BSBHRM506: Manage recruitment selection and induction processes

Activity 1


The Manager,

XYZ Company


Respected Sir,

The recruitment process will support to analyze the strategic and operational plans as the hiring of the candidates will take place after judging the manpower requirement of different department. MoreoverHR policies will support to contribute towards employing the employees who can work according to the company requirement.

These policies will support towards selecting adequate candidates while giving concern towardsthe company policies. Recruitment plan and policies will support towards effective recruitment, selection and induction process.

Thanks & Regards


(HR Manager)


Activity 2

  1. It is necessary to develop clear recruitment, selection and induction policies as it supports towards recruiting effective manpower. Human resource is the major resource of any firm and it is essential to consider various perspectives while hiring the employees as skilled employees can make the organization successful (Taylor, 2014).

Human resource supports the firm to develop the product while focusing towards innovation and creativity. It enables the firm to create competitive advantage and long-term sustainability in the industry.

Key elements of a successful policy or procedure are as follow:

  • Identify the need of human resource in different departments of the firm
  • Designing the job description and job role for the employees
  • Selecting the candidate while examining various skills, experience and knowledge
  • Giving consideration towards trustworthiness and stability of the candidates
  • Checking the relevant documents thoroughly
  • Introduce the new employee with the organization and other staff members while explaining the company working procedure too (Smith, 2013)

Activity 3

Technological applications to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the recruitment and selection process are as follow:

  • Using online portals to attract the candidates
  • Using the application to resume screening
  • Interview through video calling

Due to increase in competition, it is essential to review the technical applications on a regular basis as it enables the firm to use latest and advanced technology which supports towards the advancement of the firm(Lan, et al., 2014).

In this context, advancement in recruitment technology enables the firm towards recruiting the employees according to the current requirement which will support towards creating competitive advantage.

Top of Form

Activity 4

For obtainingthe support for policies and procedures from senior managers it is essential forthe HR department to hire the employees according to the organization need. Senior managers have the information about the working in which company is going to deal.

Moreover, they remain aware about the company’s new objectives or goal which company needs to achieve. So, according to that they become able to define the policies and procedures in an effective manner (Robertson-Kraft, & Duckworth, 2014).

It is essential to amend the HR policies time to time. The current policies of the organization are outdated so the need of updating the policies has taken place. There is a need of obtaining the support from senior management for this process regarding the job positions and the skills required for the job positions (Darling-Hammond, 2017).

Bottom of Form

Activity 5

It is a good idea to trial recruitment and selection policies and procedures as well as the forms and documents as it will support to make the policies and procedures more effective. It will support to make better policies and procedures which will support to offer the better result(Sanghi, 2016).

There are various circumstances under which there is a need of policy or procedural adjustments after a trial period. These circumstances are:

  • Recruitment of a specific candidate
  • Change in the policies due to change in the market need
  • Amendment in the policies and procedures due to increase in the need of skills and criteria
  • Change in the customer demand
  • Change in the working process of the organization (Kadushin, &Harkness, 2014)
  • To eliminate the issues related to the currentpolicies or procedures

Activity 6

To communicate the requirements regarding organisational policies and procedures to staff, HR department will e-mail the requirement to the staff members. Moreover, HR department can arrange a meeting to get the views of the staff members.

In like manner,HR departmentcan personally meet with the managers of each department. In like manner, the managers of the department can offer the help to the HR department while discussing the details with the team members(Nagano, Stefanovitz, & Vick, 2014).

To adhere the change, it is necessary to get proper training as it enables towards developing the qualities according to the circumstances. In this context, it is necessary for the staff members to attend some form of training which is related to new policies and procedures for recruitment, selection and induction.

It will enable the organization to make the employees up to the mark according to the requirement. In like manner, it will support the organization to develop the skills to improve the intellectual capital (Robertson-Kraft, & Duckworth, 2014).

Activity 7

To determine the future human resource needs for the organisation, there is a need of judging the requirement of each department with the help of the department head. Moreover, there is a need of designing the job description and job detail. In like manner, there is a need of identifying the salary structure which should be offer by the firm to the new candidate while evaluating the organizational budget.

