BU7402 Marketing Across Boundaries Assignment Sample

1. Introduction

The marketing strategy in the UK is developing every day and many marketing organizations are there that use new creative marketing strategies. With new and creative application of marketing techniques, an organization is expected to improve its brand image by leaps and bounds. In order to understand this, different marketing techniques and the branding theories will be discussed in this study. Will going to compare an organization or industry with the chosen organization. Marketing objects and its importance will be discussed clearly and how that marketing techniques will help to achieve the goals of an organization will also be discussed briefly. In addition, how marketing techniques will be used for an organization will be critically discussed in this study. The importance of all the marketing strategy and about the chosen organization of marketing in the UK will be discussed briefly. Although the marketing strategy is not same for every organization so it is necessary to maintain all the objects to their own organization.

2. Different marketing techniques

 It is tough to reach each person is not a matter of joke and it is the result of very hard work. Generally, people use most of their time on social media so it is an important platform to achieve any goal (Moormanet al. 2019). The higher authority should open accounts regarding the organization and its benefit in different types of social networking to spread the quality of their organization.  The companies have to use posters and catalogs in all the localities and also promote their products on the local channel of TV to attract customers(Moorman et al. 2019). In addition, the companies have to sell in the e-commerce sites so that people can get the facilities of online purchasing.

The organizations need to send live updates and recent offers via different mail ids so that people can be aware about this renowned organization. As argued by Kim and Bramwell (2019), the salesmen have to use the process of bulk selling to circulate the products of the organization or have to direct sell in the gathering areas. Organization have to sell their product with minimum rate and with 10% discount which attracts more customers. The organization should open a service center where people can buy this product after touching this and the seller can easily make a relationship which attracts the people. It can be argued that if any branded organization ties up with any company then the sales rate may increase and it also increases the perception of the product or service’s value(Moorman et al. 2019). Through affinity marketing which attracts more customers and can easily develop the organization. It has been observed that techniques involved with partnerships and joint ventures can raise company profits significantly. For example, when a profitable organization and a less profitable organization merge and can promote their benefits, then an organization can grow up easily.

Organizations should start a conversational marketing technique which is promptly “interacting with customers via message and chatting”. This process is very effective because in a short time all the queries of the customer can be distinguished easily.As argued by Kim and Bramwell (2019),local newspaper also be for the promotion of the marketing or can highlight the update of the organization’s activities(Bulut,, 2020). Cause market is a cooperative effort between a for profit business and a nonprofit organization to promote corporate social responsibility. In addition, the relationship of the cause market is good and it assures the customers to share their thoughts about their planning.

Apart from this, promotion through various channels such as social media, emails, internet or direct marketing are also some of the most used marketing techniques. Companies need to use models such as the 4p model to enhance their marketing technique and ensure fulfillment of marketing objectives. A good example of application of marketing technique is use of an emotional tagline and name plate that can readily enhance the selling rate of the company. Engaging more people for the network market can be effective as most of the people can attach with the organization (Bulut, 2020). Organizations have to engage the celebrities as an ambassador so that people can buy these organizations’ products. In festival times, such companies should keep 30% off the price of old customers so that they can use the products and circulate this news to their neighbors.

Apart from this, the business leaders need to understand the external and internal environment so that proper marketing techniques can be used.As argued by Kim and Bramwell (2019),in order to promote their brand and achieve their marketing objective, companies need to make proper strategies. For example, the authorities should also share more leaflets to the crowded area so that the organization can be internationalized. Another example is that the organizations can conduct many stage performances, cloth distribution and blood donating champ so that the company can reach the core of people’s hearts. Based on the discussion, some of the marketing techniques that can be aligned with marketing objectives are:

  • Companies need to educate with content– People have to be educated enough for understanding about the organization and their products quality a lot(Zaldi, 2020). The organization reversely will give more knowledge to their customers.
  • Personalization of marketing messages– Only few organizations as well as companies can use this process for their promotion as implementing it requires lots of analytics and demographic knowledge (Bulut, 2020). It basically works for the effective personalization, behavioral segmentation and gives value to the customer’s customization.
  • Let data drive creativity– It controls audience targeting as their capability and that helps for the company growth. Global organizations such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and twitter use such data drives to gain customer insight and make their systems more attractive to customers.
  • Investing in original research-Nowadays many organizations conduct their products with the chemicals which may cause different types of disease like cancer (Zaldi, 2020). Hence, before bringing any product in the market it is highly needed for proper research about that.
  • Updating content– The organization basically needs to update the content so that all the products can improve from all sides and can get an instant solution.
  • Expanding guest blogging opportunities– The organization should give the permission of blogging which promotes the organization very much (Bulut, 2020). People come to visit the organization after watching their blogging content.
  • Use of more video– The use of different types of video like emotional, educational and humorous videos can attract a lot of customers. For example, companies such as Maggie and Nestle use stories in their video contents so that the people can be attracted to these contents.

