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Career development is one of the significant steps in the human being life. It is long term process to shape the life of human being. By the help of this process, a person set its life goals and objective. Even though, there are various force that affect the career choice of a person.

In the same concern of this, the main aim of this report is to identify the impact of one force in the career (Lopes, 2015).  For this, technology is selected as the main force in the career. This report also discusses the technology impact on the career.

Part 1

In the current business environment, technology has become significant aspect. It helps the companies as well as the employees to make their work easy. Nowadays, it can be seen that employees are highly depended on the use of the technology.

Technology is being used in approx all of the industries or sectors. It has changes the way of doing work and reduced the human effort in the completion of the work. In the business environment, technology is concerned as use of computers, tablets, virtual meeting software, social networks, accounting software, customer management application and many more (Bade et al. 2014).

The use of the technology also enables the employees and management to make the quick decision.

There is significant impact of the use of the technology on shaping employee’s work and career. In this way, the use of technology improves communication level of the employees at the work place.

In the business scenario, companies use the several business communication technologies in order to develop the effective communication system in the company. It allows the employees to represent their message front of the management.

In the last two decades, the major impact of the technology has been seen as the innovation and creativity industry. In the present time, there are various kinds of the technologies are available in the market that are used in the people to shape their work (Ko, et al. 2014).

For example, internet technology is significant idea to promote the product and service. At the same time, it is also identified that technology also plays a significant role in shaping the work and career. Technology also facilitates in the career planning and management discussion.

Technology is helpful in the career development and develops the effective communication between in employees and management. It allows the employees to remain regular touch in the employees. In the same concern of this, the use of the technology is also helpful for the employees to minimise the duration of the work (Lasagabaster and de Marañón, 2014).

It supports a person to minimise efforts and provides the automation in the work. That is why, a person is able manage its work and career in the effective manner.

Part 2

As marketing manager, technology can be used in the enhancement in the sales and marketing of the product. In order to accomplish the targets, the technology can affect on the increase the work of marketing.

The technology can also support in effective collaboration with the customer by providing the e-channel partners of the company. It can also be used to provide the hybrid distribution system of the product that helps the employee to cover more customers in short time period.

An employee can also get extended market coverage area at low cost and improve the possibility of overall selling performance by the use of technology (Chutijirawong and Kanawattanachai, 2014).

The employee can use the technology to convenience the customer at the distance place. The technology provides the online review and rating of the product, and these reviews can help marketing company to produce the product.

It can be got the help of digital marketing to increase the sales by online advertisement of the product with the use of social media. The technology can also assist in the collection of the big data of the customer for the future contact and advertisement of the product.

It can be possible that the cost of the market can be reduced by the use of efficient technology and it can also help the business by providing fast speed to save the time (Leong, 2014). The technology can also be used for marketing the product globally and handle the international customers by the use of mobile and internet.

The internet can help to understand the culture of the different places to marketing the product. The online marketing can also be helpful to increase the public relations by the effective communication with the clients. The technology can be also used in the direct marketing of the product by contacting the customer telephonically (Patton and McMahon, 2014).

Part 3

As concerning of the need of current business environment and my interest, I would like to develop my career in the ethical hacking. In the current time, there are significant career opportunities in this sector. Along with this, ethical hacking is fully based on the use of technology.

As increasing the aspect of the technology in the business scenario, it has been seen that illegal activities have increased in information technology. The uncertified hacker uses the system and technology for the negative purpose.

Due to this, the role of ethical hacker becomes more important in the information technology. At the same time, ethical hackers are offered good salary packages (Leong, 2014).

As the position of the ethical hackling my role will to identify the potential threats in the computer system or network. In this, my role will be based on the available technology at the workplace and I will use my skill to help my employers.

Typically, unethical hackers steal the sensitive data for organisation and use this for the wrongful purpose. As doing the job on the ethical hacker’s position, I will achieve my career goals and objective (Patton and McMahon, 2014).


On the basis of above discussion, it can be said that the role of technology has become essential in the business environment. It helps people or employees to minimise the wok efforts and also reduce the time and cost.


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