Additionally, there is a need of analysing the candidates on various parameters before selecting them for the further round. Proper documents and papers of the candidate will be checked thoroughly to hire the relevant employees (Armstrong, & Taylor, 2014).

The Delphi forecasting model is one of the best forecasting models which support to forecast the recruitment requirement on the basis of the results of questionnaires which are sent to a panel of experts.

In this method, several rounds of questionnaires take place while considering the anonymous responses which are aggregated and shared with the group after each round (Smith, 2013). This model remains highly supportive to judge adequate number of employees to recruit within the organization.

Activity 8

For the recruitment process of a receptionist for the organisation, it is necessary to develop and use appropriate person and position descriptors as receptionist will be the face of the organization and she needs to handle various functions of the organization.

Moreover, needs to interact with inside as well as outside individuals (Hegghammer, 2013). So, it is essential that a personnel hire for this position should be adequate according to the skills required.2

Strategies that might be followed to ensure that appropriate job specifications and person descriptions are available for recruitment purposes are: effective interview, strategy for salary offering, strategy for checking the stability of the employees(Hegghammer, 2013).

Activity 9

There is a need of proper training for these people as proper training will support them to select an appropriate employee for the organization. There is a need of designing the training program which will support the candidates to select a candidate according to the current market need.

Moreover, this training will enable the panel to judge the skills and other parameters in the candidate in an adequate manner (Depue, et al., 2016).

Activity 10

When placing an advertisement for a vacant position, the most important legal aspects that must be addressedare to describe the job responsibility as well as the specific requirement of the firm.

These two aspects will support to decrease the crowd and will support to bring the footfalls that are relevant for the job position. So, it will minimize the wastage of the time as well as money (Sanghi,2016).

For the recruitment of special position or for the purpose of hiring the cross-cultural employees there is a need of utilising the recruitment and selection specialist as they will support to fill the vacant positions for the specific need in a quick manner (Kadushin, &Harkness, 2014).

Moreover, for the job position which needs to be filled on an urgent basis, there is a need of taking the assistance of the recruitment and selection specialist.

Activity 11

For recruiting a new employee for the department, there is a need of following various procedures. These procedures are as follow:

  • Getting the detail of job position
  • Noting the skills required for a specific job position
  • Receiving the job description
  • Getting it approved by the top management
  • Placing the advertisement
  • Hiring the placement agency
  • Scheduling the interview with HR team
  • Selected candidates should be interviewed for the further process
  • After selection of the candidate, checking the stability of the candidate
  • Negotiation on salary
  • Document submission
  • Checking the document thoroughly (Darling-Hammond, 2017)
  • Joining of the candidate
  • Induction program

Activity 12

It is essential to send timely responses out to all unsuccessful candidates at the conclusion of the recruitment process as it supports the candidates to getting the feedback so that they do not keep any sort of hope as well as they become able to know the areas where they were lacking which will support them to improve for the future context.

In like manner, it will enable the firm to create positive image in the market. This is the reason to provide feedback to the candidates in a timely manner(Lan, et al., 2014).

Human resource is the main resource of any organization. So, it is necessary to ensure that a job offer and contract of employment be executed promptly. In the current scenario, there is a huge competition in the market and skilled employees are the strength of the firm.

If there is delay in hiring the candidate, then the candidates will hire by the competitor firm which can indirectly impact the firm. So, there is a need of taking prompt action.

Activity 13

Forms of training or support that might be offered to persons engaged in staff induction are:

  • Proper welcome
  • Mentoring
  • Delegating tasks and projects
  • Presentation assignments
  • Internet and e-learning
  • Giving special responsibilities to obtain new skills, knowledge and exposure

Activity 14

Management should check that induction processes are followed across the organisation as it enables the management to hire adequate number of candidates while giving concern towards proper skills and other criteria which is essential to fulfil a particular job position (Nagano, Stefanovitz, & Vick, 2014).

