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This report discusses social media presence and strategy of the Telstra Corporation Limited. The social media strategy and presence is a strategy which helps the companies to target its customers through social media and for which company develops its social media presence by following different actions. In addition, social media strategy helps the company like Telstra as a powerful and effective tool which helps in marketing the products and services and providing the social media benefit to a large extent (Kim & Ko, 2012). For getting the social media benefits, companies are required to develop a clear strategy and present them in efficient manner in order to market the products and services efficiently.

In this report, researcher discussed different aspects are analyzed and evaluated in relation to Telstra such as social media presence, social media audience, social media marketing, social media marketing, ethics, privacy and security (Michaelidou, et al., 2011). These all aspects are playing important role in analyzing the telecommunication services of Telstra which is offered to the customers. Overall, this study will help the researcher in using the secondary data for developing understanding and gather in-depth knowledge for social media strategy and presence in respect to Telstra.

Company Profile

Telstra Corporation ltd. is an Australian owned telecommunication and media company which operates its business in telecommunication network services like voice, mobile, pay television and internet access, etc. Telstra was founded in year 1975 (42 years ago) and formerly named as a Telecommunication Commission Australian. The head office of Telstra is located at 242, exhibition street, Melbourne, Australia and deals in wholesale product & service market (Telstra, 2017). In Australia, Telstra is one of the largest telecommunication companies as it is fully privately owned company. Telstra is focused more towards targeting customers by undergoing a change program in order to achieve growth in the international market.

There are different products and services which are offered by Telstra to the customers such as fixed line and mobile telephony, internet services, entertainment services, etc. Telstra market position is very wide as it manages to target the customers for long term period for remaining at the largest position in the telecommunication services. In 2011, Telstra successfully targeted its customers and extended its market share to next level by providing the mobile phone products at discounted prices (Telstra, 2017). In addition, Telstra believes in connecting the people easily to each other by providing the best communication services and for that using the opportunity and building efficient technology which makes easy to use the telecommunication services for customers.

Discussion and Analysis

In today’s developing technology, social media is a changing marketing trend or a way which changes the way of living and helps the companies to target the large numbers of customers easily. Telstra is one of the largest telecommunication corporation limited which is also using the social media strategy in order to provide the online services to customers like joined forces with Facebook to target the customer online (Telstra, 2017). In other words, social media is an opportunity for the companies to develop their customer services for that company develop or builds the social media strategy in order to push the telecommunication to complete more transaction through social sites. The social media engagement of Telstra is huge as it serves globally with its services by targeting the Asia-Pacific region. Moreover, Quan-Haase & Young (2010) also stated that using any online media source helps the companies to share different characteristics like participation, openness, conversation, connectivity and community, etc.

Social Media Presence

The social media presence of Telstra is different as it uses different sources of online media like Facebook, YouTube, and CrowdSupport and so on. These all media sources provide support to the company to connect and develop relationship with the people (customers) easily. According to Hogan (2010), social media presence is a way through which company builds its own account on the social sites for targeting and reaching to large numbers of customers easily. In other words, the time taken by the company to interact with the customers through social site account is defined as a social media presence. The social media platform provides an opportunity to the companies by sharing the information about products and services.

While analyzing the social media presence of Telstra, it is identified that company has an account on Facebook, YouTube through which it presence is determined by the customers on the social media sites. The social media presence of Telstra is evaluated on the basis of releases and announcement which it makes online regarding new products and services or offers for the customers. Moreover, Kietzmann, et al., (2011) also illustrated that social media presence also creates huge effect as it assist the company in handling and managing the complaints of the customers. At the same time, it is also found that there are large numbers of people who prefer to avail the services only after they search the complete information about the products and services offered.

While analyzing social media presence of Telstra, it is observed that Telstra is using the social media channels efficiently as it provides the complete in-depth knowledge about the products and services i.e., all features and characteristics which customers want to know. In like manner, this study also enables the firms to analysis and evaluates the social media presence by collecting the customers feedback for the services offered (Saravanakumar & SuganthaLakshmi, 2012). This social media presence helps in reducing the wastage of time of the customer by also providing additional banking online services for doing online purchase. The trend of social media presence is now increased to a high extent as this motivates the customers to purchase the products and services easily as well as helps company to interact with customer easily.

Social Media Audience

The social media audience of Telstra is customers and competitors firms which are also serving in the same field of services. The relative customers (users) are those who are directly or indirectly connected with the organization and are keen or concern towards the announcement and post which organization makes on social sites. In context to it, Leung, et al., (2013) explained that customers or audience of the company are the one who purchases the goods from the company and also uses their services in efficient manner. On the other hand, there are some non-elative audiences or customers who use social media network or sites but are less concern towards the company’s products and services which company offers (De Vries, et al., 2012). These customers are probable customers for the company whom company can target or approach the customers for making them satisfied with the products and services.

For example, when we conduct any party then we invite our friends at our home but at the same time, problem arises because of neighbors who are old and have problem from loud noise. In this situation, there are two audiences one is neighbor and other is friends to whom I will invite for a party. In context to it, Michaelidou, et al., (2011) stated that social media audience is best source to target the wide market easily and efficiently as this helps the company to reach their products and services.  Further, evaluating the social media audience, the company conducts a proper research or survey in order to identify the customer’s views for company’s products and services.

