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Change in the management is referred to as the system in which an organization or individual can establish protocols that can allow the organization to prepare, furnish and support the individual who wants to change the structure and function of the organization to develop strategies that can provide long term success to the organization. With the involvement of the change in the organization, the management of the organization gets altered which can provide both positives as well as negative impacts on the operation that occurs within the organization. Change in the management includes various actions that involve the involvement of different individuals that can produce different kinds of impact that can help the organization to provide future scopes that can allow the organization to look after the issues (Rosenbaum et al., 2018). On the other hand, change in management has different approaches and concepts that can help any organization to develop strategies related to the completion of projects that occur within the organization which includes quality of work, productivity, the scope of resources, and time required to complete the task on time (Velikorossov, et al., 2020). In this assessment, the company that has been chosen is Crimewatch safeguard security system limited and this assessment is divided into two parts. The first part includes the parameters that are included in the management of change in the organization while the second part includes the reflective practice skills that are required by a manager to establish relative skills while developing changes in the organization. Moreover, through this assessment, the issues that arose in the Crimewatch safeguard security system limited have been analyzed and examined.


Crimewatch safeguard security system limited is a security system supplier that was established in the year 1982 and the company has been accredited by National Security Inspectorate (NSI) and the company has been awarded the gold standard. Crimewatch safeguard security system limited provides different kinds of products and services that are associated with the security supplies and such services includes security solutions, provides training to those who want to install security systems in their house or offices, and provides different kinds of security solutions (Reynolds, 2016.). The company provides CCTV cameras, fire alarms, remote monitoring, different kinds of electronic barriers that are used for security solutions, and burglar alarms. The company also provides man guard security solutions with promising security guards. However, Crimewatch safeguards security system limited faces several issues related to the implementation of security products and electronic barriers and the company also faces issues related to the installation of such products in the house and office of their customers. This issue has allowed the organization to develop strategies to bring change in the management. With the help of different factors involved in the Crimewatch safeguard security system limited company, the organization can develop strategies that can help them to resolve such challenges and can bring long-term success in their organization (Burroughs, 2019). The company is looking forward to providing quality service to its customers to maintain its brand name and image so that they can expand their sphere in a foreign land.



The change in management in crime watch safeguard security systems limited to having the right processes and equipment that can help to counter the issues that generate after the alteration in management.

In a regulated environment, the quality system needs to spark innumerable touchpoints for change in the documentation, investigation, causes of the root, and many more (Alsharari, 2019). Part of these processes requires actual documentation of standard operating procedures, institutional work, and policies to actual changes to processes or products for the organization.

In case of the crime watch, safeguard security system does change in management software solution which is framed for the organization like the manufacturer of CCTV, Burglar Alarms, control of access, fire alarms, electronic barriers, remote monitoring that have operated from CCTV monitoring system.

Up-gradation in precise alignment in documentation with proper changes that identify issues for the process of central documentation that needs to be tightly regulated and precisely reviewed. Besides, the company needs to ensure traceability by adding a proper trial of the audit. Highly effective alteration in management solutions that keep the changes well documented and clear which is particularly for the documents which come within the content.  Another factor is juggling multiple simultaneous changes that are created by corrective action preventive action.


Four key individual issues by the different ways that have set up success for the organization. An organization having a team that is led by a skilled, motivated, and cohesive team which have put additional effort is bound to organizational success (Belias, D et al, 2019). The organization must study four dice factors that are used to figure out issues from an individual. Several factors have been identified to figure out the individual issues,

Lack of clear aim and success criteria

One of the most important requirements is clarity for successfully running the business and the individual lack of severe management issues (Binci, 2019). Studies have mentioned that 40% of the business management fail individual issues which are created due to lack of management planning and clearly defined goals.

Significantly, business management comes up with the business project qualifying by setting up milestones and maintaining quality tests. Besides, business management has a clear vision of superior management and consumers.

Lack of communication

It is extremely important that to run successful business effective communication of business management of the organization is required (Desmond, 2019). The organization requires a timely and transparent method to ensure communication between the stakeholder and those who are involved in the business process. For business, organizations communication is the biggest issue.

Miscommunication is crucial for the business organization and harms their teamwork. It may cause conflicts among the members of the team that can dynamically detain business management.

To deal with this issue, the management perhaps depends on different associative and management related software which is available in the market to make sure that every individual is getting updated. This associative tool not only makes it easier for business management but also ensures greater clarity in the business process and transparency within the individual.

