Best Meeting Requirements Assignment In 2021  

 Meeting Requirements Assignment

Task 1

Meeting requirements questionnaire

Meeting Requirements Questionnaire
Chairperson/host Mr. xxx Department Human Resource Department
Meeting name Annual General Meeting
Meeting details
Date 16 Nov 2017 Time 10:00 A.M – 3:00 A.M
Location London Budget $100000
Meeting format
Purpose To review the past results based on initial evaluation
Agenda To increase the sale and efficiency level of the company in 1 year
Participants Internal – Employees, Top Executives and other staff members External – Customers, Investors and other associated members
Speakers CEO, Chairperson, Director, Managing Director
Seating arrangements Boardroom Style
Video or teleconference requirements Video confessing is required for communicating globally with other person
Supporting materials
Pre-reading Annual reports
Meeting documentation Agenda, Attendance Sheet, Previous Minutes, Presentation Papers and other financial reports
Equipment requirements Laptops, lightings, loudspeakers, video equipments, projectors, drinks, snacks and other necessary items
Hospitality requirements
Catering requirements Food and beverage catering details
Accommodation requirements Hotels and Restaurants details
Other requirements
Special needs of attendees Traveling, accommodation, dietary, mobility assistive devices for disabled persons etc
Applicable conventions for conducting meeting The conventions of the meetings are legal convention and informal conventions. The applicable conventions of the meetings are associated with protocol, agenda, attendee, minutes, chairperson etc.
Legal and ethical requirements for conducting meetings Preparing the agenda before conducting the meeting, presence of chairperson during the meeting and preparation of minutes of meeting after completing the meeting.
Other specific requirements Meeting must be centered located and strategically planned

Meeting preparation action plan

Meeting preparation action plan
Meeting name: Annual General Meeting
Meeting date: 16 Nov 2017
Chairperson/host: Mr. xxx
Action required By whom By when
Increasing the productivity of staff members Human Resource Manager Training and development plan (30 days)
Introducing new product lines Top Department Involves Research (45 days)
Improving the customers services Sales Department 20 days
Effectively display the products at retail outlets Store Operators 15 days
Promoting the products in the target market Marketing Department 30 days
Finding new customers Marketing Department 30 days
Expanding the market Marketing Department 30 days
Focusing on more profitable products Product Manager 25 days
Making optimal utilization of available resources Resource Manger 20 days
Strengthening the sales methods and process Sales Manager 25 days
Using advanced technology for satisfying the needs of the customers Marketing Manager 20 days
Regularly reviewing the performance of the company by using standard tools and techniques Quality Manager 30 days
Frequently analyzing the pricing strategy of the product Product Manager 45 days

Task 2

Meeting participant evaluation form

Student name xyz
Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree
The meeting started on time.
The meeting purpose was clear.
The chairperson kept discussions focused on achieving the purpose of the meeting.
The chairperson maintained control of the meeting throughout the duration.
The chairperson ensured all participants were involved in discussions.
The chairperson facilitated the problem-solving activity to resolve any issues.
The chairperson facilitated decision-making to ensure required decisions were made.
The meeting followed the agenda.
The desired outcome for the meeting was achieved.
The meeting concluded on time.
General feedback regarding the way in which the meeting was conducted:
The meeting was conducted by the chairperson on time and the purpose was achieved. But, due to shortage of time every point was not discussed in detail. In addition, some of the participants show less interest due to lack of information. At the same time, some of the people are not available in the meeting which has affected the decision making process.

 Minute taker evaluation form

Student name xyz
Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree
The chairperson clearly explained the meeting purpose and the expected outcomes.
I was provided with a list of the attendees and their roles prior to the meeting.
I was provided a copy of a minute template to use to record the meeting discussions.
The chairperson explained any organizational requirements/conventions for recording the meeting minutes.
The chairperson explained the required method for recording meeting notes and their expectations with regards to the level of detail of information recorded.
I was provided with examples of previous minutes to assist me with understanding what was required.
It was clear to me what was expected.
General feedback regarding the information you were provided regarding taking minutes for the meeting:
In the discussion process no one sticks to a particular point due to different suggestions and view points, which created difficulty in recording the specific points. In addition, each participant is talking at particular times that result into confusion in recording the information.


Task 3

Reflection on Meeting

In the business perspective, the meeting has a significant place to convey the information from one person to another or one department to another. My experience at the meeting conduction has been gratifying as it helped me to be part of the three most amazing days. I played a role in conducting the meeting for which a scenario was provided by my assessor. In this project, I had to plan and prepare for the meeting and conduct it. After this, I had to follow up the meeting to assess its success. This project helped me how to prepare and conduct the meeting and evaluate its success in perspective of the fulfillment of its purpose.  In the first task, I had to identify the needs of meeting and participants, who will attend this meeting. During this, I also learned how to reach an agreement with meeting participants on meeting goals and conduct. Starting with the first day, discussion with the assessor was the great way to start things up as it provided me with the perspective on which I could conduct the meeting.

