Bsbadm502: Manage Meetings

Task 1

Appendix 1: Meeting requirements questionnaire

Meeting Requirements Questionnaire
ChairpersonMr. ABC
DepartmentMarketing Department
Meeting nameAnnual General Meeting
Meeting details
Date17 July 2017Time11:00 A.M – 5:30 A.M
Meeting format
PurposeTo review the past performance results of employees  based on initial evaluation
AgendaTo increase the level of efficiency and sales in the company
ParticipantsInternal – The Top executives, The  Employees and the remaining staffExternal – The investors, the customers and the member associated with the company
SpeakersCEO, Chairperson, Director, Managing Director
Seating arrangementsSeating arrangement is Boardroom Style
Video or teleconference requirementsFor communicating with people on the global platform there is a requirement for Video conferencing.
Supporting materials
Pre-readingAnnual reports
Meeting documentationThe Agenda, Attendance Sheet, the Previous Minutes, and the Presentation Papers
Equipment requirementsLaptops, lightings, loudspeakers, video equipments, projectors, and other necessary items which are required
Hospitality requirements
Catering requirementsThere is a requirement for the catering details related to the food and beverage items
Accommodation requirementsThe details in regard of hotels and restaurants is required
Other requirements
Special needs of attendeesThere is a requirement for the accommodation for the participants, travelling arrangements, dietary, the mobility devices for the disabled persons, etc.
Other organizational requirements for conducting meetings


Making contact with the participants, and send notices to all the relevant participants
Applicable conventions for conducting meeting The conventions of the meeting are the informal and the legal conventions. There is a link between the applicable conventions and the protocols, minutes, agenda, attendee, etc.
Legal and ethical requirements for conducting meetingsBefore conducting the meeting there is a requirement for developing the agenda, and before the meeting starts the chairperson should be presented and preparation of minutes of meeting should be done as soon the meeting get completed.
Other specific requirements The Meeting is required to be planned strategically as well as it should be located centrally.

Appendix 2: Meeting preparation action plan

Meeting preparation action plan
Meeting name:Annual General Meeting
Meeting date:17 July 2017
Chairperson/host:Mr.  ABC
Action requiredBy whomBy when
There is a requirement for launching new kinds of products by the companyTop DepartmentInvolves Research (35 days)
There is a need for increasing the effectiveness and efficiency among the employees and the member of the staffHuman Resource ManagerTraining and development plan (30 days)
There is a need of improving the services for the customers in order to serve them betterSales Department20 days
There is requirement to display the products in such a way that it attracts the mind of the customers towards the productsStore Operators35 days
There is a need to look out for new ways of promoting the product in the target marketMarketing Department10 days
There is a need to influence, persuade and attract the potential customers in the marketMarketing Department25 days
The company should adopt practices and ways that help to avoid wastage and should use the resources in an optimal mannerResource Manger20 days
There is requirement of turning the attention on the products which have the capacity of generating more output for the companyProduct Manager35 days
There is requirement of creating new and better opportunities and increasing the market  The company should adopt practices and ways that help to avoid wastage and should use the resources in an optimal mannerMarketing department25 days
There is a need of bringing advancement in the existed technology and also adopting better one to better serve the needs of the customersMarketing Manager50 days
There is requirement of using the effective tools and techniques that will help in reviewing the performance of the company on timeQuality Manager25 days

Meeting Agenda

AgendaTo increase the level of efficiency and sales in the company


Meeting Minutes template



Agenda Topics




Meeting paper

Meeting documentationThe Previous Minutes


Task 2

Appendix 1: Meeting participant evaluation form

 Candidate name XYZ

Strongly AgreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly Disagree
The meeting started on time.
The meeting purpose was clear.
 The chairperson kept discussions focused on achieving the purpose of the meeting.
 The chairperson maintained control of the meeting throughout the duration.
The chairperson ensured all participants were involved in discussions.
The chairperson facilitated the problem-solving activity to resolve any issues.
The chairperson facilitated decision-making to ensure required decisions were made.
The meeting followed the agenda.
The desired outcome for the meeting was achieved.
The meeting concluded on time.
General feedback regarding the way in which the meeting was conducted:
The whole meeting was been conducted in a well-desired manner and also on time by the chairperson. The purpose for which the meeting was conducted was also achieved. There was a limitation that there was a shortage of time due to which it was not possible to cover each and every point in detail and also to discuss them. There was also not proper information been circulated which results in causing less interest among some of the participants. Also, the decision making process was also been affected as some of the participants were not available.


Appendix 2: Minute-taker evaluation form

Candidate name XYZ

Strongly AgreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly Disagree
 The chairperson clearly explained the meeting purpose and the expected outcomes
 I was provided with a list of the attendees and their roles prior to the meeting.
I was provided a copy of a minute template to use to record the meeting discussions.
The chairperson explained any organizational requirements/conventions for recording the meeting minutes.
The chairperson explained the required method for recording meeting notes and their expectations with regards to the level of detail of information recorded.
I was provided with examples of previous minutes to assist me with understanding what was required.
It was clear to me what was expected.
General feedback regarding the information you were provided regarding taking minutes for the meeting:
It became difficult to record some particular points, as no one was sticking to a particular point and everyone was having different perceptions and suggestions. At the same time, the participants were also not paying much attention and there existed a state of confusion in respect of recording the information as the participants were discussing and talking at times.

