual analysis has been enabled, which is totally based on how many stores the merchandise stores are able to create, so in the year 2018, it has been seen that a total of 14 % of the Amazon group has been successfully established the shops which are considered to be sample sizes has been accomplished.

Also from the survey of the “Global Consumer-Insights survey” they had been surveyed that the percentage of the growth has been increasing every in Amazon and the percentage of the marketers, as well as the numbers of the suppliers, also has been increased, which is considered to be a good development for the store, as well as the reviews and rates from the customers, so from this it is clear that the consumers are having outstanding experience from the products and the service of the amazon store.

But also that year only million of people have been more shifted into the Google merchandise store as well and the position of Amazon, which they used to hold for such long time, had been shifted to Google, but Google merchandise and amazon is considered to be the most influential and popular in between the users and both of the companies are the most formidable competitor of each other.

The above diagram can simplify the entire process of the E-commerce store as well as the typical store under Amazon. But also from the analysis, it has been seen that the performance of the “Google merchandise” is better and also the rate of revenue is much better than the amazon as well.

Also, the revenue has been increased due to the approach of launching new features in the Google platform and which is the “AdWord”, it is a feature which is referred to as the shopping actions. And this new feature has been launched in the year 2018, between March and April. By this feature, what happens is the purchasing criteria, especially from the ads, has been enabled after launching this feature and also moreover this feature is taking help from the feature of “Google assistant”.

Target Marketing of Google merchandise

In this section, what are the main targets of Google will be discussed basically. For the purpose of getting more user engagement in the sites, the company has to make proper targets by which they will use those targets in the operations so that the result will be coming out as positive. It is pretty much clear nowadays surfing the internet from search engines is quite common this time as a considerable development has been done in the technologies.

Due to the fact that the technologies have been developed so far that each and every people are able to do anything from the android device as well as from the laptops and personal computers, so after the invention of the new technologies it has been seen that more than 90 % of the audience has been shifted to the search engines and the online e-commerce platforms. In the case of the Google merchandise store, among the 100 %, more than 60 % of people have used this platform for the search engine as well as for retailing products.

If the question is what is their target, then the answer would be the entire world. The entire population which exists in the world is their target. Also, the strategies which the Google company has been implied in their operations are not only based on a single aspect only, and their entire strategy is based on each and every aspect of the organization to serve max to max people on the earth.

But according to some of the surveys and analysis, it has been seen that online retailing of the google company sometimes specifies the area of the profiles of the customers, and that is what their main target is (Farris et al., 2017). And the profiles of the consumers are often considered to be some of the aspects which are the dimensions based on the geographical locations, and then there are the dimensions under psychographic as well and the last but not the least the organizational consumers.

By verifying those profiles of the audiences, the entire Google merchandise store has been successfully extracting customers, and the media is the internet which is considered to be the vastest area where any kind of information and data can be obtained.

  • For providing the merchandise stores to export products outside of the US, the company gathers all the results from the search engines, and then it is transferred to the markets throughout the world(Feng et al., 2021). The process of the export is not considered to be in one or two countries, and it has been delivered all over the world.

Also in the store, there is a high level of facilities, especially for the consumers. More than 90 different languages have been provided in the e-commerce site of the google merchandise store, which is considered to be very high-level facilities.

  • From the demographic dimension result, it has been that some of the countries have still existed where the store has not been able to spread so much of the awareness amongst the people of those countries, and those countries are primarily in the area of South Asia and Africa, for example, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Cuba, Crimea and the last but not the least Sudan. But apart from these countries most of the country is totally connected to the merchandise store.

Basically, in those countries, there are some restrictions for accessing it (Goić et al., 2021). Apart from those nations by making analysis, some of the criterias have been observed, and those are the following: 1. It has been from the survey that the maximum numbers of users are entirely from below 30 to 35 age. That does not mean that people above the age of 30 are not exploring it, but the maximum frequency comes from that age of groups.

  1. Then also by surveying, it has been identified that most of the users are male, the percentage of female users are comparatively less in comparison to the male gender, which is more than 55 % throughout the world.
  2. Also, it has been identified that users are primarily from the upper-middle class, the rate of using the site from the lower middle class and the poor peoples are significantly less.
  3. The maximum users are whether from computer studies backgrounds or the technologies study-related backgrounds. Basically, a high percentage of users have literacy in technology and computers.
  4. Also who are connected to business and startups, especially entrepreneurs or businessmen, are considered to be the majority of the people who are accessing the Google store platform. The above discussion was totally based on the demographic dimension of the store, but apart from the demographic, the other parts of the dimensions also need to be discussed.

