Systematic Literature Review MAA103

Systematic Literature Review
Systematic Literature Review


Introduction  (Systematic Literature Review MAA103 )

This assignment is mainly a literature review of the impact that technologies have in our lifestyle both mentally and as well as in the lives of the people. Technology is linked with the modern lifestyle and the way of living. Nowadays, a person cannot think about living a life without using technologies.

One of the most important factors about technology is that they keep developing with time. Technologies are machines that are made to make the life of human beings much easier. There are different debates that are conducted on this technology topic. Technologies can be simple, can be complicated, can be risky, can be risk-free, can be helpful can be unhelpful, depending on their use.

Technologies are developed by using both metals as well as physical attempt so that the exact value can be extracted. The approach that is used to do this whole assignment is also discussed vividly. This assignment provides almost every detail about technologies. Technology is not the latest thing because it has been developing for a long time. This transformation took place as human brains started experimenting much more about machines. It is also vividly discussed whether technologies can be harmful to human health or not.

Research questions

Q1. How have technologies evolved as well as developed with time?

Q2. How much impact can technologies have on the mental health of a human being?

Q3. How can technologies improve the wellbeing of humans?

Q4. Can technology be harmful to the human body?

Q5. What negative impact can technologies have on mental health?

Literature review

Development of technology

Technology became much more prominent as a term after in 20th century. The concept of technology was a translation of Germany Technik concept. The Germany term Technik is different from the English technique term not only in their spellings but also in their meanings.

The sociologist of America named Read Bain said that technologies consisted of all the machines, weapons, tools, utensils, clothing, devices to transport, instruments, housing, communicating, as well as the skills that are produced by the humans to use these technologies. There are different definitions provided by many scholars related to technology that describes what is meant by technology (American Diabetes Association, 2019).

Fig: Technology effect on Health Sector

Fig: (Chan and Chen, 2019)

Technologies started developing since the stone age. Early humans used tools that were made of stone which was made by carving the stones. The stone-aged tools stayed for approximately 50,000 years since stone age started (Chan and Chen, 2019). Using the tools made with stone age was made millions of years ago, which was started by the Hominids.

Technological changes not only affected to tools but also affected the shelter as Well and s clothing of humans. This technological development was considered as one of the process of the early humans which does not have any fixed date when it was first made. These clothes were made with skins of animals as well as furs which helped early humans to survive in extreme weathers. Later with the technological development, it changed into proper material clothes that are made up of cotton, wools, silk, and so on.

The technology to carry water and other energy sources was done with the help of wheels. Wheels were used to carry water from one place to another, and they were working on other energy sources (Chiauzzi and Newell, 2019). With time this technology of wheel is still used in some or the other way to extract the sources of energy from water. This extraction of energy from water is termed as hydro energy which is helpful for generating hydroelectricity. The technologies can be referred to as the activity that helps to change or rather form a culture.

Trencher and Karvonen (2019), states that the application of science, mathematics, along with arts, can help to develop a technology for the improvement of life. Technologies not only have helped in the lifestyle management of humans but also have helped in making weapons. Another technological development that has helped human life is that people are now able to communicate more fluently with their near and dear ones.

Impact of technology on mental health

Technologies can have a great impact on the development of mental health. With time technologies have become so developed that people can search mental peace with the help of different technologies. These technologies can not only help in mental health improvement but also can help to improve the lifestyle of the people.

Lifestyle is becoming so easy and relaxing with the help of technologies that people are seeking for more technological development. Technologies can be helpful for the wellbeing as well as for the mental health of the people. Humans are beings who are transforming their lifestyle with the help of technologies. People can stay mentally stable by using technologies that can help them to communicate with their loved ones who stay far away (Cleary et al., 2020). People like to stay connected to the internet nowadays, and so they are learning new things every day.

People are learning about other technologies that can help them in future, learning about other factors that can help in improving their learning techniques. People are becoming more satisfied when they see their far-away loved ones through video conferencing. Mentally people are becoming stronger by knowing about different fraudulent acts and stay secure from these risks.

Fig: Impact of Technology in Healthcare

Source: (Cleary et al., 2020)

Technologies improving human well-being

The developing technologies can ultimately develop the wellbeing of humans and their way of living. Technologies can help in living a healthier lifestyle, increasing pleasure, as well as longevity of life. With many types of research, it is found that technologies can have a great impact on the wellbeing of the humans when they are made with the focus of growth that is led towards innovation rather than reducing labour and saving cost.

This technological development helps the market of labours as well as help the workers to gain more skills related to their work. Technologies can help human’s wellbeing in many ways like increasing their longevity, as well as improve their health. There are many technologies that help humans to track their health and keep them updated about their current condition. Technologies have evolved so much that they have made new efficiencies which helps to reduce the waste in the system of health.

The cost is rising as equally as the technologies are developing. To reduce the cost, different technologies related to health are evolved to make the life of the people easier (Di Blasio et al., 2019). Technologies have made it easier to purchase legal drugs from online stores, by sitting at home or from any part of the world.

