Management of Research Methods

Management of Research Methods Assignment 2020


Major aspects such as ontological epistemological, axiological and paradigmatic will be considered in the following essay.

These are used in the management research so that it could have a presentation of relevant data and information in the research.

t also requires proper usage of methods so that data could be easily understood and relate with the study paper.

Different research methods are used in the research for having accurate data and information in the research so that it could help in meeting with the objectives and aims.

Major aspects such as ontological epistemological, axiological and paradigmatic are used in the research so that it would meet with the requirement and have effective data in the management research.

The ontology research method is used for knowing the reality as this makes the usage of information or data which proves the fact that took place in real. Justification to the reality can be expressed with different viewpoints and it requires evidence for proving the same.

It makes the usage of the system which consists of beliefs and reflects upon the interpretation made by an individual (Siebert et al., 2016). It deals with the nature of reality and the evidence which are placed with it for ensuring its reality in the research. Whereas, epistemology is the study which is used to know the process in order to prove the viewpoint which is presented in the research.

It deals with the nature of research with the concern of using the knowledge that carries possibilities, limitations, sources and nature in the study.

In research different philosophy are used, which carry perspective with evidence for proving the reality and moving towards reality.

Axiology is the major branch of research philosophy which is used to add value to the research by having different stages to be used in the research.

This is required for understanding the value of research and seeks to understand the facts which are used in the research.

Management of Research Methods

A paradigm is set perceptual orientations and assumptions which are used to identify the best suitable method used in the research. This includes the views of the community towards the phenomena used in research methods. This majorly makes the usage of qualitative research and presents accurate data with different aspects (Peers, 2018).

It is evident in the research to make the effective use of methods in the research.

The research methodology is a critical and essential part in the research which needs to be used in an effective manner as this makes the management research to rely upon it totally.

This carries different methods with pros and cons so that it could help in managing the research so that it could be used in the research with relevant data and figures.

The research majorly used qualitative and quantitative research methods which involve primary and secondary research methods as research needs to have diversified data (Mohajan, 2018).

It would help in deriving the accurate data which is presented in the management research so that it could have data which is accurate to the research.

The procedure is, for the most part, attempted for distinguishing, examining and assessing the gathered data in a legitimate way.

There are various kinds of instruments and systems to look into a procedure that can be utilized by the analyst for making inferences inside the restricted timeframe.

With the assistance of these kinds of techniques, the specialist will have the option to accumulate progressively applicable information for finishing the examination in this pre-decided time (Saunders and Bezzina, 2015). The structure is for the most part utilized by a scientist for finishing the exploration inside the restricted timeframe.

Significant and indispensable choices can be effectively attempted by utilizing diverse research structure strategies. By utilizing this kind of strategy specialist will have the option to make consistent determinations in a compelling way.

The two fundamental sorts of research structures are engaging and exploratory research. With the assistance of engaging strategy,the hypothetical examination of the gathered information will be effectively done by the scientist (Elliott et al., 2012).

While by utilizing exploratory structure technique better comprehension of the examination point can be effectively done by a specialist.

Inductive and deductive research methods are used for generating data so that they could meet with the scope and aims of the study.

The deductive approach is used for having testing theory while the inductive approach is used for having new theory which has been emerged from data (Farrokhyar et al., 2014).

The inductive research approach is associated and based on qualitative research method whereas deductive research approach is based on a quantitative research method. Research methods are used in the research so that the adequacy of data could take place (Braguglia and Jackson, 2012).

The qualitative research method is based on the attitude, behaviour and beliefs of the people as this is associated with the assumption of the people. This is presented in a semi-structured form which is easy to understand and have relevant data in the research.

On the other hand, quantitative research method makes the usage of data taken from the respondents which are primary in nature. The data is based over opinion, attitudes and values of the people presented in a structured form.

This is required for meeting with the needs of the research and has data to be presented in numerical and statistical form (Basias and Pollalis, 2018).

The research needs tohave adequate data with the usage of relevant research methodology so that it could be presented in a relevant manner.


From the above essay, it has been concluded that researchers need to have proper usage of research methods so that it could have relevant data in the study.

It needs to focus over the aspects and assumption which are based on different methods so that it could accuracy of data.

Major aspects such as ontological epistemological, axiological and paradigmatic have been explained in the above study.


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