Budgeting issues

In an effective change in business management, effective financial issues are the greatest hurdles in business management (Meck, 2020). A study revealed that 48.6% of production managers reported the cost for alteration in business management challenges they faced by the organization. Effective cost management trying to avoid the different complications that business management face and thrive towards good and effective results.

Inadequate skills of individuals

Individual performance highly relies on skill levels. As business management, they can create the most favorable environment the individual possesses the required skills to counter the problems that are bound to break. This issue is huge with the consent of the business that can be solved with precise experience and foresight.

To deal with this issue, effective business management is greatly required for business management skills and market competencies and assessment that is readily available for the workforce to estimate whether the present task is required for some additional employee or not.

Lack of accountability

Business management performs well when every individual performs well when a member of the business management tries to fulfill the respective role mentioned to them.

Effective business managers precisely allocate the responsibility with management authority and lead the management towards the usual goal of successfully running the business (Palacios et al, 2020).

Scope creep

The natural and expected phenomenon for the change in management is scope creep. 50% of the management individuals reported that scope creep is continuously facing the trends which continue to thrive upward. Consumers who don’t understand what they demand and have indefinite requirements from business management.

Being proactive with the consumer engagement enduring the phase of planning that can help to decipher the actual requirement. It is also significant not to delay the request that can add cost.

Inadequate risk management

Making a contingency plan has the most aspects of business project management that can produce various possibilities (Za, 2020). The responsibility of the management comes up with the change in the plan being governed by every individual. The risk management system helps to recognize the various types of risk and fix them.

The agile business project management the measure of work that is finished in a single spirit of which is combined by taking input from all the stakeholders.


Business organizations deal in various activities and operations which are diverse in the fields of their expertise. With the increasing nature of work procedures and operations conflicts and challenges tend to arise which must be addressed and attended by the management, concerned officials, and leaders to reduce possibilities of serious issues and conflicts that might turn nasty and ultimately affect the organization (Acquisti et al., 2017). The researcher has proposed to present a systematic analysis of the change management procedures which are common in the industries and how managers cope up with the aspects. The researcher has provided all his insights regarding the various challenges and issues that are faced by the organization in their change management from the team’s perspective. The researcher has been assumed to be an intern or an employee who has been working for CRIMEWATCH SAFEGUARD SECURITY SYSTEMS. LTD and has considerably faced issues and challenges in the company which has resulted in the business organization to initiate change management among the team members to reduce the intensity of the challenges (Buheji, 2018). The company has been providing safety and security measures in the UK which is a familiar company but due to their diversified work operations, the company has been facing challenges. A proper and channelized change management has been initiated by the company. One of the major and genuine problems is a lack of communication among the present members. Informal and formal communication is one of the major tasks in an organization and between members which will help reduce the gaps in the work procedures. Communication is an essential aspect that reduces the possibilities of work rumors and speculations which might sweep the organization and create a lack of trust thus making it difficult for the members to embrace the change (Cai., 2019). All these have related to conflicts, planning of the various organizational decisions, and resistance in major decisions.

Business organizations and work practices remain dynamic in the ever-changing business world which tends to face certain challenges and drawbacks which need to be ensured by the change manager. It is the ultimate responsibility of the change manager of an organization to address the various challenges and the issues and strategically formulate the ideas and opinions to embrace change in the organization by achieving the objectives.

However, these changes must be analyzed by the organizational owners by relating them with the Nudge theory which allows certain suggestions and recommendations that are studied from the analysis.

The nudge theory is a concept that makes use of behavioral science, politics, and economics to apply change management in the organization (Pietrabissa et al., 2019). The basic essence of the theory is to nudge an individual or inspire them to undertake major changes. It helps in identifying the existing influences and also makes additional efforts to eliminate them or change them to an extent. While undertaking major changes in the organization or among the employees, there might raise some deviations which are necessary to be addressed and implemented. Certain unhelpful nudges might be accidental. The main aim of the nudge theory is to undertake and analyze the major deviations in the behavior of the individuals and work upon the management and understanding of the influences which lead to the changes in the behavior of the individuals. This theory is formulated to focus on the various designs which are incorporated to direct the choices and influence the preferences (Wang et al., 2020). This theory aims to design the analysis in such a way that the choices of the people are aligned in the way they think and decide.

