LD9737/HR9737 Leadership and Management Assignment Sample

PART A: Academic Essay

In the contemporary business world, the hospitality industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in work. It presents immense scope for the individuals.  In the UK, there are over 46,000 hotels and guest house, and the hospitality industry remains an important sector within the nation(Dzhandzhugazova etal. 2016). From the hotel industry sector, the country enjoys £40 billion turnovers annually. In the other, it can be said the hospitality plays a significant role in the betterment of UK’s economy. According to the British Association records, there are almost 127,000 businesses present in the UK, and eventually, this assists in providing employment nearly 1.6 million people. It indicates that the country also presents vast scope for the individuals and provide employment to graduate persons. In general, there are four sectors lies in the hospitality industry; named as food and beverages, travels and tourism, lodging and recreation(Parkand Min,2020). To be specific UK’s hospitality is leading and overgrowing since it has the remarkable ability to attract the number of tourism due to its location and high-quality services in hospitality.

Moreover, the government of UK also provide funds to several authorities related to the tourism for the perspective of further growth and development of the industry along with promoting national and international tourism(Franco etal. 2020). It eventually attracts more foreign investors, and this action assists in the upgrading of the economy of the UK. Therefore, the industry involves several sectors. In recent year the industry is spotted with exceptional growth. It is because their number of investors who wants to invest in the hospitality industry in the UK, and the investors promises excellent returns on their investment.

However, the growth of the industry indicates that it has excellent employment opportunities for graduates in the UK, and the opportunities are increasing day by day. The enlargement of the hospitality industry creates several job opportunities for graduates and experienced professionals(Bavik, 2016). The sectors provide opportunities like business managers, finance manager, contract caterers, event organisers and others. Over the past years, the constant growth of the industry there is several institutions they are prominently investing the industry so that they can provide adequate training to the graduates and they can bale to grab great opportunities for their prospect. The number mentioned above of hotels and guest house that are engaged in the UK; these figures are probably expected to grow in future due to significant foreign investment within the UK.

Restaurants in UK are involved in providing a vast number of employees in the cited nation. The hospitality and tourism industry is one of the great sources of contribution to the British exchequer, as per the experience of the British Hospitality Association the industry has 19% of total national income(Al-Ababneh, 2017). It indicates that it has providedapprox.1.5 million jobs in the cited country. Because of the rapid growth of the hospitality and tourism sector in UK, the administration of the cited nation creates some notable attempts for the hospitality, and those unique attempts are the reason for boost the hospitality industry.

As it is mentioned that the hospitality industry has enormous scope, and this industry is one of the significant sources of employment. Along with it is has several jobs related to the managers and leaders. Leadership is about getting individuals to the unit and help them to believe in the vision a company set for further growth and development (Armstrong and Matters, 2016). On the other hand, management of the company is more administrating, and it ensures that the organisation’s human resources are aligned with the created strategies or not.  If not, then leaders must manage their team members and unit them with each other along with the strategies of the company. It is the primary difference between leadership and management of the organisation.

To be specific, the role of managers in hospitality is also similar to industry managers. They also resurrective and more concentrated for adequately operate daily operations of the company or a hotel. The managers of an organisation have to play the role of observers; it is because they need to oversee the human resource of the organisation ( Calinaud et al. 2020). The managers of the hotels also require ensuring the facilities of the hotel, and they have to maintain all such facilities always. The leaders and managers of the organisations have to take a step to make sure that their potential customers feel high level of satisfaction and they are also engaged in creating broader customer base by adding new consumers through providing special offers and treats. They are also responsible for upholding the administrative and financial records of the hotel and restaurants.

Every manager has different roles and responsibilities, but the typical role of every manager is organising, staffing, leading, controlling and planning. These mentioned roles have to play by every manager whether they are engaged in food and beverage, tours and travels or any other section(Eissner and Gannon, 2018). If the managers of the hotels and restaurants are not able to perform these roles and responsibility, then eventually, that person does not become eligible for the post of the manager. These responsibilities are crucial for being an effective manager of the hotel. Despite the role of managers; hospitality industry involves several challenges and issues though managers of an organisation must be a challenger and it must have the ability to face critical time and also lead their team at the time of uncertainty.