Dimension under the Psychographic: From this survey, it has been captured that the people who from the background of educated and intellectual as well those people are more showing their enthusiasm into the store of the Google merchandise.

So for this area of peoples the google has decided to approach some of the trends according to those peoples backgrounds So for that the google store planned some of the new and exciting features, and there are different age of the group and different backgrounds people has been taken as the consideration for making the new trends for them, and those group of people are some of them are from the school students backgrounds, and some of them are for the family backgrounds, or some of the people belong to the group of the military.

So basically, for this, the google organization has been initiated to make new trends and offers to those background peoples. Also, by surveying that it has been observed that in between the 20 % the peoples are using the Apple MacBooks for operating the google merchandise store as well as for the search engine and these sections are considered to be the upper-class sections.

And the rest of the 80 % belongs to the group who mainly operate the internet and the google store from the android phones. And this group mostly belongs to middle-class families, and they mostly use the phones as the operator for the applications of google.

So after the complete analysis of the entire psychographic dimension, it has been seen that the consumers who are preferring google platforms for the purpose of buying products from e-commerce sites are considered to be more into the area of internet surfing which is private oriented.

Strategies of digital marketing of Google merchandise

Here in this section all the needed strategies which the big organization “Google has been taking the initiative as is going to be discussed, especially for the purpose of the google store, to increase the profitability to the selling percentage throughout the whole world. That is the area which needs to be discussed as well researched(Ailawadi et al., 2017).

There are several strategies which Google has been approached for their business, but all the strategies are primarily based on some of the aspects, and those aspects are from starting to the political aspects to the economic aspects to the social awareness into it or the technology which are evolving more with each and every year. From a lot of strategies, the first strategy needs to be demonstrated in the analysis of the situation.

Situation analysis

Due to the fact that the entire platform of the e-commerce site is totally based on the technologies, if technologies have not been able to develop this far, then the changing aspect of online retailing has not been founded. It is very much evident that nowadays, each and every business totally depends on the technology of electronic gadgets (Bansal et al., 2021).

So after the businesses are more focusing on the digital marketing aspects and it has been seen after the shifting towards the digital marketing approach all businesses are more established as well as the ratio of the success also has been increased as well and so that the rate of profitability for the e-commerce sites also has been increased.

Political aspects

 If, due to political issues, the Google Store has been facing an immense level of drawbacks, then it has totally occurred just because of the influence of the governments. The most significant example for it, at the time of complications which have occurred between the USA and China, the business of the merchandise store has been affected in China and the USA as well.

But in the case of the Asian region, the entire business got too much attention, and the platform of the digital marketing also has been promoted well in Asian countries, so from those countries, a considerable amount of good response has been received by Google organization (Berman et al., 2018).

If talking about the opportunities and the strategies which mostly the Google company has been approached should be the factor of the globalization, it does not only consist of the global expansion it is also consist of the demand which has been increased a lot after the globalization. After the area of the political aspects in the business, it is also essential to discuss the role of the economy in the business.


Currently, the entire world has been converted into digital marketing from the old traditional era of the methods of the retailing businesses. The businesses of Google also totally relied on the changes which have occurred due to the economic aspects (Buzzacchi et al. 2020).

For example, if the countries economy is going to be compared, then it has been seen that the USA are the most dominant country in the world and they have the largest economy as well so for that what happens is the growth and the development of USA also is much more in compared to other companies, which is why the google store has been successfully captured audiences mainly from the USA. And the rate of growth of Google also is very high in the USA as well.

Due to having a considerable amount of recognition, the organization is successfully able to spread awareness to the customers as well.


To conclude that after discussing all the strategies, it has been identified the entire business of the Google merchandise can not be based on only one or more strategies. It is based on several strategies by which the main focus is to identify the customers, and throughout the world, they want to reach to the max to the max to people.

After accessing a lot of analysis and survey, it has been identified that the most two leading digital marketing and the search engines and the merchandise store has been Amazon and Google, but a few years back, Amazon used to be the most successful among them, but from the years of 2018 the dynamics were started to changing a lot more from the previous year and over a million have totally got shifted into the google from the other E-commerce and search engine organizations like for example Facebook to Microsoft to Amazon, so that year over millions of audiences has been captured by the google store.

After the year 2018, the most popular and most used organization has been grabbed by Google. But the competition between both of the companies has always been on . and the above strategies, which have been discussed, all have specific roles for the success of the Google organization and those which strategies were based on the political to the economic aspects throughout the world.

In some of the areas, the improvement can be held more which are the gaps and opportunities that should be grabbed by the organization furthermore. Also, the area of the presence of social media as well needs to be exceeded.  With social media, more people will start gathering on the sites as well as staying in the tough competition, and it is essential to be active on each and every platform.

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