ME7713 :Industrial Operations Management and Resource simulation Assignment


The Ford Motor Company is usually recognized as Ford, is an American international automaker company that consumes its leading HQs in Dearborn, Michigan, a development of Detroit. It remainedwell-knownthrough Henry Ford and combined on June 17, 1903 (Barrow, 2021). The business trades cars and marketable automobilesbelow the Fordsmake, and maximum treat cars underneath the Lincoln brand. Fords possessed the Swedish automaker Volvo since 1999 to 2010.

Ford announced approaches for important industrial of carriages and important managing of an manufacturing workforce using decoratively engineered manufacturing arrangement characterized by affecting assemblage appearances by 1913, these approachesremained recognized everywhere the domain as Fordism(Caron, 2021). Fordprevious UK companies Jaguars and Land Rovers, developed in 1989 and 2001 correspondingly, remainedvended to the Indian automaker Tata Engines in March 2008. In 2011 ford withdrawn the Mercury brand, under which US , Canada, Mexico, then the Middle East subsequently 1938.

Henry fords converted not only the automobile but occupied life and the character of transportation having everything occupy himself in everything from the birth of the middle class to the recent global epidemic; we attend the world with honesty and capabilities (Day, 2021).The Blue Oval is an individual of the maximum accepted corporate symbols in history, repeatedly striving to receive the belief of all stakeholders.

Throughout the monetary disaster  at the commencement the 21stperiod, it thrashed monetarily to the opinion of downfall which was in greatshare prohibited throughLeader George W. Bush proclaiming his alternativeby way of well as Chrysler LLC and Overall Motors, making directly offered $13.5billions to the automaker (Bartley et al.,2021). Ford Motors has meanwhile refunded to effectiveness(Ford, 2021).

Ford Motors was the eleventh-ranked complete American-based commercial in the 2018 Wealth500 incline, founded on worldwide incomes in 2017 of $156.8billion. In 2008, Ford formed 5.532 million vehicles and working around 214,000 workers at everywhere 90 plants and amenities international.

Ford enthused to announce a variety of new automobiles, encompassing a variety of novel vehicles, counting “Border SUVs” constructed on uni-body car stages, somewhat than more body-on-frame chassis (Hupertzet al., 2021). In emerging the crosselectronics witch train technologies for the Ford Escape Mixture SUV, Ford approved comparable Toyota mixture machineries to outflow patent breaches.

Ford proclaimed that it would team up with electricity Supply Company Southern California Edison to inspect the future of plug-in mixtures in positions of how home-produced and automobiles energy systems will effort with the electrical system. Some of the vehicles will be considered in characteristic customer surroundings, according to Ford (Wang et al., 2021).

William Clay Ford Jr., great-grandsons of Henry Ford (nickname “Bill”), remained prearranged administrative chairman in 1998, and also become principal decision-making officer  of the business in 2001.Through the alteration in the appeal on the sports automobiles, on Jan 6, 2021, Ford defined a auctions reduction of 9.8 percent in the  4th quarter section. In detail, Ford sales 532,750 automobiles connecting to 601,872 in 2019.

ME7713 Industrial Operations Management and Resource simulation

Figure 1: Company Logo

Source: (Malec et al., 2021)


Operation strategy- Ford Motor Company is the world’s additional main Vehicle Concern with an empire of $164 billion. Ford Motor is popularly known for its Car industrial and trucks manufacturing as the motor automobiles made by the Ford Motors are of superior quality (Malec et al., 2021). Ford Motor Company have a slim Operation which is freely flexible in nature and also with a rapid delivery of products or services.

By utilizing minimum resources, time and inventory with teamwork by produce a maximum output for their customer (Wang et al., 2021). The production produce by the Ford Motors are also of upright and greater quality with a fully reliable system.

Modifications in the value chain system not only includes what to do but also it take into consideration that what is to be avoided within the mechanization of operations, Jabbing and national norms to those decisions that fit the organizational objectives (Oliveiraet al., 2021). In the year 2008 Ford Motor Company processes organization remained changed beside with massive variations the process management become more effective after 10 speaking strategic conclusion area that are

Design of Goods and Services: 

  • Quality Organization
  • Process and Capacity Project
  • Layout Project Strategy
  • Job Design And Human Resources
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Preparation
  • Preservation

ME7713 Industrial Operations Management and Resource simulation
Figure 2: Sustainability Profitable Scenario

Source: (Collier and Horowitz, 2021)

Product and service design- As the Ford Motor Company is rated on the second position in the fortune 500 list of US manufacturing corporations (Collier and Horowitz, 2021). Based on sales figure Ford is currently selling 60 dissimilar models of cars as product deceitful is a very decisive part of any company. It is a key activity for transforming the product as innovation makes the company successful and survive in the end path of marketing.

The firm has a great involvement in new product designing. As the automobile industry is changing very fast and gradually struggle is increasing day by day to face the opposition and want to be the dominating company in the market Ford continuously makes the necessary alterations in their product so that the customers’ burdens can be satisfied (Karameteet al., 2021).

