MAR030-3 Specialist Project Assignment Sample


This presentation has been prepared to show the evidence of the application of learnings that have been derived from the results of the proposal. The paper is based on the effectiveness of implementing leadership within the pharmaceutical industry. This further involves several contents, including the themes, scope, findings of the research question, identification and fulfilment of the research gaps, and the following steps to be taken.

Re-statement of the themes and scope of the tasks

Appropriate leadership style in the pharmaceutical organization helps the organization manage and handle the activities in a disciplined and structured manner (Al Khajeh, 2018).The themes as per the paper are the application of emotional intelligence of the leaders and analysis of the management practices adopted by the leaders in the success of the cited industry. The tasks within the research demonstrate the scope of applying leadership in improvising the performance and productivity of the industry throughout the world. On the other hand, ineffective leadership can affect the overall growth and success of the industry in a negative manner. It is revealed from the themes of the project that modern organizations believe in the execution of knowledge-oriented leadership that is appropriate for the open innovation within the pharma organization. Apart from this, effective leadership increases the credibility of the organizational management in a professional manner.

The renewed focus of the project and why

The new and renewed focus of the project can be on assessing the traits of the leaders that are required to be implied within the industry. This is because the leaders must possess several key attributes and characteristics that can help enhance the organization’s overall performance (Gandolfi and Stone, 2018). These can be communication, setting a good example, motivation, flexibility, or authenticity. The attributes of the leader make them different from others, and these traits are further applied effectively in motivating and inspiring the subordinates.

Research questions and the findings

The research questions within the study are assessing the roles and importance of leadership in pharmaceutical organizations and how it can benefit the organization. Thus, the critical research question is to identify the best way and effective leadership that can enhance the profitability of the selected industry. On the basis of the research questions, it has been found that effective leadership is beneficial in establishing a structure and solid foundation of the company. In addition to this, this is also useful in setting clear goals, expectations, mission, vision, and objectives for the success of the enterprise (Hussain and Hassan, 2016). Moreover, the findings can be described as applying emotional intelligence in the industry to incorporate a positive change and attitude among the employees that can increase job satisfaction.

How has the project as a whole moved on since the proposal?

Since the proposal moved on, the project has focused on the goals and vision of the project. The project proposal outlined the scope and purpose of the research. Further, it has moved on in a structured manner by including the introduction, implying theoretical frameworks, explaining key themes, and applying research methodology. The significant frameworks used in the project are the Boyden leadership model and the transformational leadership model. As per the Boyden model, the pharma industry needs to implement an entrepreneurial approach because it plays a crucial role in incorporating creativity and innovation (Yahaya and Ebrahim, 2016).

On the contrary, the transformational leadership model motivates employees encourages creativity and individual monitoring. Furthermore, the project continues with a detailed description of the two themes and research methodology. For this section, secondary data collection has been taken into consideration.

Where are the research gaps?

This research project has some gaps, including the use of a single industry that is the focus of this project on the pharma industry only. Leadership is a crucial concept and phenomenon for every industry as it helps manage organizational performance (Cope and Murray, 2017). There exists a research gap within the project as it lacks the practical application of the leadership attributes within the organization. I feel that there are several gaps or limitations within the project, and these can be taken into consideration further.

Way to fill these gaps?

These research gaps can be filled by correctly identifying them. To make a significant contribution to the study, it is essential to thoroughly explore the wide range of contributions from related fields. In order to fill such gaps, it is required to develop results that can be more interpretable across the studies. I feel that the identified gaps for the research project can be fulfilled by considering other industries while assessing the leadership importance. In addition to this, I believe that several other essential leadership models can be described in a detailed manner.

MAR030-3 Specialist Project Assignment Sample

What are the next steps?

My next steps are to get organized and articulate my research topic. I have understood that it is significant to identify the possible sources of the information and data in various types and formats to construct a compelling research study.Furthermore, I have to be more effective in assessing the literature gaps and fulfilling them. My emphasis will be on planning the research project appropriately, writing and organizing helpful notes, and keeping track of the sources. I am also affirmed that I will evaluate sources using appropriate criteria and synthesize, analyze, and integrate the information sources.

Conclude with three critical thoughts for the final project

  • It can be said that the selected project involves the elaboration of the significance of effective leadership. It is based on the leadership approaches used within the pharma industry. It has been disclosed that the inability of the application of suitable leadership can lead to increased problems and challenges for the industry.
  • The key intention of the leadership is to fulfill the bridge between the leaders and subordinates to ensure the success and growth of the industry.
  • For the final project, it can be concluded that besides leadership styles, traits and attributes of the leaders can also be discussed.
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