Minutes as completed by the Minute-taker

15 minutes

The corrected minutes

10 minutes

Copy of communication

Task 3

Reflection on Meeting

  1. Preparing for your meeting:

The meeting has a significant and essential place and role to play because it helps to transfer the vital information between two persons and also among different departments at the same time. According to my views, my experience in conducting the meeting was quite beneficial for me and it was also satisfying for me. For three days I was the part of the meeting. A scenario was also provided by my assessor for which I have performed my role of conducting the meeting. In regard of this project, I was given the role of planning, preparing, scheduling and conducting the meeting in the desired and expected manner (Bakkum & Chapman, 2017).

  1. The member who were been invited for the meeting was, CEO, chairperson, Director, Managing Director, top executives, employees, staff members, investors, other associated members and the customers. All the members were expected to attend the meeting and were required to discuss the purpose for which the meeting was organized. They further helped to accomplish the goals and objectives of the meeting as well.
  2. There was a need of simple, stylish and attractive style and structure chosen for the invitation as it was a formal meeting.
  • The legal and informal conventions are the most appropriate conventions for the meeting as they are also linked with the agenda, minutes, protocol, etc. As per the requirements of the organizational and legislative requirements, all the participants are expected to receive the notice, make proper communication on timely basis between the members, befor the meting the agenda should be prepared, the chairperson should also be presented before the meeting starts, and minutes of meeting should be prepared after the meeting completes.
  1. As per the objectives of the meeting, the catering and accommodation requirements, the requirements of video-conferencing and equipments, the needs of the participants, the special demand or needs of the attendees, was been all planned according to the budget.
  2. The documents or papers of the meeting chosen were agenda, previous meeting minutes, and Attendance sheet. The distribution method adopted for distributing these papers was through emails, or face to face. These distribution methods are quite helpful as it let the participants access the email instantly without any wastage of time.
  3. According to the number of participants who will be going to attend the meeting the action plan was framed out. Depending upon the role and other aspects of the participants the action plan was planned, and the actions to be taken depend on it accordingly. For example, the top department was been allotted a time period of 35 days for launching new kinds and varieties of products. The marketing department was given a time period of 10 days for finding new ways of promoting the product in the target market. Also, the marketing manager was been allotted a time period of 50 days for bringing and adopting the new and upgraded version of technology so that the needs of the customers are served effectively. A time period of 20days was given to the resource manager so that they adopt the practices that will help to avoid wastage of resources, etc.

  • There was a proper execution of the action plan. The people were allocated with different tasks and time period to complete the tasks respectively. According to the given time period many of the tasks was been completed. Yet, there were few tasks which was not able to get complete due to some issues. For example, the marketing department was been allotted with just 10 days to find out new ways for promoting the product in the market.

  1. Conducting and following up the meeting:
  2. There were few problems which was been identified in the meeting. Like, the participants was not enough attentive at the time of the meeting as they were busy with their own discussion on thoughts and ideas. At the same time, some of the participants was not sticking to a specific view point and was giving other suggestions and views. Another problem was every point was not been able to be discussed in a right manner because proper time was not given (Steinmacher, et al., 2015). Supply of information was also not proper which also created hurdle for the participants and they were not able to maintain their interests respectively. The technique which can be used to grab the attention and interest of the participants was that there should be proper time given to each and every participant for discussing their views and suggestions accordingly.
  3. As a chairperson of the meeting the key responsibilities which I was expected to play are, to achieve the objectives of the meeting, throughout the meeting an effective control was required to be maintained, to ensure that all the various participants are a part of the meeting and the discussion, in order to resolve the problem an effective problem-solving activity should be planned and executed, and at the end, in order to ensure that significant decisions are adopted there is a requirement of effective-decision making process.
  • One of the most appropriate way of to assess and evaluate the performance as a chairperson was to take timely feedback by all the participants. This will in return help to look out where there exist a deviation and where improvement is needed in the performance. At the same time, as a chairperson I should also look that whether due attention is been payed by all the participants during the conduction of the meeting. I should also check that m I able to allocate proper time period to the participants so they can express their suggestions, thoughts, views accordingly.
  1. The objectives, outcomes of conducting the meeting were attained to an extent. Different ways was also found out to increase the level of efficiency and sales in the company. Another strategies which can also help to achieve the outcomes was that new customers should be attracted, persuade and informed about the new kinds of products been introduced by the company, The latest advanced technology should also be adopted by the company to design and deliver better products which will help to increase the level of sales in the company. Timely feedback should also be obtained by the customers.
  2. The notes which are needed to store and keep the information are referred to as Minutes of meetings. These are shared in the meeting. Minutes of meeting are prepared to describe the events which are executed in the meeting, who all the participants, and what all is been discussed in the meeting. The strategy which was adopted ensured that the information gained depicted a fair and accurate record of the discussion during the meeting (de Lajudie & Martinez-Romero, 2017). The records and the past data should be cross-checked so that it can be ensured that the data obtained was valid and accurate or not and also the information gathered was appropriate or not. Any new changes or adjustments needed should also be discussed with the members accordingly.
  3. Minutes of meeting should be distributed to all the participants after the meeting by the minute maker. There are various ways which can be adopted by a minute maker for distributing the minutes of meeting. Yet, all the methods or ways cannot be used by the minute maker at the same time. The way which is used by me to distribute the minutes to the participants is by sending them through emails, by giving the well drafted minutes, etc. The minutes of meeting are kept or stored on the emails, notebook and laptops, etc. it is done in order to use these for future use (Zhang, et al., 2015).


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