BU7402 Marketing Across Boundaries Assignment Sample

3. Branding theory

Branding is not words only as it has a great value to represent a company as a whole. It can be argued that if people use the name brand the people show this product in the other way. It means it is a highly demanding and valuable product (Zaldi, 2020). SGK is a renowned company in the UK and it provides natural items like different types of oil and dry fruits (Moorman et al. 2019). In today’s market, it is very rare to get the original products because all the companies in the world for their profit are similarly using different types of chemicals which affect the human body and hair as well. Though SGK Company is in the UK, it provides all the natural elements to their customers having less profit so that these products are highly demandable. People always find this company product always but because of huge demand companies fail to produce sufficient products. Though these are natural things, their prices are quite costly and it is very difficult to purchase these products for the middle class and upper middle class people.

SGK is a international import and export company so whole world people can get these products from anywhere and recently they are thinking to sell in the e commerce sites for their more sell and growth of the company. The company advertises in various international newspapers and international TV shows. They conduct shows every day for promoting their business in the TV and also keep the celebrities as a brand ambassador. The other facility of the organization is to improve the unemployment rate because in UK 18+ girls and boys have to leave their house and the fathers help as well (Zaldi, 2020). So many students work in the company collaborating with the morning, day and night shift. Huge students and people are doing their jobs and fulfilling their basic needs.

It can be argued that after getting a government job they leave the company and the company replaces other people and gives them a chance to do work. Hence,in this unemployment era, this company helps people more. The higher authorities always respect the laborers and help them financially and mentally to grow their productivity(Moorman et al. 2019). The hierarchy also provides the extra money for extra work and they give a chance for touring in any other places for 2 days and 1 night to break their monotonous lifestyle. In these causes the organization attracts people for employment and many advantages.

4. Organization or industry cases for comparison

SGK operates in the UK and it is a global packaging and brand experience company. In the marketing business the SGK has already taken an important place in the UK.

In the UK there are many marketing organizations but some organizations are already improved (Kotabe and Helsen 2020). The marketing strategy of all the organizations is not the same so it is not necessary to follow all the same things of the other organization.

Amplify is the global brand experience agency and SGK is the global packaging and brand experience company but their marketing strategy is not the same (Kotabe and Helsen 2020). The marketing strategy, the market price, and structure of the company is the same. So it is their own way how they will handle their business.

5. Discussing company’s marketing objectives

The aim of the marketing business is to satisfy a customer by their product and by their popularity (Sheth, 2020). In order to build a successful marketing business organization, some objectives or some strategies followed by them. That are-

Customer satisfaction- Customer is the main thing for any type of business so for getting success, customers must be satisfied by the organization. As stated by Sheth (2020) to ensure customer satisfaction is one of the most important marketing objectives for SGK.

Ensure profitability- Profit is also a very important part for everyone so they always try to give focus on this profitability. Without getting any profit no one will do anything (Kotabe and Helsen 2020). Everyone works to get some money; hence, this objective of SGK ensures profitability is very important.

Create demand- SGK makes their product with great concentration so that no one will refuse their product and the quality of the product will attract all the customers. As stated by Kotabe and Helsen (2020) According to this objective, if customers want to get their product it means the demand of the product of that organization will increase. Increasing demand is the good thing to improve their organization within a very short time.

Sales volume- SGK’ objective is to focus on the sales volume matter, to increase the sales of their organization they need to take many steps (Kotabe and Helsen 2020). They need to involve more efficient workers for working in their organization. They trained all the workers in the right way so that everyone can work there very carefully and within a very short time.

Quality of the product- The quality of product plays the most vital role for an organization. Good productivity depends on the main manager of the organization who is involved in this buying and selling department (Roehrichet al. 2019). Choosing good quality products is very helpful to increase the demand of the products. Hence, the objective ensures selling good quality products to customers, which is important for the highest rating of the organization.