The essential part of the nudging process which matters the most in a business process is affected in the desired change in management that must involve in process of decision making. Another factor is feedback receptive, which is the most efficient technique of nudge. The feedback is coming from the employees or it comes from the customers and feedback learn is important for the business process. Another factor is to remove bottlenecks. The role of team leaders and the management facilitates to remove the bottlenecks that are thriving towards change in management. Change leaders can get carry from the employees and all around the stakeholders.


The push to change the job remains incredibly dynamic under normal circumstances. Yet COVID-19 delays and demands institutional change. For Stylize, the business owner must perform a critical analysis to ensure the company is moving in the right direction by moving to organizational goals. To execute the transition process and manage the changes, the company owner can use the suggestions and models below.

The company owner should follow the above model with the Lewin Change Management Model to execute the change procedure in three stages. In the first step of Unfreeze, as above, the model is used and the owner of the business has to look for and raise consciousness about the improvements, the importance, and the need to improve in these main situations to save his job. The business owner is to gain funding and create a program to boost his loyal staff. In the second level of transition, the company owner will easily acknowledge challenges by attending daily meetings to answer the issues, voicing the need for changes as an internal need. The stylized owner should become the role model, organize and achieve fast wins, and encourage staff to find opportunities to solve new challenges. The owner should promote staff inclusion and time to respond to transition. During the final cooling process, owners can guarantee leadership support by educating staff to create inspiration in a modern online market and provide them with preparation and experience to accomplish their corporate objectives. With the Lewin Change model, the stylistic owner will eliminate employee tensions and thus encourage employees to adapt to potential changes in jobs.

This theory is less sure regarding the process and impact of transition. The process of transition includes monitoring and advancing towards new modes of operation and a quality assurance goal. The organization should be prepared for the dynamic and complementary partnership between the evaluation and the changes process.

In the theory of the social world, the process of transformation is again less precise. The status quo is undermined by the comparison of a new order. One can acknowledge that there was also the temptation of finding a compromise on two power agendas of changing programs. The operation accepted that negotiations and decision-making were worthwhile. They searched at areas where the targets of the exercise were by what the external strategy wanted to meet. The importance of understanding, bridging, managing, and promoting an appropriate community in an open forum cannot be diminished despite its effect on the concept of modernization. Successful measures to address cultural issues in organizations, to improve business capabilities and performance, were established in this study. While these strategies rage on a very simple level in many respects, the technology or form for transforming the environment is adapted by management techniques to organizations in the area of organization management,” it is our responsibility to make it into practice as supervisors, managers, and policymakers. It emphasizes that over the past few decades managers have been inspired by an important trend in management philosophy to try to establish successful corporate cultures. “It was recognized that the directors of a struggle for dominance would greatly benefit if all their workers were to respect the values written in the Corporate Bible, in particular, if you could write the Bible yourself.” Certain companies are calculated to be aware of or to follow the fingerprints of managers’ aspirations and expectations. To assess whether a cultural transition has become a skewed growth and/or obstacles or problems, it is important to track cultural change that can undermine the organization’s cultural ethos and its hidden presumptions (culture mapping exercises or cultural awareness programs).

If we do not aim at changing our thoughts it will be very tough to change. Using the strategic way to change escorting in the new processes is comparatively easier than it is thought. All are affected by the changes. With the change in management in organizational ways, one can smoothly transition into the age of business which is new. The Capacity to get better will symbolize the character of the organization. To communicate is very much required to set terror to the others. In addition to this to cheer up the members of the team who are very unwilling to hold on to the changes with confidence. It is expected to help one decrease the issues that have been experienced to a change that can succeed. To defend the business this paper will find some issues. The issues are faced by leaders (Meck, 2020). The emotions like threats and unpredictability can be summoned by the changes in an organizational way. Being a leader it is one’s liability to help his employees to deal with the issues. The leader has to make sure to cope up with the issues his staff is facing and get the solution to it. While doing the work regarding his organization an active leader will go through the issues in the change of management which is organizational. To not be impatient is the main point, and the leader ought to co-operate with its employees. This can be done by telling the stories and experiences of the leaders and acknowledging theirs. One has to be used to the changes to explore more broadly. The advantages of the processes which are in a very organized manner will be gained by the company. It can be broken by the leader if they do not talk to the employees of the company. It is very tough for the organization to enhance the change if faith is deficient (Meiler, 2020). This will happen when the fake words are spread in the organization. Employees should get an acknowledgment of what is happening in the company. This is because unreliability will hamper the works of the employees. The employees need to get into the updations. If this will not happen, the staff of the company will feel that they are detached from the company and they will lack the workforce.


