MD4058 Research and study skills Assignment Sample : A research on the economic crisis for HR managers during covid 19 – a case study of the British Airways, UK

Here’s the best sample of MD4058 Research and study skills Assignment : A research on the economic crisis for HR managers during covid 19 – a case study of the British Airways, UK.

1. Title of the research proposal

The title of this research study – The economic crisis for HR managers during Covid 19: A case study of British Airways, UK.

2. Introduction

The impact of the pandemic Covid 19 has a different impact on different organisations. But the impact of the financial crisis that it has caused over nations has led to the situation of economic crisis, especially for the HR managers. It would be done by offering some background information about the research topic along with identifying the aims and objectives and the rationale for selecting the topic for the research. This would be followed by discussing the available literature based on the topic of study. The next part would be the research methodology that will be followed to conduct the research for gaining key information (Nicola et al. 2020). In addition to this, ethical considerations and the timeframe to conduct the research would be stated. All this would be helpful to draw a meaningful conclusion for the study.

a. Background of the research

The fall in the economy of the UK due to Covid 19 and the impact of the same on the HR managers working at British Airways is vital to understand. It is because it would state the way the economy impacts the HR department and the influence of the same on the employees working in the organisation. This is necessary as every impact on the economy of the nation has an influence on the companies and businesses working in the same. This states the relation between the two making it very relevant to study and understand as this will help in assessing the elements that need to be taken into consideration and managed properly for better working (Brewer and Tasseva, 2020).There are not many research and studies in the UK which states the impact of the economic crisis that has been undergone in the nation because of Covid 19 and the impact of the same on the HR managers and their working. This is a hot topic and hence requires more research and understanding in this regard.

b. Research aims and objectives

Research aims

The aim of the research is to identify the causes of the economic crisis and the impact of the same on the working of the organisations and the employees working in the organisation – British Airways, UK.

Research objectives –

  • To identify the economic crisis witnessed due to Covid 19.
  • To determine the causes behind the economic crisis because of Covid 19.
  • To identify the impact of the economic crisis on the HR managers of British Airways.
  • To suggest ways to handle the situation for the HR managers.

3. Literature Review

Covid 19

Covid 19 is the most talked about and relevant topic at the present time. An economic crisis is a situation that occurs because of a financial downturn in an economy.Being a topic of such importance as it has an effect on the different organisations and their working in the UK in terms of the falling in the GDP, the lack of income for businesses and the unavailability of liquidity for the business have risen a lot of issues which needs to be dealt with for the HR managers in the UK organisations such as British Airways (Goodare, 2015).

Economic crisis

An economic crisis is a sudden and severe downfall in the economy of the nation. There can be many causes behind this such as crashing of the stock market, increase in the level of inflation in the nation or other reasons. The impact of the economic crisis can be severe on the businesses and organisations prevailing in the economy making the impact far more severe. In order to handle the situation, the government tries to increase the cash flow in the economy with excess money and credit to manage the economy and keep the prices under control but this may not be possible all the time (Susskind and Vines, 2020).

MD4058 Research and study skills Assignment

Relationship between Covid 19 and economic crisis

Covid 19 was one of its kind of a situation where people and countries were not aware of the actual happenings. With the businesses and companies being shut down and people unable to go out to work and earn a living, there has been a serious downfall in the GDP of the nation. The UK has its own share of suffering but Brexit already in motion followed by the harmful impact of the Covid on the working of the economy. There has been a serious decline in the earning of the people along with the decline in the production of goods and services in the country. This has impacted the living and income of people making them unable to buy things for basic survival (Mayhew and Anand, 2020). All this has led to the situation of economic crisis. The lack of products and services has led to a massive increase in the prices of the same leading to a situation of inflation in many regards. There has been a situation of an unexpected increase in the level of unemployment of the number of people in the UK which is another indicator of the economic crisis because of Covid 19.

Impact of the economic crisis on HR managers

The lack of income and the money flow in the businesses has prevented HR managers to hire or retain the best of the talent in the company. There has been a high-level increase in the level of unemployment making things really difficult for companies and HR managers. One is unable to keep up with the workforce leading to the reduction in the level of production in organisations. There has been a decline in the compensation and other benefits that were offered to the employees (Milne, 2020). This has led to a decrease in the motivation among the employees along made them dissatisfied with the working of the organisation. This has even made a lot of people leave the organisations causing further issues for the HR managers to hire and train employees as per the need of British Airways. The economic crisis has led to the reduction in the GDP of the UK which has impacted the balance of the companies and decrease in the production of products and services in the nation. This has made businesses to lay off employees which are another indicator of the economic crisis on the HR managers at British Airways.