Methods of providing feedback to probationary employees are as follow:

  • Checking the work done by them on a regular and timely manner
  • Scheduling breaks or lunch periods
  • Proper dress code and standards
  • Face to face interaction to offer the review of their working
  • Provide them the details of the organization as well as departmental work rules

Activity 15

10 possible signs that the induction process is meeting its objectives are:

  • Proper introduction with the team members
  • Positive working environment
  • Improved organizational performance
  • Decrease in absenteeism rate
  • Decrease in employee turnover rate
  • Proper understanding of team roles and responsibilities
  • Following the organisational chart
  • Fulfilling the organisational goal
  • High concern towards security issues
  • Following the safety procedures
  • Increase in innovation and creativity of the products

The feedback obtained from the participants and relevant managers on the extent to which the induction process is meeting its objectives is that proper induction process is supporting the new employees to become familiar with the organization in a quick manner which is supporting towards improving the organisational performance.

Activity 16

When the old policies seem outdates or not become able to fulfil the current criteria then it becomes necessary to alter or amend the document an induction policy or procedure.

Examples where refining an induction policy or procedure might be warranted are as follow:

  • For change management
  • To meeting the current organizational need
  • To make the working environment more pleasant

Section – 2

Question 1

Common recruitment and selection methods are:

  • Internal sourcing
  • External sourcing
  • Third –party sourcing
  • Interviewing
  • Candidate selection

These are all the methods which are utilized in the recruitment and selection process bythe organization which enables towards hiring the adequate human resource within the organization. It is essential to give concern towards the sourcing and selection process according to the human resource requirement (Jabbour, & de Sousa Jabbour, 2016)

.Utilization of different sources to recruit the candidates support to select the quality and skilled employees which remains good fit according to the organizational requirement.

An assessment centre supports to combine the multiple assessment activities which remain assistive for the purpose of campaigning with large number of candidates. This process remains effective for the recruitment of the talent pools as well as for bulk or cyclical recruitment.

A typical assessment centre supports to incorporate a variety of assessments which enables to observe the candidate’s performance in an adequate manner with the help of team of qualified assessors (Boella, & Goss-Turner, 2013). For this purpose, role experts are participate in the design of assessment centre which supports to understand the role in an adequate manner.


Question 2

Outsourcing is a practice which is used by different companies to transferring the portions of work to the outside suppliers instead of getting complete it internally. IT supports to reduce the company costs. Due to this reason, this strategy is utilized by the organization for the purpose of effective cost-saving (Depue, et al., 2016).

Question 3

Employment contracts supports to attribute the rights and responsibilities between both the parties for a bargain purpose. This contract takes place between an employee and the employer.

The relationship which takes place between the management and the employee is industrial relations. It is necessary to maintain positive industrial relations as it supports towards increasing the employee satisfaction which enables towards increasing the productivity of the firm while improving the employee performance (Boella, & Goss-Turner, 2013).

Question 4

It is essential to provide the equal employment opportunity to the candidates while focusing towardsthe anti-discrimination principles to fulfil the workplace relations regulations and legislation, and other legislation associated with recruitment, selection and induction.

Giving concern towards equal employment opportunity supports the firm to hire the candidates on the basis of their skills rather than casteism or religion (Kadushin, &Harkness, 2014). It enables the firm to create positive working environment as well as it supports to minimize the chances of political and legal interference.

Question 5

Terms and conditions of employmentare as follow:

  • Work according to the contract of employment
  • Fulfilling the criteria which are mentioned in the appointment letter
  • Maintaining the privacy of the secret official data
  • Signing the contract for a particular time span to work with the organization
  • Mention the full names of the employer as well as the employee
  • The place of work and the working condition
  • Job title or nature of the work
  • Date of joining
  • The rate of pay or method of calculating pay
  • Terms or conditions of payment

Question 6

Relevancy of psychometric and skills testing programs are as follow:

Psychometric tests and skills testing program are mostly used in job selection as these both tools support towards finding the best candidate for a particular job position. Psychometric testsupports to offer the instruments that enable to offer the information regarding the individual differences related to personal characteristics or intelligence ability as compare to other candidates.

Moreover, skills tests support to evaluate that whether a person can perform a particular set of tasks or not and if yes then how well. Both these tools are different to each other and supports to select a proper candidate for a particular job position (Hegghammer, 2013).


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