For instance, presently entire world is facing deadly pandemic that is COVID-19. This pandemicis uncertain for every industry, and due to this, most of the industries are going through with difficulties. Similarly, the hospitality industry is one of the most influential industries. Due to this epidemic, the most number of tourist is not going out for travel and this lay down the economy and profitability of the organisation(Kaushal and Srivastava, 2020).This epidemic is most challenging for the managers and leaders of the hotels and restaurants in UK. This pandemic slows down the growth of industry along with it has slow down the number of tourists in the UK. This challenge is uncertain for every manager and every hotel who is engaged in the UK. Due to lockdown and social distancing, entire industry shut down its operations, and this affects the income of per individual and their prospect. If the managers of the organisation do not keep them calm in this kind of situation, then they cannot be sufficient; so for being practical, a manager must be a challenging person.

It is incontrovertible that a global coronavirus the hardest hits the hospitality industry. There is simply no way to eliminate the impact of covid-19 to shape the prospect of the hospitality sector in UK. Despite, covid-19 epidemic, the hospitality industry involves five most significant issues, and challenges, and the managers of the company must face this. Some of them are described below:

  • Sustainability: this issue is the fastest climbing the plan for every company. There are several hotels understand that CSR programmes eventually assist the organisation in winning the trust of the consumer and also provide benefits to the employees, the environment and returns(Lugosi and Jameson, 2017). However, the CSR activities has several benefits and the managers must hold sustainability and oversee such activities so that they can increase their customer base. However, maintaining CSR activities of the organisation is crucial of the managers for being a market leader.
  • Higher customer expectations: due to epidemic, it is more required to provide higher consumer expectations. And for providing higher customer satisfaction manager need to provide excellent services to their potential consumers. Every hotel guest needs high-quality services along with after this pandemic; the guest requires more hygienic facilities in the hotel. Furthermore, this is the duty to maintain and fulfil such needs also demands of the consumers. Excellent services and higher customer expectation sometimes challenging for the managers.
  • Streamline procedure with mobile technology: at present technology became an integral part of the companies. Innovative use of technology provides several benefits to the managers and organisation. Due to the epidemic, this is most challenging to streamline the process of the company on mobile technology. It needs additional technology along with training to the workers. However, it is most challenging for the staff to provide training for the number of workers.

Challenges and issues harm the growth of the hospitality industry; it creates several difficulties in the operating organisation. Some of the challenges need extra finance and resources. And this could be difficult to move forward for eliminating the challenges and issues which are involved in the hospitality industry managers, and owners of the organisation need to take corrective measures for moving ahead.

PART B: Reflective Essay

A) Summary of your strengths and weaknesses supported with evidence

Toolkit/Psychometric test Strength Weaknesses
For enhancing my public speaking, I participate in debate competitions and lecture programmes. It will take four months. For eliminating the weakness, I prepare aptitude test questions where I measure my ability and personal characteristic. While testing aptitude, I come to know that I feel nervous when I face several people at once. I come to know that I cannot be able to speak in front of several people. I set a goal for improving my public speaking within four months. As a toolkit/psychometric test i used honey and mumford’s learning style. This toolkit provides me opportunity to learn using that style. In this theory both the researcher develop four kind of learning styles: Pragmatist, Theorist, Activist and Reflector. Specifically i used reflector learning style.

Along with my teamwork skills are good enough and could fit in every task. I tested my aptitude where I find that I can easily fit with other people and can able to work with my teammates. For mapping this skill, I join the business camp for one month, where they provide projects in a team. And find that my teamwork skills are practical, but my public speaking skill is my weakness.

