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The aim of this paper is to critically analyze the theoretical management and leadership frameworks in order to learn about the role of leaders/Managers in terms to address the social and political changes in country (Little et al., 2016). To prove this study, the UK social and political changes have been undertaken in order to identify which leadership theory or management principle supports the firm to stay competitive by fulfilling the changing need of different people.

The reason behind to undertake this study due to increasing changes in people behavior and government policies within which leader or manager roles are must in terms to bring necessary changes in the organization for becoming competitive.

Main Body

Role of Leader & Manager

According to Lam et al. (2015), role of leader and manager are vital in present scenario where competition is at high. This is because leader is the one who trains the employees as per the changes and support to overcome from resistant towards the changes and adapt the improvement on a best possible manner. However, the leader/manage also plays a vital role in ensuring projects to meet the objectives on time and within budget by increasing employee adoption and usage. Leader’s are also responsible for the bringing changes in the business as per the customer requirements and its one of the reason why role of leader is considered important especially in present phase. The competition is too high within which consistent towards quality services become important to retaining the customers for longer period of time. Otherwise, there is a chance of losing the customers at maximum.

There are various theoretical leadership framework and management principles have been developed within which it become easy for leaders to apply it in their characteristics and improve their leading and managing style. Likewise, Bligh et al. (2018) defined that the democratic leadership style is quite common which majorly used by the leaders through give liberty to individuals for making their own decision when it comes to perform any role. This is because without giving authority with roles then it won’t possible for individuals to contribute productive results to individuals. There are three important role that leader has to make for bringing changes as per the transformation in the market. These are planning, organizing and monitoring of activities. This is because these areas guide the leader to achieve the right structure or business operations within which it able to bring changes.

This can be justified with the instances of booming of social-sites within which marketing of product has totally changed. In that case, the firms are also pressurized to adapt these changes from the conventional process such as billboard and newspaper ads etc. the use of social-media platform now become new highlight for the business. That’s why, leader also brings change among the structure of business through allows employee to focus more on the technological part in preparing the marketing objectives. These kinds of actions allow the firm to move as per the present trends and achieve the desired results.

Social change awareness in UK

UK consists of different cultural people within that they are also open to new religions and cultures to add. It is learned that UK people are quite follow the individualism culture within which they prefer to work on their ideas and less towards socializing. Basically, UK people are more work on practical manner whether it is on their professional as well as personal lives. But in current scenario, Thomson et al. (2016) realized that there are lot of social changes have been occurred as people become more socialized after the increasing trend of social-sites and digital platform. The firms also design campaigns that build the emotional connections and encourage people to think and act as this tactic is usually used in the countries like India where firms uses emotional marketing campaign to make the customer loyal for longer duration. But with the changing behavior of UK people towards other people as they more enjoy family dinners quite often and love to meet up with friends. This kind of practice brings changes among the people of UK. Other than that, it is found that social-media and digital marketing has another vital role to bring such changes as the trend of online shopping and social-media practice change the way firms or people interact with each other. The people now-a-days easily create lot of friends online and make plans to meet up and the sites also helps to make familiarity about the different cultural values (Popli and Rizvi, 2016). That’s why; the emotional based branding is the new trend among the UK firms. These changes in people become an important factor for the leaders as now they able to design their business moves accordingly and try out to grab maximum attention of people.

It is fact that digital platform has gained lot of attention of UK people due to which it is must for leaders to focus more on the social-sites or online website to offer new product or services. This kind of process may support them to get more responses of people. So, this awareness about the social changes in UK clearly stated that technology has a major role to change the people perception as it allows people to make new learning with other culture people and this brings changes on society (Jensen and Holliman, 2016). This exactly happens with UK people within that they feel encouraged to bring changes in their behavior towards life and other culture people. Likewise, they are now becoming more socialized in the form of enjoys different culture festivals and more prefer to do socializing whether at workplace or personal lives. This area indicates that now UK people attention can be grab for longer duration through provide connect with them based on emotional marketing and branding. Thus, the design of right online contents would help the firm leaders to get success and achieve the UK people loyalty for longer duration through incorporation of changes as per the changing local people behavior and attitude.

Application of Leadership/Management theory on social change

There are numerous studies have been focused on leadership, giving rise to several theories within which traits and behaviors are discussed to cultivate the leadership abilities. Likewise, Paavola (2017) found that contingency theory proposes that no one way or style of leadership may be applicable to all situations. It means that there might be variables influencing any particular situation and a leader must choose the right course of action by taking those variables into account. It is found that right leader is those which make proper balance between needs, contexts and behaviors. The leader has not only the right traits but also need to have ability to assess the needs of followers and analyze the situation and act accordingly.

In contrary to this study, Bolton and Foxon (2015) stated that situational leadership theory tend to be another effective one as in this leader uses its guidance’s strategy or their behavior based on the situation. Likewise, if there is time of peek season then they use autocratic style to deal with the people but when it comes to make decision and right result need to achieve then they give enough liberty to people through give resting time. Thus, this kind of styles based on situation helps the leader to handle the every situation on best possible manner.