In addition to this, social media audiences of Telstra are also measured by company in order to identify and understand the number of audience who likes or unlike or subscribe the YouTube videos of the company on a daily basis. This analysis and evaluation process supports the company to make future plan decision related to digital marketing strategy. On the other hand, Dutta (2010) also demonstrated that social media marketing of Telstra is different from other companies as it fully deals in telecommunication services because of which it becomes easy for the company to develop a strategy or social media network with its customers online.


Social Media Marketing

The social media marketing is playing an important role in marketing the products and services in the competitive market efficiently and effectively. According to Baskin (2013), marketing is an art of displaying a products and services in story format in front of the people for attracting their interest towards their products and services. In the research study of Kaplan & Haenlein (2010), it has been clearly studied that social media marketing is a prime focus of the business entities as they are more concern for growing their market value and share. While studying, it is identified that commercial firms are more concern about making effective community by using the efficient marketing approach at the respective target market.

Cross (2014) also elaborated that social media marketing has high importance for company as it supports the company to make their decisions as well as helps the company to understand the customer point of view so that relation with customers can be developed to large extent. Telstra Company uses the social media marketing in different segments of the business for which company has designed an effective website by considering the user-friendly techniques and features (Jin, et al., 2014). Through this, Telstra focus on adopting the digital marketing strategy in term of creating advanced technical company because users are now highly techno savvy.

As social media is used by the companies rapidly and efficiently, as through this numbers of customers are easily attracted and targeted towards the company’s product and services. The social media marketing technique includes videography, photography and story-telling which helps the company to focus on the products and services as well as enables the company to target the probable customers with effective content delivery (Michaelidou, et al., 2011). For Telstra, social media marketing is a opportunity as well as strategy which helps the business to achieve success as this is best way to promote the customer awareness about the company’s brand and its product and services (Telstra, 2017). While evaluating the social media marketing of Telstra, it is found that social media marketing provides the company with essential platform in order to improve the services.  At the same time, Lee (2011) also explained it also helps in providing the review for the strategy which are used in digital transactions so that future plan can be developed accordingly.

Ethics, Privacy and Security


In regard of ethics, it is recognized that the company Telstra has stick to a wide range of code of conduct. The company provides well prominent and professional services to its customers. The company has always given due consideration to the ethical parameters. The code of conduct of Telstra is to behave ethically, and to maintain an environment which is fully free from unlawful discrimination, harassment, etc (Xiang & Gretzel, 2010). It’s ensured by the company that it will work effectively and efficiently and within the authority been delegated. The company is further committed for a long-term shareholder value, and have adopted all possible ways to safeguard their interests and to maintain effective communication with them (Brennan, et al., 2011).



In this perspective, the Telstra Company takes the due responsibility to protect the privacy of its customers at any cost. The company needs to collect, store and use a wide range of information as it helps in providing the products and services to the customers. The company ensures that this information will be protected and kept safe and the data will be secured. The company has adopted many strict rules and policies to keep the private information of the customers safe and secure (Sidgman & Crompton, 2016). The company also focuses on designing the most prominent and effective strategies that will result in producing innovative and adequate services for the customers.


Telstra provides 100% commitment regarding the security of the data and information. It offers safe and secure processing of the transactions offline as well as online. It plays significant role in providing secure services to its customers by securing their transactions, passwords, PIN number, client numbers, etc. It has shifted its focus on designing and building effective strategies to increase the security for the customers. The company has used the advanced technology to further provide the effective services to its customers (Rahman, et al., 2016).

Social Media technologies

Social media technologies are the computer-based technologies which helps in creating, sharing, storing the information, data, ideas, interests by the communities and networks. There are many various kinds of social media technologies been used such as, Facebook, twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. These social media technologies help in attracting huge customer base and it also influences the buying behavior of the customers at the same time. Social media has changed the way we used to live earlier. It has decreased the manual work to a great extent (Pabel & Prideaux, 2016).Telstra has also used the social media to respond to the queries of its customers instantly and on time. The social team of the company has also grown from 15 to 30 full time staff in around 2 an half years. Social media has helped Telstra to stay in touch with its customers 24*7 (Telstra, 2017). Telstar has joined with Facebook and twitter where a team monitors the queries and comments posted by the customers, solving their problems, etc. The company’s social media strategy is a part of the Telco’s push in order to complete more of the transactions via internet (Harrigan, et al., 2015). The head of Telstra said that, the company needs to go out and reach the customers where they lies and found that millions of regular customers are found on Facebook daily. So, company thought it as a opportunity and starts to deliver its services there on internet.



From the above study, it can be easily summarized that in today’s changing economy, social media is playing a vital role in competitive market environment. In other words, social media enables the Telstra Company to develop a strong and effective relationship with the customers in order to develop and growth in the telecommunication market services. In addition to this, it is also observed that using the social media requires a proper strategy for targeting a mass population at the same time and this leads to social media presence of the company. This research study helped in analyzing the different aspects of Telstra related to the social media status and its efforts which company made in targeting the customer services.

After analyzing the social media presence and audience of the Telstra, it is identified that company is targeting its customers efficiently as social media presence is providing the support to the company in increasing the number of customers by satisfying their needs. This study also helps in determining the importance of ethics, security and privacy and also social media marketing by measuring the code of conducts or strategy which company uses to make its social media presence effective.


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