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The aim of the assignment is to focus on blog writing. In the present scenario, blog writing is one of the most trending professions all across the world. It is one of the unique sources of income and the new components are being disseminated via blogs. Blogs are creating immense craze within people throughout the world and it is growing at an exponential rate. It is not just only about the presentation of the content but also regarding the manner in which it is portrayed. It is of high significance for the blogger to comprehend the aims and objectives of the blog to develop the content in an effective manner. Furthermore, the animation and layout of the blog also plays a vital role in its development. It makes the blog dynamic and attractive that further leads to catch the eyes of the people surfing internet. The assignment would portray a variety of skills used to develop a blog.

Blog detailing the weekly activities and learning

Weekly progress and the Blog entries

Weekly allotment Tasks
1st Week Communication
2nd Week Observation
3rd Week Visualization
4th Week Prototyping
5th Week Content development
6th Week Video making
7th Week Event management
8th Week Film making

Week 1: Communication

Key insights:

In order to convey the idea and vision clearly, it is necessary to have effective communication skills. In the current scenario, the market is full of competition and thus it is important for any individual to have good communication skills along with the degree of academic qualification. The communication skills involved in the profession of blogging constitutes of listening, reading, and writing.       

Big Promise:

As per the viewpoint of (Ganguly, 2017), having good reading and writing skills is highly significant however without effective communication skills it is not possible to express the viewpoints in a clear manner. Thus, it is significant for any individual to have good oral skills as well to present speeches and reports. Having good skills of communication makes it possible for an individual to communicate and convey the message in an effective way.  


With the help of effective communication, conveying information from one place to another is done easily. It also helps tom integrate quality within the content of the blog.   

How to achieve:

In order to achieve good and effective communication skills, it is important to follow certain steps. Listening is one of the key steps to improve communication skills. Listening is not about hearing but it is about understanding what people trying to say. Furthermore, it also involves understating the queries of the people to arrive at a proper conclusion and provide them with better solution.

Week 2: Observation

Key insights: 

Observation skill is one of the most important aspects of design thinking. It is necessary for an individual to have observation skill to boost up his or her design thinking. Observation skill in design thinking generally refers to ability of an individual to keenly observe the actions performed in certain areas. 

Big Promise: 

Observation in design thinking promises critical evaluation and noticing the minute stuffs that play a vital role in the entire process of coming up with effective product or service using design thinking. 


The main purpose of observation in design thinking is to ensure that even the smallest of details are taken into consideration while thinking of building any system.

How to achieve: 

In order to achieve observation skill, it is significant for an individual to keenly study the activities surrounding him or her. This would make it possible for them to observe the minute details while studying or researching and then integrating it into design thinking. 

Week 3: Visualization

Key insights: 

Visualization is another essential aspect of design thinking. It is of high significance for an individual to have visualisation skill to improve their design thinking even further. Visualization makes it possible for an individual to visualize the entire scenario of performing the activities.

Big Promise: 

Visualisation in the process of design thinking helps in figuring out the scenes and the manner in which the activities might be carried out. Furthermore, visualization makes enables an individual to visualize the activities that must be performed to get the most appropriate outcome. It also helps the individual to sketch the objective of the project and the activities to performed in a systematic manner. Furthermore, it also assists the individual to visualize the consequence s that might take place.


The aim of visualization is to sketch or outline the sequence of activities that must be performed respective of the way in which it is going to be carried out to meet the desired objective through design thinking.

How to achieve: 

For achieving visualization skill it is necessary for an individual to have and creative and innovative thinking. In addition, it would make it possible for the individual to visualize the overall scenario and implement the process of design thinking. 

Week 4: Prototyping

Key insights:

Prototyping in design thinking refers to the model prepared by an individual regarding the activities to be carried out to meet the desired objective. Prototyping portrays the logical and physical layout of the sequence in which the tasks must be performed. In addition, it makes it possible for an individual to prototype the entire case scenario and designs it effectively.

Big Promise: 

Prototyping is one of the most essential stages of design thinking. It is significant for an individual to present a prototype or layout of his or her thoughts that would  portray the innovativeness and creativeness of the concept generated in the mind of the individual. 


The key purpose of prototyping is to portray the layout of the thoughts regarding a product or service. It shows the logical and physical designing of the process to meet the objective in the most effective and efficient manner. Prototyping enhances the overall quality of design thinking process to come up with high quality products and services integrating innovativeness. 

How to achieve: 

In order to achieve prototyping skills, it is necessary for an individual to plan the activities appropriately in a systematic manner. Further, the individual must also show the logical reasoning of why the activities are to be conducted. 

Week 5: Content development

Key insights:

Content development skills intrigue the creativity and knack of innovation within the minds of an individual. Content development is growing at an exponential rate and is serving as a profession in various fields such as press releases, blog, advertising, and websites (Kilian, 2015).  

Big Promise:

It is important to make sure that the content developed is concise and easy to understand. Simple and concise content is able to garner the attention of researchers, students, readers, and the individuals involved or interested in the field of content writing or developing.  


The motive of content is to cater people with a detailed understanding of different topics so that they are able to comprehend it. It is significant to convey the message in a clear manner while developing the content.  

How to achieve:

To achieve the content developing or writing skills, it is important to improve English skills, writing skills, and presentation skills in being flexible and lucid.

Week 6: Video making

Key insights:

Video making is used to convey the message and portray the content using Video. It is quite similar to the process of filmmaking. Nevertheless, the images of video making are captured digitally varying from the process of filmmaking. The video making consists of an individual’s production of video editing, video taking, as well as video screening (Park et al., 2015).