This not only has helped in the normal people’s wellbeing but have also helped the professionals who can scan or take care of the patient more easily. Technologies can not only help in improving health but can also help a person to get enough education and knowledge. These technological improvements have helped the wellbeing of the people and made human life much quicker and easier.

Harmful effects of technologies

No matter how good the impact it has on human well-being, but technologies get criticised for having a negative impact at the same time. With time, technologies have evolved and developed a lot and made the life of humans easier and effective. But no matter how easier life becomes, technologies have some harmful effects.

One of the most harmful effects that social energy have is decreasing the power of social skills. Social skills are decreasing day by day as the modern technologies are developing (Faiola et al., 2019). These technological developments are making human life way too unsocial as people forget to mix with others. People do not like meeting new people, going out and play games, spend family time, and so on.

Nowadays, people are more focused on communicating with others through different social media platforms. Social media is a form of the latest technology that is used to communicate with a vast number of people through the Internet. This can be helpful in one way, but people will become way too addicted to communicating through social media platforms that they will forget to communicate with them in person. As opined by Sampson et al. (2020), social media is a platform that is filled with many fake people who like to destroy others life.

This can become a harmful effect that is done by using technologies. Along with this development of technologies, fraudulent activities are also evolving. Fraudulent activities are not only related to murders or stealing something, but is also related to online scams. These scams are done in the form of malware so that scammers can hack the accounts of different people. The technologies do not provide quality education to the people who are dependent on these modern technologies. The information provided is nor present in a vast manner.

Negative impacts on mental health

According to Punukollu and Marques (2019), modern technologies have a vastly negative impact on the health of human beings. These impacts are relatable to the immense use of technologies that is a major problem today. Technologies are making us sicker than people were before (Firth et al., 2019).

Different and new diseases are evolving, which are related to the mental condition of a person. Technologies vary from person to person, depending on their usage. Technologies have many positive impacts on the mental health of humans, but it has much more negative impacts of not used properly. With the help of improving technologies, crime is also developing day by day.

These crimes are related to cyberattacks which leads to blackmails and life risks. These kinds of risks can decrease the mental stability of a person. This can also have a negative impact on the anxiety level of humans. Humans react to anything quickly that they think are vulgar or arrogant in nature. It is a normal human nature that makes them adopt anything quickly that they see or hear in a routine manner. Crimes are increasing with the development of technologies as it is mentioned above.

However, these increase in crimes can take place due to social media influencers. Social media is the latest technology that is used to communicate with different people throughout the world and know about many different things. This is a very well-developed technology that is mostly famous among teenagers.

This technology can be very harmful to the mental health of teenagers if they are not properly scrutinized. It is very easy to manipulate a teenager mentally rather than physically (Naslund and Aschbrenner, 2019). So, the criminals are targeting the teenagers a lot so that they can brainwash them and use them for their own privilege.

Mentally strong people cannot get manipulated, so teenagers are the main target. Mental health can also be meant by trauma that is possible by using social media. Social media can be used to torture those people who are emotionally weak.

Research Methods MAA103
Research Methods MAA103

Fig: Negative Impacts on Mental Health

Source: (Naslund and Aschbrenner, 2019)

Meta-analysis approach

The meta-analysis that is done in this assignment is a qualitative approach of meta-analysis. This approach is used to do an analysis that is qualitative in nature to do the primary findings. The main purpose of this type of approach is providing a description that is comprehensive in nature about a phenomenon. This is used for the assessment to influence the investigation methods while finding information about a topic.

The analysis that is done in this assignment is about technology, and it affects the wellbeing of humans. As the whole research is done, it is seen that the technologies are developing since the stone age. It kept developing with time along with some of its benefits as well as disadvantages (Papa et al., 2020). Qualitative research is done to figure out some findings that are discussed vividly about a similar topic.

This approach is used in this assignment to figure out more about both the positive as well as the negative impact that technologies have on the wellbeing of humans.


From the above discussion, it can be concluded that technologies are both helpful as well as useful at the same time. It is very important to use these technologies carefully so that it does not affect the lifestyle of humans. It has a great impact if used properly and can help to manage the lifestyle way more effectively.

Technologies are developing and are developed to provide humans with a smooth and better lifestyle. These can help to manage the daily routine in a much better manner. The expenses can also decrease due to these modern technologies. Modern technologies can work as a great influencer for the mental health of the people. People can stay connected to their near and dear ones that help old parents to stay happy and motivated.

Staying mentally fit is important, and so technologies are used by the people to increase they are wellbeing. Technologies can be used to make life become much faster and easier, which is examined through researches by doing qualitative method. It can also be concluded that technologies can have a great impact on knowing about facts and news that are helpful for mental development.

Developing mentally can become possible if people start using technologies more carefully rather than taking this whole thing lightly.


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