Literature Review Sample

Literature Review Sample 2020


The following objectives are identified that will be achieved for successfully accomplishing the research aim:

  • To explore the needs of CRM and system engineering tool in Koconut Grove.
  • To describe the purposes and benefits of system engineer tool in the implementation of CRM for Koconut Grove.
  • To examine the use of CRM practices and their influence in the restaurant and hotels in the United Kingdom.
  • To determine the potential impact of CRM on different customer dimensions like experience, satisfaction, trust and loyalty. 

Chapter 2- Literature Review

Customer relationship management (CRM) has been the most effective measure that has been adopted in the hospitality sector for improving the communication and interaction level with the respective or potential customers.

In the opinion of (Nyadzayo and Khajehzadeh, 2016), Customer relationship management is required by the hoteliers in the Kokonut Grove for having high growth and sustainability in the market.

This makes them build effective relations with the customers so that they could help in meeting with the competition in the market. This makes them grow with the effective contribution of customers and make them produce the products and services which are required by the customers.

In the perspective of (Soltani and Navimipour, 2016), CRM and engineering tools are most effective in the Kooves Grove for the purpose of marketing which helps in having a large number of customers and develop its stake in the market.

This makes the hoteliers evaluate the needs of the customer which could make it develop those products and service which are required by the customers and lead to provide them with gratification.

In addition to this (Abu Amuna, et. al., 2017), said that elements of CRM are based on the creation of positive experience with the customers so that it could help in increasing their arrival in the organisation and lead to growth at high scale.

This makes the management of external affairs and problems of the customers by having effective communication with them. This can be made possible with the usage of technology in the hospitality sector and the use of social media.

The development and innovation in technology have given birth to social media and its effect on the hospitality sector. System engineering tool for the implementation of CRM makes the hospitality sector to have effective and adequate decision making in the organisation. This helps in making the hoteliers identify the essential requirement of the customers and market which could be archived by adopting several measures and methods.

This is required for having tremendous relations with the customers and makes them avail the services again and again. This makes them increase its customers and make the hotels to have sustained growth in the market of UK.

In addition to this (Wirtz, 2018), engineers make their effort in the Kokonut Grove for the development of software for estimation of needs of the customers. This is required for satisfying the people and having good relations with them. This could take place by having deliberate relationship with the people and making them retain to the Kokonut Grove.

This is essential for satisfying the people and making them grab the position in the market. The software makes the organization to estimate the needs of the people and their purchasing power towards the particular commodity. It enables the organization have that specific product, which helps in meeting with the competition in the market.

The growth and development of the organization are based on the active participation of the customers and the achievement it makes for having sustainable growth.On the other hand (Kangu et al., 2017) pointed out that, employees are the role players for the growth and development of the organization as they carry effective relationship with all the stakeholders, which make it have grown.

The engineers, who are having their active participation in the growing propensity of the company make their analysis for improving the working of the employees.

They allow the employees to make their mental effort to be high as compared to physical work. This is essential for satisfying the customers and buildingenergetic relations with them. In respect of Kokonut Grove, CRM and system engineer works in parallel lines, which is essential for having larger numberof customers in it.

Most of the firms work for the purpose of earning profits, while Kokonut Grove makes its efforts for earning profits and providing quality products and services to the people.

In the study of (Hassan et al., 2015) has given his focus on the needs of Customer Relation Management in the organization for having engagement of employees in it.

This makes them to give as support to the personnel by making them know about the products and services they need to produce for the customers. Customer relationship creates an effective bond with one other, which improves the profitability and sales of the organization.

This is obligatory for every firm as the firm rely upon the revenue it carries with its existence. Kokonut Grove delivers the quality products and services, which are expected by the customers in the assurance for having goodwill in the market. It delivers the customers with multiple varieties of products and services as per their preferences and taste.

The perfect relationship or bond can be managed in the system by providingthose flavours, which are needed by them. In addition to this (Bhakane2015), it has been considered the goodwill of the firm could be made in the market with the effective contribution of the customers and gratification that is provided to them.

This enables the firm to have mouth publicity and promote the firm. Thus, the promotion enables the organization to increase the number of customers in it and have suitability in the organization by having rapid growth.


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