Unity- Unity within all the workers is very important for an organization (Roehrichet al. 2019). If there will be no unity within workers then it will create problems while they will work together. Thus, creating unity is one of the important market objectives, which will affect the total structure of the organization. Hence, unity also plays a major role for an organization.

Environmental situation- There will always be a good environment within the organization so that everyone works there with a lot of energy and also all customers are attracted to come there. For fast, clean and perfect work a perfect working environment is necessary. As stated by Sheth (2020) Sometimes customers prefer to visit those organizations for the decoration of the organization and the behavior of all employees.

Well structure- For getting good results from the workers it is necessary to build a strong working relationship between every worker so that everyone can do their work together. According to this objective, if all workers will work together then it will be easier to tackle any working problem of an organization. As stated by Mason et al. (2017) hence, maintaining a good relationship between every employee and every manager is the most important for an organization.

Advertisement- For more popularity of an organization it is necessary to know to everyone about that organization (Mason et al. 2017). This objective is mandatory to increase their networking so that everyone can know about their organization.

Faster delivery- If the demand of any organization is high then the organization takes a decision about their increment of productivity so that everyone can get those products within a very short time. As stated by Cateoraetal. (2017) delivery within a short time increases the demand of the product of that organization.

Perfect marketing plan– For building a successful marketing organization it is necessary to plan the overall system of the business. As stated by Sheth (2020) without proper planning, it is not possible to continue a marketing business. As marketing needs to be a unique business plan, SGK plans to make an objective to ensure a better market plan.

In the UK, the marketing business organizations get a good place but without any perfect business plan nothing is possible to do in the UK (Cateora et al. 2017). Some of the objects every organization of marketing tried to maintain because of their success.

The SGK, a marketing based organization’s main motive is to increase demand of the products. As stated by Cateora et al. (2017) their main aim is to supply good products to the customers so that they can get satisfaction from the SKG.

6. Discussing how marketing techniques are used to achieve market objective

Applying perfect marketing techniques to achieve success is the main aim of the SKG organization. Getting more success the management presented many techniques that can be used to fulfill market objectives. That are-

Increase website traffic- The SGK organization uses modern techniques to get success and achieve the goals (Mason et al. 2017). Modern technology actually means the web site, online business platform. Online platform is the most effective way to get publicity for that organization. With a marketing organization they also have their own online app (Mason et al. 2017). Where everyone can visit their site and they get those products within short time delivery.

Gain more social media followers- For their organization’s more advertisement they need to increase their followers in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more social media sites (Ikonenet al. 2017). For a successful organization it is necessary to have good networking with everyone.

Improve communication skills- Communicating with all customers in a proper way is one of the most important techniques for an organization to achieve market objectives. As stated by Ikonenet al. (2017) hence, the SGK organization always gives training to their employees so that everyone can communicate with every customer in a proper way.

In the UK it is very important to communicate with everyone in a proper way. SGK in the UK always prefers efficient workers for their organization so that everyone can communicate with everyone in a good way (Ikonenet al. 2017). Customers impressed with the behavior of the workers are observed by the manager of the organization.

Efficient workers – Efficiency is one of the critical aspects for a successful organization. Effort of the workers increases the demand of the product of any organization (Blythe and Martin 2019). For these reasons the SGK organization arranged training periods for all workers so that everyone could work efficiently. In addition, for the marketing organization of the UK, SGK always has an interview round for all workers before joining the organization. As stated by Blythe and Martin (2019) for finding efficient work this process is very important, but for those who are not too much for them SGK arranged a training period so that they can gain knowledge and will not face any type of difficulties during work time.

Team working- Team working is most important for a working environment. It will be helpful for an organization to achieve success by teamwork. If all workers work in a team, it will be good for the whole organization to complete their whole work within a short time (Critchlowet al. 2019). Maintaining team for working observed by the managers of the organization. The SGK organization always does their work in a team because they know which way they will get success. Using this type of planning they get success in the UK (Sheth, 2020). This type of perfect strategy can improve any organization.

Increasing productivity- Producing all products within a very short time is the main target of an organization so that they can supply those products within a very short time (Critchlowet al. 2019). This strategy is the most effective way to impress a customer. SGK in the UK always delivers their product firstly to their customers so that no one can give poor ratings. They use this faster delivery process because they get good ratings from customers which are very important for an organization.