The new Ford Figo has been planned and engineered in order to compete the sequence of domestic India car market. Ford Motors changes the design of the cars to meet the expectation of the customers. Not only in product designing Ford Motors also gives a lot of exertion in on condition that services to their customers as because the customers problem should be resolved.

As the Ford Motors Company characterizes the ford Fiesta with a warranty of 3 years not only that consumers are allowed for the free service area at 10000 km intermissions starting from 10000 km till 60000 km. Therefore, Ford Motor Company is not only good in product designing but it also provides the best services as much they can.

Competition and Benchmarking- Ford Motors Company remains fascinating key contractor to help benchmark other corporations. For benchmarking movement Fiord first-rate, few key apparatuses to scratch down the antagonism (Warrick and Gardner, 2021). Ford makes the new innovative changes to increase the competition in the market. For instance in the Feast workout, the company picked boiler and chilling.

The imprint is to get first involvement from servicers so that Ford can enterprise mechanisms that are best in example. Benchmarking agrees vendors to amount their performance against their competitors on argument sheet. Ford Motors main competitors in the consumer dictionary section are Toyota, Honda, Tesla Motors, Toyota Motors etc., since of all these participants.

The general Motor Company universally known as GM across over the world it is the biggest competitor of Ford Motor Company (Boteet al., 2021). Therefore, Ford Motor Company had always to do some innovations in their product as because innovation creates the demand for their product and the market will be in the hands of Ford Motors Company.

In the todays era the cooperation is snowballing day by day and to cope us with this struggle and this mutable environment Ford Motors have to keep the restructured so that the demand for their manufactured goods never falls and they always imprisonment the highest share in the market.

Planning & control

Planning is the foremost function of all business. It is the first step on determining what to do, how to do, when and where the particular work has to be done and complete the task successfully. Without planning, we cannot start the work in any company or a business.

There are few points that describe why planning is essential for any company.

  1. It abets the management and the employees to magnify future production.
  2. With planning, it helps to reduce the risk and uncertainty in the future.
  3. Providing important directions to the employees during work
  4. It also reduces the future threats.

Controlling is also an essential goal and culpability of all management in any company. Controlling is used to compare the genuine performance with the caliber of the company.

Few features of controlling are

  1. It helps to fulfill the company’s goal.
  2. Maintain the discipline in the company.
  3. Remove errors regarding the works.
  4. Appraise whether goals are completed or not.

During its first five years, the Ford Motor Company fabricated eight different models, and by the year 1908, its production was 100 cars a day. This is all because of a good planning and proper controlling in a company (Johnson, 2021).

After some time the production turns 1000 cars in a day because the company is not satisfied. In this way, Ford Motor Company covers 58 percent of the stock.

Ford once said “time waste is worse than material waste because there can be no salvage” you cannot escape alternatives in customer demand. Forecasting is a process of making divination based on past and present data and most commonly by inspection of trends. There are three types of forecasting.

  1. Qualitative techniques

The first uses qualitative statistics i.e. skilled estimation. When the creation is chief presented in the marketplace.

  1. Time sequence examination and forecast

The second one is time series analyses i.e. a period sequence is a set of consecutive ordered points of raw data. For example, rupture sale of a given product, by month, by several years .time series help to identify.

  1. Causal model

A causal model is the most trailblazing kind of forecasting tool. It expresses statistical the relevant causal relationship, pipeline inventories and market survey

The Ford Motor Company is an American multinational automaker headquartered. Marketing is everything a company does to obtain customers and satisfy each customer’s need and demand with safety features, right car. This is how a company deals with the customers.

Innovation and improvement

Innovation and improvement are the keys of success for a company. And Ford Motor Company knows that very well, so they always have an eye for innovation. Ford’s essential thought growth strategy is market presentation (Ferreira et al.,2021). This thought generalship selling more products to current customers to the business.

Ford bid this thought growth strategy by increasing the number of the dealership and increasing sales volume too (Barrow, 2021). Ford idiomatic design and innovation, extremely in their F-Series, their attempt of making their vehicles green and capable of self -driving technology give them an edge to the other brand. In today’s world, the companies always focused of technology first and use artificial intelligence and machine learning in many ways.

In order to meet consumers demand Ford Motor Company always try to innovate something new, this is affordable. Now in 2021 Ford Motor Company is expected to launch 4 new cars, .i.e. Ford Mustard 2021(Rs.75.00Lakh), Ford Fiesta Hatchback(6.00Lakh),Ford Focus(Rs.9.00Lakh) and last one is Ford Mondeo (15.00Lakh).Great intention and recognition in one part of your business should others. There are many way to share or encourage innovations like newspapers, teamwork, newsletters and most important the internet. There is many ways to encourage innovations like:

  • Leadership & management
  • Open communication
  • Tools and software
  • Experimental nature

Innovation is something that we manage because it is simply anything new that you do or wants to do. It can be anything, a product or services, a new fabricate process that saves many resources. Innovation is just a real execution of ideas that result in the presentation of new goods. There are four types of innovation-Incremental, disruptive, Architectural and radical.