Teamwork Public speaking
Patience is another weakness that I am facing. For improving this skill, I attend classes of behavioural and psychology. It requires two months for improving. Toolkit for improving my weakness is taking participate in hecticwork where I find that patience is most important, and my patience level is noting to beat hectic situation. At that situation, it comes to know that my patience level is my weakness. For improving my patience level I used big five factor model as a toolkit. This factor focus on the neuroticism in short it focuses on the emotional stability. And in the hospitality sector patience is needed at every stage. So I go through with the Psychometric test. Where I come, know the entire attributes of the patient. However, my leadership skills are significant that could be one of the biggest strength, and it could bebeneficial for me being an effective manager in the hospitality sector. When I participate in CSR activity which is performed by the Hilton group at that time, I come to know that my leadership skill is my strength. The group appoint me as a leader of the activity, and in that activity play an influential role. For testing this skill, I used to participate in such programmes, and I alsoused it as a toolkit or Psychometric test. Leadership Patience
It is tough for me to live with weakness of communication skills. For improving communication I used Belbin’s team role as a toolkit. In this test I come to know that there are 9 Belbin team roles which help me in communicate with other team member. For enhancing this skill, I joint online classes and try to interact with many people. Online classes and interaction with people is my toolkit, or it can be my Psychometric test. By performing this, I come to know that communication skill is my weakness. At the time of the test, I used to correct my communication skill by improving my body language, take time to respond, and engaged me to listen, try to maintain eye contact. While testing, I come to know that I have shy behaviour and for communicating effectively, I need to bolder. However, at the time of the Psychometric test, I measured that my flexibility is one of my strength. When I joint online classes for improving my communication skills at that time, I used to focus on my core value, and I am an open-minded person along with optimistic all such attributes indicate that I have flexibility. Communication and flexibility both the skills are essential for a manager or every individual who is working in an organisation. For that reason, I take two months for enhancingmy communication skills through the online classes and interaction with people. Flexibility Communication
I am kind of emotional person. For that reason, my motivation skill is my weakness. Whenever an uncertain situation has been occurring, I do not feel motivated. For enhancing my motivation level I used toolkit of MCI personality test. However, this test assists me to assess my personality and also helps me to recognise how my adulthood typical functioned. For this used to go in counselling and employment screening. However, for enhancing the level of motivation, I used to perform a Psychometric test was come to know that my emotional level is not adequate for handling the motivation. I set gaol for enhancing my skill. I attend the physical class for motivation. I tell myself that I have to enhance my level of motivation within one month. I find for the Psychometric test that I am organised and accountable. I used to follow the fundamental steps which are used in being dependable. This kill is also essential for the managers and every individual who wants to be an effective employee in the multinational company. Dependability Motivation

From the above template, it identified that Teamwork, Leadership, Flexibility and Dependability are my strengths. All such strengths have individual advantages which makes me more effective. Description of the strengths is given below:

LD9737/HR9737 Leadership and Management Assignment Sample-Strengths

Figure 1: Strengths

  • Teamwork: this strength has numerous benefits, such as it is a significant source of productivity(ELLIS, 2020). I want to be a manager in the hospitality industry; therefore, this strength is one of the significant aspects to be an effective manager within the hospitality industry. I wanted to be a manager in Hilton group; this group is the world’s leading group in the hospitality industry. The senior executor looks for a person who adequate manage the team, and I think that I can build teamwork. This strength makes me productive and effective as person hospitality industry needs.
  • Leadership: this strength also provides productivity in work, along with it, makes the entire team productive. Moreover, it also improves the ability to succeed under pressure. If a manager cannot lead a team or it does not use adequate leadership theory, then it cannot be a good leader and also led down the performance of the organisation as well as a team(Bake,2019). Leadership isa must for managers who are working in the hospitality industry. Leader of the company is responsible for the growth of the team along with further development of the organisation.
  • Flexibility: this strength delivers the ability to attract a higher level of skills. Every organisation needs advanced inter-personal and intra-personal skills of an individual. However, flexibility is a significant interpersonal skill which is required by the multinational companies(Sabuhari and Irawanto,2020).In general, it is well known that multinational companies are working in a dynamic business environment. For that reason, an individual must be adaptive and flexible along with that kind of individual who can perform their work in any situation. It also provides a positive impact on the further development of an individual as it also provides further opportunities to the person. If a person can not be able to perform his work with flexibility, it cannot be able to grab better opportunities for further.
  • Dependability: this skill is also an interpersonal skill along with it is one of my strength. However, this skill is a critical driver of consumer satisfaction and customer loyalty(Przybysz, 2020). Thus, the hospitality industry is seeking for improving the reliability of their services to accomplish competitive advantages and later it also leads the sustainability of the organisation. Moreover, my strength can provide advantages to the hotel and restaurants. Every manager of the organisation needs to improve this skill. If a manager is not able to provide competitive advantages, then it could face several issues and challenges for their future.