Best Meeting Requirements Assignment In 2021  

After this, I had to determine the meeting requirements, and I came to know that different requirements like meeting participants, audio, and video or teleconference requirements, and seating arrangements are needed to fulfill to plan and prepare for a meeting. At the same time, for this meeting, I also arranged supporting materials like pre-reading, meeting documentation and equipment. Apart from this, there is also need to consider legal and ethical requirements, conventions to successfully conduct the meeting. Also, it was also crucial to meet hospitality requirements including accommodation requirements and catering requirements so, I contacted with the catering and accommodation service providers to fulfill these requirements. Moreover, specific needs of attendees and other organizational requirements were also considered during this meeting.

Additionally, this project also helped me to understand how to determine the style of the meeting and level of formality required as per the purpose of the meeting, occasion, nature of participants and enterprise procedures. It is essential for the meeting organizer to make arrangements for the meeting in accordance with organizational requirements and within the designated timelines. I also developed an agenda by considering the purpose of the meeting and prepared meeting papers and dispatched to participants before the meeting. I also assigned roles and responsibilities to other team members. For instance, a minute taker had to record the attendance; chairperson was responsible for conducting the meeting to enlist some advanced support. A facilitator helped to enhance the meeting effectiveness to achieve the desired outcomes.

Further, I also learned how to conduct the meeting as it is essential to encourage open and constructive communication. It is essential to present information and ideas clearly and concisely. In Meeting, everyone was participating to provide their views and opinions on the issues and concerns of the company.  The meeting was organized at the agreed times and adjusted times with the agreements of the participants. All the minutes of the meeting were accurately recorded to prepare minute taker evaluation plan.

I also came to know how to follow-up and review the agreed action points. The follow-up to the meeting is a significant task in meeting itself as it ensures that all the agreed action points are finished within the specified period and before the next meeting. In follow up the meeting, I also learned how to evaluate the effectiveness of the meetings by determining the fulfillment of the actual purpose of the meeting. Under this, I had to process and distribute documentation from meeting and inform colleagues regarding the outcomes of meetings. At the same time, I also came to know that how the work resulting from meetings into the current work schedule with tasks and actions prioritized can be incorporated.

Best Meeting Requirements Assignment In 2021  

I had good communication skills that helped me to communicate the meeting agenda and purpose to the participants and make them agreed to participate in the meeting. It also helped to participate in interpersonal exchanges and interact with others to encourage the feedback. Also, I also conducted the oral presentation to interact with the participants and respond their inquiries and coordinate the work of the team to construct an action plan and chair meetings. Apart from this, my literacy skills were effective to use and manage the information to make better decisions and assess the information for relevance and accuracy. I also supported to recognize the key agenda of the meeting and source the required information. But this project helped me to enhance several personal and professional skills. Apart from this, I also used numeracy and time management skills to develop minute taker evaluation form and sufficiently prepare the meeting. During this meeting, I acknowledged of problem-solving skills as I could able to select the effective solution from the available options.

I also faced some challenges and issues while planning and conducting the meeting. It was difficult to handle the people who were culturally different as in this meeting, the people from different cultural background attended. Apart from this, it was also challenging to consider key provisions of relevant legislation from all forms of government, standards and codes that may affect aspects of business operations including anti-discrimination legislation, ethical principles, codes of practice, privacy laws, copyright, occupational health and safety, etc. I had to also consider formats for minutes and agendas, group dynamics, meeting terminology, organizational procedures and policies regarding meetings, chairing and minutes structures and arrangements to make this meeting successful.

This report helped me to develop my communication skills including oral and written both as I enabled to convey the information to the participants and interact with them to conduct the meeting successfully. Also, I can also solve the problems in my personal and professional life due to improvement in problem-solving skills. Apart from this, this project helped me to understand how to encourage and manage meeting participant contribution. It means it helped me to develop my leadership skills as I can motivate others to perform better. This skill will be effective for me in my future career as leadership is an important aspect of every business. All the improved skills and knowledge will help me in future to conduct different business activities and get success in future. It is because all these skills are the crucial part of the individual’s life that enables to handle different situations accordingly.

After planning, conducting and evaluating the meeting, it acknowledged that it is mandatory to set the particular meeting outcome to conduct it successfully. For this, I created a meeting preparation checklist that was effective for me to determine what tasks have been done or not. Apart from this, I also circulated an agenda in advance of the meeting and supporting relevant documents like agenda report, correspondence, pre-reading and draft documentation. Apart from this, I also came to know that it is required to check the meeting room in advance to ensure the availability of all resources and any safety issue. At the same time, I also arrived ahead of meeting start time to ensure proper layout, catering, lighting and temperature for an effective meeting. It is also crucial to manage the time and maintain the scheduled meeting timings. There is need to be disciplined and start the meeting on time without considering the attendance. I also followed this aspect that helped me to run to time and will encourage the participants to arrive at future meetings. Overall, this was a great experience for me to learn how to plan and conduct a meeting that can be helpful for me in my career to chair the meetings in the firm.


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