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The report has shed its light on the understanding of competition being led between several other handsets in the mobile industry. The rivalry between Samsung and Apple has been discussed in the overall study with respect to create awareness among the readers. Both the companies certify the competition level as well as the startup of the rivalry has been discussed in the paper.


The mobile industry is known as one of the largest operating industries across the globe with the delivery of the best products and services to customers across the countries. Individual customers and people around the world with several and different age groups are using the products of the mobile industry. The study will reflect on the rivalry between Samsung and Apple from past times within the mobile industry. The competition level of both companies will be reflected within the study with the use of an efficient graph to reflect on the understanding of the statement discussion on Samsung and iPhone.


The rivalry and higher competition within Samsung and Apple are known to be operating since the year 2010. The recession behind the rivalry to exist within the market segment of the mobile industry was due to the copyright by Samsung on the features of Apple iPhone (Brandt, 2021). In reference to Figure 1, it is true to be stated that there is no connection or relationship between Apple and Samsung. Both the companies are known to be getting involved is within the Worldwide Corporate battles which were known to have started in the year of 2010.

MAR036-2 Economics Assignment

In the year 2010, one of the suppliers of Apple intends to release the features and functions of iPhone. Further, the facilities of the iPhone were known to be copied by one of the products of Samsung, which was Galaxy Lineup. Over the act being led by the business aspects of Samsung, the CEO of Apple was furious enough at the fact that soon Samsung will intend to copy the business facts and function of Apple’s products. The business model of the iPhone might be copied or might be followed by the products being known to be sold by the business functions of Samsung (Brandt, 2021). After in the year 2011, a legal war was known to be set between the products and services of Samsung and Apple. In reference to Figure 2, there were several losses being covered by Apple in the year 2011 due to the copyright behavior of Samsung over the production of the Galaxy lineup with the features and capability of the iPhone.

MAR036-2 Economics Assignment figure1

According to the research of Sloman and Jones (2018), both the conscious will never be able to make any good connection with each other. The act in the past has led to the creation of a great barrier to the connection and chance of developing any kind of relationship between both the companies. In context to the overall understanding of the rivalry and level of competition between Samsung and iPhone, the mobile market for both of the market is known to be operating at a higher completion level. From the perspective of the business model being known to be used by the iPhone in terms of developing the value of the product within the market, the two of the companies are constantly converging and modifying.

MAR036-2 Economics Assignment figure2

The theory of Thorstein Veblen is the theory of leisure class which defines the ability of an organization to compete with others. It is the economic theory which leads to be managing on opinions to be given to the organization to be efficient in competing within the operating industries. Managing the social satisfaction is of the employees in relevance to the overall management of business prospect to manage the demand and preferences of the customers.

MAR036-2 Economics Assignment figure3

Samsung is being referred to as one of the finest companies to be operating across the globe as the sale of Electronic gadgets such as cell phones, refrigerators and other electronic appliances. In reference to Figure 4, the company intends to be operating as several other Asian producers for distributing its products across the globe to be increasing the market segment as well as the share market.

MAR036-2 Economics Assignment figure4

The company is known to be an emphasis on the vertical integration with developing products to be flooded within the target market of Samsung. Referring to Figure 5, the business of Samsung is known to be presented in dozens of markets, which includes the LED lights, flat panels, batteries and many other sales of the products (Cain, 2021). Before the turn in the sights of the business being led by Samsung over the market competition, both the companies such as Apple and Samsung competed and in many cases, both companies were known to be best. The compression over the Japanese products, both the company has a tough competition to be led.

MAR036-2 Economics Assignment figure5

The business ability of Samsung is known to be operating in the form of vertical integration as a chief competitive advantage. However, with respect to the business functions of Apple, the company intends to import billions of dollars’ worth of the products in comparison to its rivalry over the years. In comparison to the business being led by Samsung, Apple is being referred to as one of the most focused companies to be operating within the mobile industry. In accordance with the research on target marketing, product design and research, the ability of the company to be operative and competitive within any industry, Apple has that capability (Jiang, 2021). Apple’s business succeeded in integration and design of the products as well as the services as well as no small degree of risk is known to be involved within the company. The design of the program being included within the products of Apple such as within the iPhone, the program intends to work well with each other. Hence, over the mobile industry, it has been stated that there is no such competition to the iPhone as the product of Apple with any other mobile products of several other companies.

MAR036-2 Economics Assignment figure6


From the above discussion it can be ethically stated that Apple is known to be operating as one of the most successful mobile companies to be operating across several; other countries across the globe. The competing level of both the company has initially become an ideal for the other operating companies being known to be involved within the same industry. With the use of the graph and data within the study, it has become easier for the readers to understand the level of rivalry and competition between the two of Samsung and Apple.

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