Learning Journal on Change Management In 2020

Learning Journal on Change Management


Nowadays, it is essential for the organization to change its managerial practices according to the changes in the business environment. The change management helps the companies to cater the needs of customers with the help of unique and creative techniques for attaining the competitive advantage over the competitions.

In addition, this is a reflective report on change management that focuses on my personal experience with AMR clothing. During my employment tenure in AMR clothing as an Assistant Manager, I was liable to obliged towards my duties such as sales, maintaining financial records, analyzing and submitting the records to the respective governing authority.

In addition, this report highlights on the development of managerial skills for change management in the AMR clothing. Various challenges and how I was able to deal with these difficulties are also discussed in the report with the support of change management skills.

Literature Review

To analyze the conceptual framework of change management, in-sight information from different books, journals, articles, etc. has been collected for making the report effective and valuable. From the findings of, Beerel (2009) it has been understood that the change management is an ongoing process, which helps the organization to develop its managerial framework through modern tools and techniques.

The change management process helps in providing guidance and support to the employees for making the change in the ongoing process, which is beneficial for other also. It is a sequential process, which is followed by the management in a specific direction for sustaining and competing in the market for a longer period.

At the same time, the study of Cameron and Green, (2015) stated that the change management is a process that assists in implementing creative ideas, process, behaviour, actions, etc. at the workplace. It helps in introducing changes and making the activities successful in the competitive business era.

In support of this, the research of Cummings, et al., (2016) explained that the change management helps in transforming the current activities into modern practices for making the operations valuable for the associated stakeholders. On the other hand, the findings of Hayes, (2014) outlined that the changes in managerial functions are carried out due to transformation in the internal as well as external requirements of the people.

In like manner, the study of Kaminski, (2011) demonstrated that the change management helps the organization to enhance its business activities and achieve growth by attracting more customers.

Change Management in AMR Clothing

In addition, change management in AMR clothing is a planned and structural method that supports the employees to enhance their skills. It is due to change management the staff’s members are able to contribute to the efficiency level of an organization.

The process facilitates in transit the roles of employees from one profile to another. At the same time, change management helps in redefining and restructuring the organizational functions for providing superior and prompt services to the customers in order to make them loyal for a longer period.

During my employment in AMR clothing, I undergo with the change management process as the current sales and financial recording process has been updated for increasing the customer’s base.

The process has helped in maintaining the strong relationship with the customers with the support of CRM process. Thus, the change management has helped me to develop my skills through training sections.

There was a development of my learning skills due to implementation of advance reporting structure in order to expand the business, which also improves the mechanism of response and feedback at the work place. At the same time, I was also offered to rotate my job profile in different departments, which helped me in developing in-depth information about the existing working operations of AMR clothing.

The change management had motivated and inspired me to work hard and attain quick organizational as well as personal goals.

On the other hand, I was also able to make changes in the traditional method of recording the monetary transactions with the upgraded software. The implementation of advanced Management Information System and Tally ERP system has supported me in maintaining daily transactions.

The software also helps in maintaining cash books on time by making effective use of available resources. Moreover, I was also given equal opportunity to come up with new ideas and suggestions in the critical decision making process with the help of braining storming technique for making the change management successful for AMR clothing.

Lewin’s Model of Change Management

Kurt Lewin’s change management is implemented by AMR clothing in order to increase the efficiency level of the organization by managing change in the current practices. Kurt Lewin’s is a three-step model of change management, which assists in administrating the changes in the process.

The three-step model of change management is as follows:-

Unfreeze- In this step the major reasons why the organization needs changes in its existing managerial framework is identified by the manager. The critical understanding is developed by the manager for evaluating the problems and develops effective results in the form of high profit margin.

In addition, brief perspective about the employee’s behavior and actions are identified at the work place in respective with the new strategy and policy.

Change- The change assists the manager to execute new strategies and methods in the managerial framework as desired by the higher authorities. The strategies are developed for creating the positive impact on the employee as well as on environment for contributing the actions towards growth (Pugh, 2016).

The operational activities by the manager are directed towards end result for changing traditional methods to maximize output and to attract more customers. In addition, strong relationship with the associated stakeholders is maintained with the help of proper communication methods for achieving quick targets.

Refreeze- The last step in the process is refreezing that ensure that the change in the organization is permanent. It helps in measuring the final results after implementing the change and identifying that the change is good or bad for the company in the dynamic business environment.

The r refreezing step in the change management process helps in reinforcing the image of the company by following modern techniques. It also helps in examining that the task is performed by the employees in specific directions of change or not.

Performance Analysis

My performance in AMR clothing during my employment period as Assistant Manager was very good, and I was able to enhance my professional skills. I have been obliged in the organization to bring innovative and creative ideas for changing the traditional method of recording the financial process with the assistance of modern technique.

The execution of advanced and updated mechanism has helped me to develop my personal experience for building my career with the multinational organization. My personality has been developed by collecting information about the existing strategy, policies, procedure, methods, etc in order to attain the competitive advantage by introducing change.

In addition, I also try to ensure that the employees are satisfied with the change standard and work in an effective manner for developing the customer’s base. On the other hand, I also encountered multiple challenges at the time of implementing changes in the organization. As I was an assistant manager in AMR clothing, I was not provided with the secret and confidential information about the management.


My overall experience, while working in AMR clothing was wonderful and precious for me. I was able to learn many things in the management and was able to enhance my change management skills, which will be helpful for me to develop my career with global enterprises.


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