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Leadership And Management Assignment Sample


Leadership is the basic essence of mixture of the team motivation, enthusiasm, communication as per the business strategy and support for the performance management. Leaders are highly responsible for leading the team towards the betterment and success or failure which keeps serious impact on the performance of the company.


The company is highly reliant on the leaders and there are certain reasons for which the leadership has been recognised as one of the most important structural factor of any business house or organisation. The leader is said to have all the abilities to provide the team better communication guidance that clears all the doubt and misunderstanding occurred within the team. Time management is also a great virtue of the leaders which should h=be present in the guides of the team.

The importance of the leadership in any organisation can be discussed. First of all, the most important factor is morale of the employees. According to Al Khajeh (2018), the relationship between the morale of the employee and leadership and this is widely prominent in cases of change. It is also observed that when a leader makes every steps clear to the team, the team satisfaction is higher. On the other hand, the trust is highlighted in the team as the team leader gives more prominent clarification and demonstration. This process increases the employee engagement which raises the efficiency of the performance. Leadership is important to build connectivity between the employees and other designated staff. The organisational culture is created through the proper establishment of leadership with proper guide.

There are many styles of leadership among which Autocratic and Democratic leadership styles can be discussed with their key features. The autocratic leadership style is also known as the authoritarian leadership that is controlled by an individual person’s control over every decision of the team (Gandolfi, and Stone, 2018). The team leader who are autocratic in nature always create their own point of view and prioritise them for decision making and execution. Judgements from the team are not entertained in this case which creates the style like a dictator type. This leadership allows little comment from the group and they create quite rigid environment. The rules created in the autocratic leadership often tend to be outlined in nature (Fiaz et al. 2017).

On the other hand democratic leadership style is such a style where all the members actively participate in the decision making (Rahb et al. 2017). The style is seen as the most effective in nature. The leadership always create morale inside the employee culture which raises the performance quality.

For example of autocratic leaders, the first name of Elon Musk can be uttered who is the CEO of Tesla and SpacceX. Including the car manufacturing Tesla to rocker specialist SpaceX has been recorded his autocratic leadership and he uses the leadership not to create any breakdown of employee motivation but to create more effort on it to fulfil his dreams.  On the other hand, Tim Cook, the current CEO of Apple Inc. can be seen as the democratic leader for creating democratic environment inside the company. Being a democratic leadership, Apple faced the lower view of authoritarian leadership that entangles the company to flourish into an open atmosphere with decision making.

In the defence industry, the authoritarian or autocratic leadership style can be implemented without any doubt. The military need the specific leadership style to adopt because soldiers need to be disciplined and they must rely on the consistency of the time which is possible in autocratic leadership with higher degree of success. The defence contractors also try to imitate the same style because the quality of the products made for the military must be included with some specific types of material that can give the soldiers complete their duty with perfection. The autocratic leadership style gives the opportunity to the team to process the consistency in the work. On the other hand, Apple and Twitter use the democratic leadership which is necessary for building mutual respect due to their exposure in the social media and electronic risk platforms.


Leadership style is key factor of performance of any organisation and the autocratic and democratic leadership has been used in this paper to show the difference between the two styles based on mutual respect.

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