Brand awareness- Brand awareness is the most vital thing for any marketing organization. As stated by Critchlowet al. (2019) many customers mostly prefer the branded product from the organizations. So it is necessary to maintain brands while they deliver products. In the UK it is mandatory to maintain the brand of every product (Critchlowet al. 2019). All products from the SGK organization are always branded because the demand for their products is always high and everyone prefers mostly branded good quality products.

7. Importance of different marketing activities

Marketing activities always depend on the structure, behavior, working skill of an organization. Proper marketing activities are the reason for the success of an organization (Blythe and Martin 2019). Every organization always wants to follow the proper marketing activities which can be the key to their success. There are many activities for an developing organization and those are very important for every organization (Sheth, 2020). The importance of the marketing activities is effective for a successful organization.

In the UK, there is always a perfect marketing plan for any organization so that everyone can handle the business strategy. As stated by Cateoraet al. (2020) SGK always follows their marketing strategy for their own improvement. From past research, it is known that there are five marketing activities that are helping to improve marketing of an organization. Those are- “to satisfy customers’ needs, maximize profits, satisfy customer needs, and beat the competitors or outperform them” (Cateoraet al. 2020). There are some basic strategies available to help to improve the marketing activities. Those strategies are discussing below-

The production concept- Customers mostly prefer unique products from the organization so every worker needs to know about this production concept and the demand of the customers.

SGK always tries to focus on the production process of the organization so that they can understand the needs of the customers. As stated by Sheth (2020), managers of SKG in the UK always try to observe the manufacturing process of the organization so that they improve themselves more.

The product concept- Product quality is completely opposite from the productivity concept. Product concept means the quality of the product which they can deliver to the customers. As stated by Blythe and Martin (2019) the quality of the product depends on the demand of the customers. So it is also a matter of notice to follow the needs of all customers.

SGK in the UK always wants to maintain their quality of the products because in the UK many customers prefer the perfect brand and the good quality product (Boshkoska, 2019). So that customers can prefer their product of the organization, managers of the organization always observe the product of the organization.

The selling concept- The selling concept totally depends on the seller of the organization (Sheth, 2020). The managers of the organizations did plan to sell the products with proper price and good quality products (Sheth, 2020). Because the aim of the concept of the selling products is to follow the price and the quality of the products so that customers can be satisfied to get those products.

The marketing concept- The marketing concept depends on the increasing ability of the organization. As stated by Blythe and Martin (2019) to identify which products customers mostly preferred and what is the demand of the customers in the market is the main aim of the marketing concept. SGK is always on the marketing strategy because their only aim is to satisfy a customer. So they always want to find the demand of the customers (Blythe and Martin 2019). Demand of the customers depends upon the productivity of the organization so SGK always observes the total process of the organization very carefully.

The societal concept- The societal concept means the promotion of the products of an organization through the help of society (Boshkoska 2019). The help must be the direct way or the indirect way. It can be argued that if any sellers of an organization sell their products to any shopkeepers then the shopkeepers will somehow promote those products. Some satisfied customers help to promote the organization; they suggest other customers to buy products from the particular organization (Blythe and Martin 2019). Hence, it is also the promotion of an organization through the people of society.

SGK always kept their image in a good position; they treated people as a family member and used to supply products with perfect market price and good quality of the product (Aspara, 2020). So naturally customers attars by their perfection and also suggest others to visit their organization in the UK. The process of the promotion of all the organizations is not the same. The best way to promote an organization always depends on the rating and working skills of the organization. Delivering a good quality product and maintaining the perfect brand is the main key to the productivity of the organization (Aspara, 2020). Every object of the marketing organization and importance of those objects are interconnected. So every object is important for a successful organization.

8. Conclusion

In the UK, there are many marketing organizations available, SGK is also the marketing organization in the UK. SGK is a global packaging and brand experience company. This SGK is the most popular organization in the UK because of their perfection of the business. Perfection is the main thing of an organization; maintaining all employees in a good way is also a vital work for an organization. Efficient employees are the reason for the success of an organization. The manager of SGK focuses on the team working of their employees so that every work will complete within a short time.

The study discusses how the working skill of all employees was checked by the SGK organization before their joining. To get the best result of their work, SGK tries to build communication within all employees and managers. Good communication is the best way to improve an organization. Management system of the SGK in the UK is improving more by following all the objectives of marketing properly. The importance of those marketing objects is very important for every marketing based organization. Marketing techniques and management are the key to the success of an organization. In order to be a successful marketing organization it is necessary to follow all management objectives and techniques.

9. References


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