Marketing Strategy Scorecard Assignment In 2020

Marketing Strategy Scorecard

Marketing Strategy Scorecard

Activity required to implement marketing strategy/objective

Target timeframe to achieve

Deadline for finishing the activity

Key performance indicator

A specific, measurable outcome from doing the activity

Marketing objective 1:
To analyse the needs, preference and demand new products in the existing markets of Australia3 monthsIdentify special needs
Number of potential leads
Lifetime Value of a Customer
Marketing objective 2:
Build awareness of the products2 monthsTraffic  to company social sites and website
Download of company smartphone app
Inquiry received through phone, email, direct visit to store
Marketing objective 3:
To increase sales on quarterly basis and  capture a market share of 15 percent  in first year4 months to 12 monthsSales Growth
Lead conversion ratio from website, mobile app and store
Performance rates

No. of participation in Public relation events

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