Leadership skills in Engineering

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The aim of this paper is to identify the significance of leadership skills for the engineers who perform the technical work. Additionally, it is found that university faculty organized the events or programs for incorporating the leadership skills in the students. However, the article and book also describe that exercise leadership is more important for the engineers as it allows to building up the team-work and communication skills. This is quite important for the engineers to perform the work systematically.


This paper discusses the five different articles which define the significance of leadership for the engineering students. Based on the articles, the paper analyzes the response of individual towards the importance of leadership skills especially for engineering students. At the same time, paper also provides the detail understanding related to exercise leadership and discuss it with given articles.

Results & Summary of Reading

In the research of Cox et al. (2010), it is identified that it is important for the faculty to incorporate the leadership skills related study in the curriculum. This is because technical competencies can only be achieved with the professional skills (example, communication and team work).

In regards to this article, survey is conducted in the Mid-western University between 12 engineering faculties. Similarly, Compton-Young  et al. (2015) analyzed in the survey that engineers have experiences in practicing the engineering but has no experiences in the professional leadership management position.

But, now the engineering students understand the importance of leadership traits. Other than that, Jibril (2015) defined that engineering design activities are more important for the students in respect to make them learn about the leadership skills with its technical skills. However, it is determined that the SEM competition proves to be effective for examine the leadership skills of engineers students.

Fleming and Delves (2017) presents the story of inspiring leader. This clearly indicates that leadership skills play a crucial role in all fields whether it is engineering, management and commerce’s field. On the other hand, Poulton et al. (2017) shows the concept of value-based leadership style. Based on this, it is identified that value-based leader proves more successful as value is the one which guides the leader behavior and allows them to perform accordingly. So this style also helps the teacher to make engineer learn leadership skill as per their value system.

Discussion & conclusion

On the basis of above article and book, it can be discussed that leadership skill is the important and needs to be incorporated into the engineering code of conduct. However, exercising leadership could contribute more for the engineers.

This is because exercising leadership focuses more on the communication and team work and it is identified that engineers require more team work and communication skills for developing the design. So, in that case leadership skills can help the engineer to become expertise in all fields such as designing and leading the people. It can result in the form of continuous innovation in the engineering field.


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