Operation strategy

Ford Motor Business operational construction is founded on commercial needs in changing market circumstances about the world. A firm’s operational construction describes the formation, in 2008, ford motor company operation management was reformed along with massive changes throughout the organization (Javidiet al.,2021). Below the unique ford strategy of the president Alan Mulally, Ford operations become additional real in planned choice parts. As one of the biggest firms in the global automotive industry, ford upholds operation management strategies that deals with a diversity of commercial condition based on dissimilar market place settings.

Such as in the ten strategic decision of processes organization, ford must ensure suppleness along with consistency throughout its global organization (Masias et al., 2021). Ford slurs the ten planned decisions of employed association with importance on constancy and tall output (Kilby,2021). Ford also maintains considerable degree of flexibility to address business variations in different areas around the world.

It provides the services to their customers as because the customer’s problem should be resolved. As the Ford Motors Company represents the ford Fiesta with a warranty of 3 years not only that consumers are allowed for the free services at 10000 km intermissions opening after 10000 km’s drawer 60000 km’s.

ME7713 Industrial Operations Management and Resource simulation

Figure 3: Graphical Representation

Source: (Created by Author)

Competition and benchmarking

Competition and benchmarking is the procedure of associating your company against a amount of using contender a set group of metrics (Barrow, 2021). Benchmarking you can simply spot when a contender is doing well or commencement to struggle – both prime times to estimate your individual policy.

Planning and controlling

Planning and controlling are the main functions for any company. Because you already know that planning sets the goal for the company and controlling help in estimating the progress towards the company goal (DAY, 2021). Planning and controlling are two distinct function of management but they are closely related. In addition, in any company it required in daily basis .Ford Motor Company always planning for innovating ideas that help their employees. Ford motor company’s always try to satisfy their customers by providing a featured and safety car.

Innovation and improvement

Ford Motor Company always tries to innovate something new for that they have created a special innovation research team. Ford Motor Company is an automaker and the world fifth automaker. Innovations always help to increase productivity and reduce labor demand. The Ford Motor Company founder Henry Ford Sr. became known for innovation.

This is the reason why the Ford Motor Company is on top in all brands, in all over the world. On 16 June 1903, the company produced a car the model A, which is the first car of this company (Consalo, 2021). During its first five-year Ford Company, produce eight different models.

Their production in 2019 was 5.5 million vehicles. This is not wrong when you say that Ford Motor Company has put the world on wheels .Henry Ford did everything in a big way , and when his bondholders are not agree with his plans to expand the Ford Motor Company took them out from his company because he always want to expand his business . Ford provides the best-featured car all over in the world.

Product and Services Design- Ford Motors Company make available new and innovative merchandise to their clienteles. They always styles some changes in their products so that their product converted different from others product and they render the service area to their customer(Biryukovet al., 2021). They solve their purchaser difficult and guarantee them for the best quality of products to them. Ford Motor always try their luck in different market they never target the same group of market. Ford Motor Company designed the new model Ford Fiesta centering on young generation and women as they like these types of model.

The organization always focuses on the teenager’s from 18- 25 having an average income family group who can afford this types of cars. Ford has some popular models including the F150 pickup truck, Ford’s standing as a working or middle class family income group is very much hard tom market. New deviations and innovation in the car increases the demand for their cars. However, as in today’s world most of the young generation people are pouring less than earlier age group (Danieliset al., 2021). Product conniving and services provided by Ford Motors is satisfactory.

ME7713 Industrial Operations Management and Resource simulation

Figure 4: Graphical Representation in Revenue

Source: (Created by Author)

Conclusion and Recommendations

Drawing from the case study, Ford is the another main American founded automaker in the world. In accumulation, the business functions in a actual modest and soaked marked. Therefore, the business expressions great equal of disagreement after main companies such as BMWS, GM, Toyota, Chrysler, and Mercedes Benz amongst anothers.

The ford company is a durable brand, which is globally known. Its financial volume and occurrence consumes enlarged its market place portion. The main weakness of the company is that it is extremely be contingent on the US market. Financial disasters in Europe and US have endangered its presentation and market stake. Economically, Ford is in steady and in an improved situation the company has amplified in sales and income as well as pre-tax functioning profits in a successive period of three years. It has been optional that the company should to increase its occurrence in developing markets and produce differentiated products.

Ford Motors Company gives the supposition that in the engineering of automobile has been protracted for a very long period and it has been survived in the market by making some changes in the product from time to time. However, this process does not last for the coming years to earn more and more profit.

To continue for a long period in the market Ford Motors Company should boost its research and enlargement and made more innovation to their product Ford Motor Company operates in many more other countries in the world so it they should recruit the right person in the right place so that the work can be done in the proper way.

To continue in the end Ford Motors should expand its product manufacturing and it also improves their economies of scale, which can lower its cost that will leads the price of the product to become affordable to its customers.





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