One of the ideas most commonly used and widely used was reflective types from Kolb. Psychologist David Kolb outlined the first theory of reflective cycles in 1984. He also assumed that due to our biology, professional expectations, and current environment parameters our reflective habits arose. Kolb has developed an experiential teaching philosophy and inventory of reflection techniques, along with the four identifying various types of reflection. Reflective is used as a four-stage phase in its information philosophy. The basis for observation is originally clear and special interactions (Lordkipanidze, 2018). Then the individual reflects on these remarks and starts to assign the context of this knowledge a hypothesis. In the next step, the learner forms complex ideas and generalizations based on my theory. The pupil then follows on from the new conditions the effect of these principles.

Two key facets of the reflection identified by Kolb are active/emotive and abstract/specific

The Converger

Persons of this type possess abstract and active experimental skills that dominate. I have been unbelievably trained to include values in practice. The right solution or alternative to a question is better to try where it is feasible.

The Diverger

The core factual knowledge and reflection powers of the Converger are different attributes. I am very pleased to see the larger picture in this style of study as an important whole and community with little knowledge. Amateur people are emotional and imaginative and are hungry for new ideas (Tomkins and Ulus, 2016). Musicians, artists, experts, and individuals who are strongly interested in the arts, sciences, and liberal arts prefer to take up this type of education.

Although the dynamic phénomene of postmodernism is a daunting task to explain, its important components, their mutual engagement, and every member’s enthusiasm contribute to a more fundamental interpretation of the phenomenons. There are some mechanisms of classical identity legislation that will alter existentialism in the next few years (Tveteraas and Falk, 2016). I assume that learning is an enabling tool to analyze the situation, take steps to take action, and condemn learning. The role of leaders today is very critical for the first successful performance of an enterprise. Also, if people can successfully lead the effective change management style, they can become effective leaders for the future. As a result of the knowledge, the efficacy and care of each leader are dictated by different forms of change management. I think that managers can learn to deal with the global workforce in organizations themselves.

Meola (2016) argues that managers benefit from their immediate work environment that affects their reflexion abilities, their work experience. On the other hand, leaders are ready to swap insights. I will also like to be a leader in the future in my workplace, and I want to pave the way for progress. I understood from my skills and experience that it will serve the organization’s decisions and build an overall image to research and establish a knowledge base. Although change management has no real importance, leaders can reduce the situation. In Krasnoff’s opinion, managers require good change management, management capabilities, flexible mentalities, progressive thinking, decision-making, the sophistication of the individual, and faith in new challenges.

Leaders must have or develop their expertise by training within the organization. They should have integrated change management experience. I agree that a good leader allows his peers to develop their ability to inspire and share skills to strengthen their abilities. I think that while leaders have good technical capabilities, they require practical experience to identify answers to the challenges. Daskal (2016) believes that leaders can only empathize with their partners and employees with their talents, but they may also contribute more effectively to achieving their organizational goals. At this time, I learned how it is important to be an outstanding learner, even though studying is important. The organization will take steps and change the tactics to achieve its goals. And Crochet. Al. (2018) identified the connection between learning and change management and a significant factor in organizational success. And I can introduce them. And I can. It would need a fantastic leader while I reflect on what I learned. I will need inspiration often to help people do their homework so that I can be encouraged by Emerald Party.

 I understand that it takes time to develop a culture of reverence and those who work under me are not usually taught higher ethical expectations. Any good programs and theses are only successful if they are used properly and skill testing is carried out. The importance of his speech and job needs to be central to a leader. I want more transparency, more trust with my counterparts, and subordinates to be able to set them free to meet my organization’s goals if I see myself in the future as a mentor.


In line with the reflexive theory of Kolb, I am the Converger. Convergers are specialized in logical interpretation and conception. One of the most precious talents I consider and build numerical models. I seem to be more interested in philosophical philosophies than in humans, but the actual application of philosophy does not concern them too much. This type of reflection seems to be found in mathematics and basic sciences. Convergers also benefit from work needed for testing and planning. I am ideally positioned for this type of education to provide real interactions and successful evaluations. The Converger style is the other way around. I have a passion and life preparation experiments. Skilled convergers are. Convergence tends to be the highest risk for students among all four types of reflection. I have thought well and randomly changed my plans in response to new knowledge. Typically, I have picked an error and problem-solving test. Many of them work in specific sectors, such as distribution and marketing.


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