In relation to address the social changes in UK, the situational based leadership style suited best as this theory stresses more importance’s to situational variables. In that case, UK firm leaders must to address the current social changes in the form of transform of people behavior towards more liking of socializing with people and brands over social-site. In that case, leaders must deal this situation through design more customized offering by making contact large number of people about their taste and preferences so that offering can be done accordingly. The use of social-site also supports to make long-term relationship with customers and able to retain the customer for longer duration through provide emails to them (Ruben and Gigliotti, 2017). This allows them to feel recognized and ready to become loyal the brand.

The application of situational leadership would also support the leaders to get the positive response of employees over the changes as with the conduct of training sessions, the leaders able to convert their resistant into acceptances toward bring changes in the form of more focus on digital platform rather than offline process (Xu, 2017). The use of training sessions makes it quite easy for the employees to learn and improve their skills or easily implement it in their action plan. Therefore, the situational leadership action plan can be considered as a crucial one for addressing the social change in UK country.

Political change awareness in UK

The major political change that occurred in UK is after Brexit in which UK become separate from European countries. After this, UK faced lot of problems related to shortage of resources and poverty and inequality. The people buying power also get affected after the separation with Europe due to which FDIs investment is also got less. However, there are various firms in current scenario are more using cost leadership for their business rather than price skimming due to affected of economy with Brexit and then COVID outbreak within which recession period has started in country (Ford and Goodwin, 2017).

The UK FDIs policies are also strict due to foreign firm’s faces large problem to enter into UK market and achieve the desired results. This is because cost of production and unavailability of labors are also creating problems for them. Due to which, FDIs avoid to enter into UK market.

Since, it is found that UK has more of aged population due to which firms found problem to get suitable labors and that’s why, they are more dependent upon the outsources activities especially for resources (Ashcroft and Bevir, 2016). This creates another problem for the UK factories or manufacturing units. This way after Brexit, there is lots of changes occur in UK.

There is one more important change that need to discussed which occur after Brexit is to use more of the concept of sustainability in order to optimum utilize of resources. This allows them to timely available of resources. Due to which, now biggest change has occur among the business entities and local people to more focus on the recycle, reuse or reduce concept (Hobolt, 2018). Likewise, people are become more concern about the wastage whether it comes from their house or business units. They always keep innovation how to utilize the waste in most productive usage. The use renewable resources are also high in UK for supporting the energy and boost up the production so that resources availability can be done timely and reduce the pressure on government in regards to make available of resources to business or consumers. This way, after Brexit, lot of changes has been done in the policies and consumer behavior in order to improve the economy of country (Applebaum, 2017).

Application of Leadership/Management theory on political change

Open correspondence is fundamental in the association like Marks and Spencer for having transmission of messages of data in the organization. It empowers the representatives to impart their thoughts and insights with one another for giving best result needed for receiving advancement and creatives. It additionally urges individuals to communicate their perspectives and make them work in a group. The colleague should realize that everything isn’t right to talk when they have an understanding; it’s truly justified, despite all the trouble. It is significantly more prone to energize the kinds of discussions expected to create innovative arrangements in the event that they are happy with talking about their thoughts. Open correspondence empowers the representatives in organization for getting arrangements the organization and have dynamic interest in the dynamic cycle.

As a leader, one should partake in both one-on-one and group settings to intentionally build up the listening aptitudes. Consider, one’ll generally observe from a similar point of view in the event that one generally hears similar perspectives. The initial phase in planning another route forward will be to acquire a new point of view. It makes the association like organization to have the extravagance of representatives in the organization so they might have perceived the requirement for innovativeness and make it to procure benefits in the organization. Group backing and coordination are driven in the organization with open correspondence for making new items and administrations according to the necessities of clients (Ma et al., 2017). Leaders should have open communication in the organization for having required support for leading into right direction. Leaders have effective management of resources and make the employees to know about the intervention of politics in the company.

Imagination in the groups guarantees that representatives would have viability in overseeing and helping out the way of life of the organization. In an organization, leaders from various culture cooperate with broadened feelings and figure out how to embrace the functioning society of the organization. Working society of the organization empowers the representatives to function according to the requirements of clients and make them offer their thoughts in a freeway. Improvement of groups with their choice causes them to partake in a powerful way in each action so association could have inventive methodologies. The joining of new methodologies and coordination of groups prompts legitimate utilization of assets for meeting with hierarchical necessities with imaginative thoughts. This creative procedure prompts the reception of working society in such a way that representatives could utilize the best of their specialized, administrative and manual aptitudes (Macke and Genari, 2019). Leaders makes the use of creativity and innovative practices that makes the organization to have implementation of political changes in an accurate manner. The changes can easily be accommodated by effective correspondence driven in the organization. It will lead it to right direction and manage with the resources for sustaining into competitive market. Effective cooperation and coordination have led to manage with political stability and have led to mitigation of risks. Changes into external environment has led to management of political regime for leading into right direction. Leaders are the role players who can have effective management of the resources for meeting with political stability.


From the study, it has been concluded that leaders are vital part of the organization as they have active role in leading the organization in a right direction. Different changes associated with politics and society that needs to be adopted for serving the customers in an effective manner.


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