Managing people

Reflection Report – Managing people and Organizations


This reflection report defines the experiences that have been gained by me during my training session that was completed by me as a management trainee under a well-known organization. During this training session, I and another four trainees were in a group and I was the team leader who had the responsibility to manage the group accordingly and accomplish the given task efficiently.

At this time, I observed that there were four to five groups of the 20 trainees and it was the HR’s responsibility to provide the task to all of those groups and it was also HR manager’s responsibility to ensure that all the activities are being accomplished as per the guidelines.

In this manner, I analyzed that the HR manager did proper planning by discussing with his colleagues in concern of the activities that need to be allotted to those groups. In this manner, HR manager made a list of those tasks and allotted to each group one by one and then conducted a monitoring on a regular basis so that they could be capable to complete the task effectively.

On the basis of the above activities, I can mention that I learned the skills of planning and organizing the task under the organization along with the hard pressure from the seniors.

In addition to above, I also observed that while planning and organizing the task, the HR manager allotted the task to all the groups as per their capabilities, skills and their experiences so that the task can be done in a proper manner.

In this manner, I came to know that during distributing the task, my HR manager who was also the mentor of all the groups, adopted the democratic leadership in which the members of the group play a more participative role under the decision-making process so that the operations of an organization can be conducted effectively.

At this time, because of his democratic leadership style, all the trainees were happy because they got an opportunity to conduct the task as per their understanding.

But due to the Democratic leadership, there were a number of consequences that have been faced by HR manager as because of more participative behavior of the trainees, the tasks that had been provided to the groups, got delayed as the members found more liberty.

In this manner, the HR manager had to adopt a monitoring strategy in order to analyze all the activities so that the control over time can be implemented. At the same time, it was also observed by me that due to the controlling under the organization, all the tasks had been completed on time and the results could be presented to the management in an effective and efficient manner.

Thus, on the basis of the above incident, I can mention that time was the greater factor that should have focused by the HR manager while managing the tasks because all the tasks got delayed in order to complete them. So, I can depict that if I get the opportunity in the future, I will be more focused in terms of time so that all the allocated tasks can be accomplished on time.

Managing people


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