4. Methodology

Philosophical position and approach

In order to carry out the research, the research would make use of interpretivism philosophy (Kumar, 2018). This would help in understanding the economic crisis and its impact and relationship with HR managers during Covid 19. In addition to this, the deductive approach would be used as this will help in the gathering quantitative data by understanding the concept of economic crisis along with testing the different hypothesis in relation to it. It would be related to HR managers and the impact that Covid 19 has on the working of the nation and businesses.

Research Methodology and methods

The research methodology would state the path that would be undertaken in order to carry out the research (Flick, 2015). It would state to explain the economic crisis and the HR managers of British Airways in times of Covid 19. This would be done by gathering of primary data collected for the purpose of conducting the research study among the HR managers of British Airways in the UK. The purpose of this is to ensure that the data is collected for the sole purpose of the study and there are authenticity and uniqueness in terms of the data that is collected in order to undergo the research. The primary data collected would hold both qualitative and quantitative data in order to conduct the research. The quantitative data would offer the data and information about the economic crisis and the relation of Covid 19. Whereas the qualitative data would offer information about HR managers and the issues undergone by them in relation to the economic crisis because of Covid 19 (Pandey and Pandey, 2015). The combination of both qualitative and quantitative data would help in filling any gap that might exist between the two to ensure there is consistency in the findings of the research.

Research design, sample and sampling

As there are a lot of HR managers and management people and it would be difficult to include each one of them in the research. In order to gain a better understanding of the same, a sample from the lot would be selected of the people who would be the true representation of the population. The aim of the researcher is to offer equal importance to each element and in order to the same use of random sampling method would be done (Ghauri 2020). It would help in offering each member an equal chance of being part of the research. It would be done by using the survey method. A questionnaire and interview questions would be selected for the same. On the basis of this, a sample of 20 members or employees of British Airways would be selected to gain the true impact of the economic crisis on the HR managers because of Covid 19 through conducting the survey method. For conducting the qualitative data, 5 HR managers from different locations working at British Airways would be used for the purpose of the interview.

Data Analysis

In order to analyse the data that is collected for the purpose of the research, the researcher made use of frequencies and percentages of the data collected. It would help in representing information in charts and graphs for better understanding with the help of MS Excel (Sutton and Austin, 2015). The researcher also plans to cross examine the data received with the learning gained from the literature review to offer better direction and conclusion to the study.

5. Ethical Considerations

In order to reach out to the participants, a mail would be sent to them stating the purpose of the research and asking for their consent to be part of the same. It would be ensured to state in the form that the data collected would be used solely for the purpose of the research and it would be destroyed once the research report has been completed and approved. The data collected would be protected through the Data Protection Act (DPA), 2018 and all the guidelines would be maintained along with maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of the people participating in the research (Horstkötter and de Wert, 2020). It would be ensured that no data or information collected is shared with any third- party or for any other purpose other than stated in the aim of collecting the data.

6. Research Timeline

Projected Activities Month (Oct 2020 to August 2021)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Project Planning and formulation
Acceptance of research proposal
Preparing introduction of the research
Analysing of the existing literature
Preparation of the research Methodology
Data Collection – Primary Data
Data Analysis
Interpretation of the Data
Research Findings
Conclusion and recommendations
Report writing
Final submission

7. Limitations

Because of the outbreak of the pandemic Covid 19, the collection of primary data has been quite hectic and difficult. It was because of this that a limited sample was selected and reached out through online and telephonic medium. As the research is done in relation to British Airways, the findings are very limited to one organisation.


The impact of Covid 19 has been severe in terms of the economic crisis. The influence of the economic crisis on HR managers of British Airways during this time made it difficult to recruit and retain the employees in the organisation (Bas and Sivaprasad, 2020). It also reduced the motivation of the employees and reduction in the services offered by the organisation. Thus, it can be stated that Covid 19 has influenced the working of British Airways leading to the economic crisis in the nation impacting the HR managers of the company in great regard.


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