The above mention skills are my core strength which makes me useful and productive in my work. Despite my strength, I have some weakness also, which make me less productive as per the requirement of every hotel. It is incredibly significant for improving my weakness. My weaknesses are Public speaking, Patience, Communication and Motivation. All such weaknesses are present in me, and this makes me less productive. As per the requirements of every hotel, they need enhanced communication skills, motivation, public speaking and an adequate level of patience. But these skills are unfortunately has been my weakness. For improving such weakness, I used to take urgent measures which turn these weaknesses into my strength. Along with the corrective measures, I can be able to become a more effective manager in the hotel industry.

As mentioned above in the template that for enhancing my weaknesses, I used to perform Toolkit/Psychometric test. With the help of the test, I come to know about my aptitude, where I find that I am a shy kind person, and due to this reason, my public speaking skill is my weakness. Along with, I also find that I am an emotional person, and due to this, I not able to feel self-motivated. For enhancing my every weakness I used some specific toolkits and perform certain psychometric test. I used honey and mumford’s learning style where I used specifically reflector learning style. By this style I can be able to enhance my public speaking; from this learning style I reflect myself in front of public. Further, for enhancing my level of Patience I used big five factor model. Where I can identify my personality, however, this test typically focuses on the Neuroticism. By this I can be able to my emotional stability assist me in maintaining my patience. Along with, I also used belbin’s test roles where I improve my communication skills and able to coordinate with others. Moreover, for improving my motivation level used MCI personality test where I assess my personality and able to get my adulthood and typically assess my functioning of emotional level. All such toolkits assists me to turn my weakness into my strengths. If I could not able to enhance my weaknesses and unable to turn it into my strength, I cannot be able to become a good manager along with I also not grab adequate opportunities for the future.

PART C: Areas of development

Form the above discussion, and it clears that communication, motivation, public speaking, and patience isa must for working in a dynamic business environment. If it is not adequately done r perform by me, then I did not become an effective and productive manager. Communication and motivation are the core areas where I need to develop more by using a proper conceptual framework. For being a motivated person, I can use various kinds of motivational theories; some of them are described below:

  • Maslow’s Need Hierarchy theory: this is the best motivational theory a person can use to feel motivated in every stage of life(Li et al. 2019). In this theory, the author proves that a person feels motivated by predictable steps such as Physiological need, Safety, Social need, Self-esteem and Self actualisation. These are the five steps of this conceptual framework. By following these steps, I can be able to feel motivated.
  • McClelland’s Need Theory: by this theory, I can be able to increase my problem-solving skills. As this theory emphasise on providing tasks to every employee as per their needs(Rybnicek et al. 2019). Along with this theory does not provide scope for any excuse. However, this theory provides satisfaction to an individual.

However, with these conceptual frameworks, I can be able to increase my level of motivation. Along with it helps me to eliminate my inappropriate behaviour. However, for eliminating inappropriate behaviour like shyness and unmanageable emotion, I used some measures as it describes below:

LD9737/HR9737 Leadership and Management Assignment Sample- ways to manage emotion

Figure 2: ways to manage emotion

  • Take a look at the impact of my emotion.
  • Aim for regulating
  • Identify the exact emotion and feeling.
  • Accepting my emotion
  • Keep a mood journal
  • Take a deep breath at the time of uncertain or hectic environment.
  • Identify the correct time to express me
  • Give me some space

Despite managing emotions and feeling along with the increasing level of motivation, I also need to enhance communication skill. And for improving communication skill, I used some models and also acquired good communication technique which is used by leaders. For being a successful manager, I used some ways to enhance my communication skills describe below:

Figure 3: ways to improve communication skills

  • Listening: for being a good listener is a sign of good communicator if a person wants to communicate effectively with its co-workers or to be a product manager if must become a good listener(Khosravani et al. 2018).
  • Nonverbal communication: body language, eye contact, hand gesture and tone of voice play an essential role in creating nonverbal communication more effective. However, a person must understand that he/she does not stare a person always due to this, a person becomes uncomfortable.
  • Clarity and concision: if a person wants to be an excellent verbal communicator, his/her message must consist of clarity and concision. A person always thinks what he wants to say, and this will help in eliminating confusion.
  • Friendliness: for being an effective communicator, a person must be friendly. Though, friendly tone is a powerful influence to grab the attention of the audience(Yildiz,2017). However, in the hospitality industry, a person needs to talk with clients by using a friendly tone.
  • Confidence: this factor is also significant at the time of communicating with the client. A person must have a high level of confidence; this would help a person to create a high customer base.


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