Marketers are not doing enough in directing their target market towards sustainable Consumption

“Marketers are not doing enough in directing their target market towards sustainable Consumption”             


Marketing and business promotional activities, has undergone through tremendous changes due to the expansion of the operations to different markets in the world. Sustainable consumption is a term used for approaching the clients across the world.

The report examines the positive factors related to the marketing strategies and the promotional activities. Buyers are interested in the purchase of hygiene products that causes less environmental damages (Khan, 2013). Strategies are prepared by the companies for improving the value of the sustainable growth for different sized organizations.

Promotional works adopted by different marketing companies doesn’t eely support the concept of the sustainable product consumption. It is because of the unawareness of the knowledge and the information required to be shared with the potential buyers.

In the sustainability plan, the management is expected to communicate the positive information about the products and services. It assists in promoting the products and encourages the buyers to gather the relevant information about the products. The positive features like the environmental benefits and other relate aspects are shared with the clients.

Through the information sharing process, the companies share the required information for finding new markets for the product launch. A reliable method is adopted for fining new customers for the products sold to the clients.

Sustainable marketing strategies are based on the technical development, which helps in expanding the operations to different markets. The marketing concept needs to be clearly mentioned and communicated with the clients.

This assists in increasing the value of the sustainable marketing concept that improves the product sales and its value. Companies also follow the sustainability plans that assist in sharing the product related details relevant for increasing the sales and the value of the products for the clients.

Thus social responsibility becomes a new challenge for the marketer. By fulfilling a social responsibility towards protecting the social and environmental factors will also help to increase the brand image in the market.

But incorporate with the social sustainability the cost is more and organizations are more focusing on spending less to earn more. But the future benefits of following sustainability marketing are more and help to build up a stronger image in the market. The marketing strategies act in the favor of the companies that are involved in the sales of different types of products and services.

Marketing managers ensure to share the right product related information with the clients. It assists in sharing the relevant product related information with the buyers, and influence the decision of the product buyers.

Products that cause less harm to the environment are introduced for the clients. This process helps in the marketing and the promotional activities for the company.

But to protect and save the natural resources is a joint responsibility of everyone in society. (Seyfang, 2009)Thus where organization exists and actually sells their products it becomes the responsibility of the firm to promote the purchase of sustainable products so that people get an encouragement to consume sustainable products.

With the increase in the size of market the number of consumers are also increasing and to fulfill the demand of the consumers more resources are being used thus in such a case it becomes more important for the marketer to consider the sustainable consumption to save the environmental and economic factors of nation.

Marketing strategies and the promotional activities are designed to deal with different challenges that impact the performances of the company. Awareness is created amongst the buyers for attracting the buyers, and to improve the future marketing policies and strategies.

These changes are introduced as a part of the sustainable business developmental plan, which assists in improving the health and the knowledge of the buyers. So it is an implied condition for the marketers to promote the environmental friendly products. (OECD, 2008)

Marketers are not doing enough in directing


In a concise all the above discussion has clearly highlights that now a day’s marketers are more emphasizing on participating in the competition rather than promoting the sustainable consumption in the market.

Complexity in the market results in organizations are more focusing on increasing their market share despite of the fact that it will cause a harm to the environmental factors. In today’s business world it is necessary to protect the social and environmental factor and it can be used as a competitive advantage by the organizations.

Thus in near future the concept of environmental factor becomes an important competitive strength to compete with the competitors. However It is true as well that firms in the market are not taking a concept of sustainability seriously in implementing their marketing policies because financial manager thinks that spending on the sustainable resources are more and instant of concentrating on the these resources they give more concentration to the commercial moves for increasing their profits.


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