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Management and leadership are the inevitable part of a business or an organization. The organizational structure is depending on its management team and leadership (Willis et al. 2017). Management is a structured and systemic process that helps the company to gain maximum benefit. Furthermore, leadership is the skill that aids the company or an individual to work harder, smarter and better way. Management and leadership are very important for a person to have for betterment in future. This study focuses on the skill that is helping me through personality testing with the help of the “Rolfe reflective framework” and different personality traits.


The test based on the five mandatory online tests. With the help of “Rolfe reflective framework” and personality development test, the personality development can be used to analyse the individuals. In order to manage the skills and talents, it is important to take the test. There are several skills in a human being that needs for future development and manages the work balance. For example, temperament, personality insight, leadership, management, time management, resistance, patients, copied up with the changes, decision making and many others. These skills are important to develop and nurture the future betterment for a company and personal life. The framework helps to manage the skills and rate as per it needs development (Neanon, 2019).

I was severely benefited by the test, and the result that came out is amazing. Some of the areas scored well; however, it needs constant care and nurtures to strengthen. In addition to that, some of the areas that score poorly need maximum care and attention. The entire test with the necessary detailed discussion is given below.

Temperament test result and discussion

With the help of the INTPs, I went through the temperament test. INTP is the ultimate probed resolver and a great thinker. INTPs spot the pattern, find the logical explanation, gathered the pieces of evidence with the help of theories. They negate the theories and establish their own by proving their personality traits. There are several steps of the temperament test, and the steps are ESTJ stands for Extraversion, Sensing, Thinking and Judging. On the other hand, there are ITFP, which refers to Introversion, Intuition, Feeling and Perceiving. I score full in introversion, thinking, and intuition and perceiving. In contrast with this result, I score poorly in extraversion, Sensing, feeling and judging. The component that made the temperament test possible is very important to judge for the betterment. My result came is introversion, which means that introvert. I need to take care of my extrovert skill, and the rest good scored skill needs more focus on betterment in future.

For the betterment and improving the skills, I can engage myself in the more public speaking course and join the class. Meet my friends and my classmates more often, and join them in a discussion, share my opinion with them and can play a debate or extempore to get rid of my introvert character.

Personality insight test and discussion

In this test, several terms help to understand my personality traits. The components of personality insight are Extraversion, Agreeableness, Emotional stability, Conscientiousness Openness (Castillo and Hallinger, 2018). In this test, I scored medium-high in extroversion skill, mid-high in agreeableness skill, mid-high in emotional stability and conscience. The result shows a decent result in the entire category and brings a decent result. However, there are a lot more to work with regarding the skills and improvement.

I will practice my personality traits on the regular basis of my work schedule and culture to encourage goodness more. On the contrary, to do better with the skills, it is important to practice more debate classes for checking my agreeable and disagreeableness, sharing my opinion. For bringing betterment to my emotional stability, I can join more team or places that are out of my preferred areas.  I can do more charity or can listen to others opinion more intensely to become more empathetic and awakening my conscience.

Personal resilience test and discussion

In this area, I scored well to high. There are several components of this test, and the elements are the deciders’ of the test. The factors are coping with Change, Problem Solving, Self Confidence, Working with Others, Support Networks, Organisation. In this case, I score high, and all the areas are in a good position. However, it needs more practice to become an expert of it. The skills are truly important for n organization and in personal life also.

If I am moving to a company and become a serious position of the company, I need to take care of the skills and the elements that are important to use for attaint the maximum benefit of the company. The first factor is essential to develop that I am good with the change in the organizational climate, and I can handle and manage any situation that is out of the boxes—working with others, respecting others opinion, accepting their viewpoint, supporting the networks, respecting accepting the organizational structure and accepting the employee’s perception.

In order to maintain the skills and practising the skills, it is important to join a company or an organization for an internship and practice the skills better way to get the maximum benefit.

Assertiveness test and discussion

There are some of the major key elements and the elements are assertive, passive, and Aggressive. I score in this section medium to high. In assertiveness, I score high, passive medium to high, and aggressiveness I score medium to high. My result that came is assertive. By the word assertive, it is generated that I am positive in thinking and doing. It is extremely important to be positive and assertive in the way you work in the company or in your personal life. However, it is also important to use other traits in the best manner that benefits the company and me.

For better practising, I can join a company for an internship that helps me join in corporate culture and can incorporate with other’s opinion, organizational climate and then I can assess my real power to adjust, showing my gesture to the employees and uses the other personality traits. Aggression is not a good thing, and I score low in this case. However, suing aggression in a different way is also important. Suppose I am giving, my opinion and knowing it right for the company or for the concern, sticking to my point and establish myself and viewpoint is also very important for the company. In order to use the skill, it is important to nurture the factor into the company. In order to improve, I can also be given a situation and solve the issue as per my capacity.

Sound decision-making and discussion

The decision-making is related to the organization and its internal valuable and essential decision that help the organization to make an important decision for its benefit (Sawal et al. 2017). Suppose the company is making a financial decision that either makes the company or can even break the existing structure, which means it is an extremely powerful and crucial decision to make (Verhofstadt et al. 2019). In this case, the decision-making body or the group of people has to be strong and stable to make the decision. They have to be ready for the risk or the stake that are they taking for the company.

As I score 78 in these criteria, so according to the test level, I can handle the situation, manages the scene internally, and take a decision within the conman. I can involve others and can mitigate the issues in the company. As I have passed the test with a decent score so it is implied that I can manage the given situation and can handle the team to get rid of the scene easily. Sound decision-making is linked to emotional stability. A person makes the decision if and only if he has the mental capacity to win or can overcome if anything occurs in between. I score that much. However, there is certain thing that I need to take care of for the company.

I can make a decision when it is important to make. I can join any concern or organization as an intern and practice that sill benefits the company. In addition to that, it helps to make the decision to engage the whole team and can find a solution to overcome the situation.

Barrett’s Value Test

The Barrett’s Value Test is the essential engagement that makes the organizational structure. I went through the test and the result that came, contribution is 7, collaboration 6, alignment 5, evolution is 4, performance 3, relationship 2 and viability is 1. I have found my weaknesses and strengths. The alignment with the company and viability need to develop.

Conflict Handling

Conflict manages the power or the strategy that transform the negative aspect into the positive one. I think this skill is required to manage the risk and with the help of the positive emotional stability, change the organizational environment and conflict.


This paper shed light on the skill and the internal component of the personality that decides the internal skills and capacity. The personality testing decides the skill and its existing range. There are several testing through the NTPSs online testing and with the help of the “Rolfe reflective framework” testing the result came out. This reflective study helps me know the consequences of the test. All the skills that are listed here are for the benefit of the self and for the benefit of the company. It is extremely essential to maintain the skills up to the mark and use it for attain the maximum benefit. I score well to high all over the skills and I got useful information about myself, I know myself better after this testing. I got several functional tips to be better and how to use when to use and where to use the skill, and most importantly how much to use. I benefited tremendously by this testing.

 Reference list

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Appendix 1: Barrett’s Value Test

Element 010 Leadership Managment Assignment Sample

Appendix 2: Sound-Decision Making

Element 010 Leadership Managment Assignment Sample

 Appendix 3: Assertiveness

Element 010 Leadership Managment Assignment Sample

Appendix 4:  Personal Resilience

Element 010 Leadership Managment Assignment Sample

Appendix 5: Personality Insight

Element 010 Leadership Managment Assignment Sample


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