MCR003 Management Attributes and Skills Assignment Sample

  1. What type of team do you, the new CIO have? what do you see as the key problem with the team?


As per the case, the functional type of team exists. it can be stated as team consist of IT members from different branches of firm. the team consist of leader, regional CIO who is responsible for everything to make decision or planning out activities as per the regions. the regional CIO is also accountable to communicate newCIO for providing right facts about the firm progress (Pennock, 2017). It is found that firm is functioning IT department with multiple employees whose purpose is same with different responsibilities. As a new CIO, it is known that this team consist of permanent members of same department with different opinions. This would be the challenging task to deal with it.

In respect to CIO, there are lot of problems found in team cohesion. the first thing is that every regional head or its employees working for common purpose but its pattern of working is different. This creates lot of mis understanding or problem in coordinating of work. Apart from this, the attitude of seniors like regional CIO or leader are not up to the mark as they followed self-managed team policy where team-members are responsible for their own performances. This kind of area never contribute team coordination. Similarly, there is problem of genuine communication as during meeting time teams are complaining about receiving information on time. Besides that, there is absences of respect or dignity among the people as members during zoom meeting indulge with their I-pad or blackberry and didn’t show right professional behavior (Moßhammer et al., 2016). This clearly shown their missing involvement within the organization members. These instances made realize of actual problem of lack of proper structure of team-management due to which disrespect or poor coercion problem get occurred in the firm. however, regional IT-leaders diverse background or attitudes also raised concern about the directing of different team in one direction. It is found that different regional IT leaders consist of different culture, views or style to influences the people. This diversity also create issue for regional team to coordinate well and it become a major cause behind the communication gap between teams or with regional CIO.

  1. How do you think the team evolved to this low level of cooperation and cohesiveness?


In respect to embrace the team collaboration to a higher level, the first thing for evolution requires for the successful execution of leadership. this would help to create productive working environment. however, team must see that the leadership within the firm works together as a team to accomplish goals. the leader must present the importance’s or coercion in team for achieving personal or group development (O’Brien and Deng, 2017). This can be done through conduct training session so that team-members build a sense of recognition or start accomplishing each other. this process could help the team leader to get proper coordination in work and this also support to timely provide result to regional CIO and then to headquarter based CIO. This process would allow to proper smoothly flow of information. Along with this, the evolution of team is also dependent upon the ethical policies as it is the one that guide the individuals about what is right or wrong. as per the case, it is cleared that new CIO found lack of respect or dignity in the team-members for their leader or seniors. This affects the firm working environment and become a major reason behind delay in work results (Christensen et al., 2017). In respect to this, the evolution would be occurred when firm develop right monitoring system to ensure the ethics is following by members. the monitoring system should be directed to take strict actions for the wrong behavior or appreciate the right ones through use of reward or recognition. This kind of practice helps to encourage the team to work with mutual understanding and indulge with right behavior or code of conduct while working at workplace. This evolution could also sort the problem of poor communication problem as well. Therefore, the team evolution is largely depended upon the actions that CIO or regional leader take for dealing with this critical situation.

MCR003 Management Attributes and Skills Assignment Sample

  1. What would you do to help turn this collection of individual regional and department heads into a top-performing team?


The turning into low-performing team into top one then the improvements must start with communication area where organization must provide necessary resources to teams. It involves the comfortable work spaces where team can work together. In case team works in different regions then the team leader must emphasis of video conferencing to work together remotely. Thus, this practice could facilitate high performances due to work with sharing information constantly able to move in one direction. It results into development of high-team spirit (Fang et al., 2018). However, the decentralization of power could also work for building coercion as leader along-with delegation of work can give authority to individuals so that they could important decisions at the time of urgency. This kind of practice also support to feel recognition and satisfied members always support others to grow and achieve the goal. similarly, it is found that team-building become easier when individuals meet outside of workplace. In that case, leader can initiative about the conduct of informal meeting or recreational activities to encourage the people bonding. This practice definitely presents the best result in the professional task as well. This is because if an individual gets a familiarity about other behavior or skills then at the time of difficulty in task knows well where to go for help. Thus, this kind of process supports to get the large coordination of people which turns into high-performances. Therefore, it become important for CIO to adopt right team-coercion strategies in terms to get the right responses of team-members (Hauser et al., 2016). The team-building is much important in present scenario to accomplish the desired results as without team-spirit firm can’t survive so long in this competitive business environment. That’s why, firm new CIO must carry out these stated strategies in the workplace for achieving team coordination or coercion.


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