Big Promise:

Video making caters a promising future and is being used in numerous fields. It makes it possible for young individuals to boost up their career by starting their own channels on YouTube and other social media sites.


The main aim of video making is to cater effective and meaningful messages using videos as well as a clear presentation of the respective topic based on which the video is being made.

How to achieve:

It could be achieved using advanced and emerging technologies.  

Week 7: Event management

Key insights:

To implement events successfully, it is important to have appropriate techniques of event management and planning (Van der Wagen & White, 2018). It incorporates catering a road map, plan for progress of the events, catering assistance during event, and so on.

Big Promise:

Event management relates to the concept of management effectively to generate the success of the event. It is significant to complete the event within the estimated budget and stipulated time.


In terms of business, event management is of high significance and there are several aspects that must be considered. To manage and event appropriately, it is vital to maintain the budget and schedule the activities properly.  

How to achieve:

In order to achieve event management skills, it is important for an individual to possess managerial skills with the ability to motivate others to get them work hard and accomplish the job. An individual could opt for certain courses on event management to hone their skills in this field.  

Week 8: Filmmaking

Key Insights:

Filmmaking is the procedure of making film and it is completed performing three stages that comprises of pre-production, production and postproduction (Plate, 2016).

Big Promise:

Filmmaking also has a promising future as it helps in conveying important messages related to the society. It also promises entertainment and joy to several people and helps in refreshing their minds.  


The motive is to cater entertainment alongside convey vital messages to make profits in the field of business.

How to achieve:

To achieve such skills, one must have a proper sense of photography, video making, and content developing.

Reflective report, which details your learning journey and explicitly cross-references the blog

One of the most essential motives of the blog is to make proper communication with the targeted audience of the blog, which will be creating better message to them. It is essential for the blog to understand the perception of the readers and to develop it accordingly. The skills that were possessed by me were aiding the development of the blog in various manners. The understanding of the perception of the team members allowed me in developing the goals and objectives of the blog and this allowed me in shaping the blog in the most desired manner. It was essential for every members of the team to understand the importance of the blog and to develop it in the needed manner in order to receive the best traffic. At the initial stage of the development of the blog, it was necessary to develop the blog as per the needs and demands of the readers.

MGMT20140 Blog and Learning Reflections Assignment

While developing the blog, it was understood that the blog can only be developed by contributing the needed skills within the developmental stages in order to create the blog in the most acceptable and attractive manner. The skill of animation stood beneficial for the blog, but at the same time, the development of the character of the animations took huge time. The blog was planned to be developed in the most advanced manner, each section of the blog will be different from each other but they will be all-movable and even can create different effect if selected in different manner. This strategy making for the development of the blog took huge span. However, this attracted better number of readers than that was expected but involved huge cost and effort, which further extended the deadline of the accomplishment and even increased the cost of development.

While developing the blog, it was even understood that for each members of the group need to have the best understanding between them in order to accomplish the blog within the given deadline and with quality content. Development of the content was another area that the member of the group needs to focus on in order to attract better number of readers. It is not only essential for the developers of the blog to make it attractive but also need to provide quality content to the blog. Developing goals and objectives of the blog was another tough job that was needed to create better impact to the readers. It is too much essential for the group members of the blog development to understand the goals and objectives of the blog in order to develop the blog in the best possible manner.  There are various area involved in the development of the blog and all the mentioned areas need to be managed in the most effective and efficient manner in order to create best value of the creation.

Visualization and Prototyping creates additional support to the blog in its attractiveness and this is what the developers need to arrange and edit so that the readers are attracted towards the blog from their first look. The development is only effective if the readers feel interested to read the content and for that, it is essential to understand the targeted age group of the audience and even their professions. For spots blog, the editing of the blog should be different from that of the blog that will be providing information on celebrity gossips. The classification of the blog should be done in the best possible manner in order to create better attraction from the side of the readers. While developing the blog, it is even necessary for the developers in understanding the size of the blog, the more the blog is concise, the more the readers of the blog feel like reading it.

Self- and Peer-Assessment of groups from assessment 2

At the time of the development of the member of the blog, my team member appreciated the strategies that I have used for gathering the information, which further allowed the blog in being accomplished within the given timeframe. It is even understood that managing skill was there in me and this allowed me in shaping the blog in the proper needed manner. During the time of my academic courses, my tutor told me that I could communicate with others in a polished, which was further agreed by the team members while I was working with them. According to the viewpoint of my team members, they easily understood point of my team members because of my communication skill, the goals and objectives of the blog and this allowed them in executing their activities in better manner. It is essential for the team to understand the goals in order to create the right value to our efforts.

It was even understood that animation that was done by me was appropriate to the content and this was appreciated by the team members and even by some of the readers of the blog and this was understood from the positive comments that was received in the blog. As per the view point of my tutors, I never had the skill to develop content and this was even agreed by the members of the group. According to them, it was a wise decision for assigning the task of content development to some other member of the team, and this allowed me in arranging the other needed resources in better manner. As I have divided the workload among the members of the group in an equal manner, this supported the blog in being completed within the mentioned deadline and with proper quality. It was essential to distribute the workload and not to pressurize the members and even myself while the development was on-going. This could have affected the quality of the blog.


After the accomplishment of the research, it was understood that the development of blog is a team effort and can only succeed if their efforts from the side of every team members are coordinated in the best possible manner. Video making and photography is not only the only needed thing that can aid a blog to be established but also for the success, layout development of the blog is even essential. After the accomplishment of the report, it can even be concluded that the developers of the content of the blog should understand the motive and the targeted audience of the blog and should develop the content accordingly in order to receive the maximum traffic.


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