1. Introduction

Internet platform based on cloud-based Technology is the most popular hosting solution for business organisations for operating in the local and international marketplace through digitalization. Understanding the evolution of information technology and changing trends in business is necessary for fulfilling customer requirements and availing opportunities in competitive markets. For analysing the process of managing the bridge between IT and business by counselling the MSA approach of software development Netflix has been considered as an organisation using microservices. MSA has played a significant role in transforming organisational operations by influencing their ongoing project and providing required resources for mutual benefits of associated business parties. Consideration of MSA also contributed to Business expansion by managing internal and external areas effectively for the achievement of corporate aims and objectives effectively.

The context of this research is to understand the importance of microservices strategy for entering in market places and dominating the market competition for Business expansion and corporate services. The purpose of analysing microservices is to understand their nature and future feasibility by developing a proposal for Netflix business improvement. The major focus areas of the study are MSA transformation, business reasons of MSA transformation on Netflix, a proposal for microservices in Netflix and its justification.

2. Business proposal

2.1. MSA transformation

Microservice architecture is associated with a cloud-based architectural approach that enables a single application to be composed of multiple loosely coupled and deployable services for offering multiple alternatives to the target customers. According to the view of Aderaldo et al. (2017), the development of the concept of MSA has transformed business practices to a great extent by helping in providing fine-grained services with lightweight protocols. Microservice architecture has brought a new revolution into the business operation of Netflix and contributes to simplifying the business management process effectively. As per the view of Ghofrani & Lübke (2018), the major transformation developed by Netflix engineers by adopting microservices is faster deployment, tracking performances, easy isolation of issues and providing advanced Customer services.

Innovative support from microservices such as API gateway, balancer of client-side load, the discovery of key servers and client and maintenance of security flow has played a significant role in the improvement of the deployment process in Netflix. As argued by Xu et al. (2019), application programming interface gateway development from MSA helps in designing risk management and data stream management processes in Netflix and contribute to the improvement of customer experiences. Programming interfaces reduce human engagement in maintaining multiple operational areas of Netflix including controlling user activities, providing notification for payment gateways and reminders for a monthly or annual subscription and multiple users of Netflix accounts. In the words of Waseem, Liang & Shahin, (2020), contribute to maintaining the privacy of customers effectively by reducing the interface of third parties. Tracking of performance of different web shows and movies along with engagement of viewers from different geographical regions is necessary for Netflix.

2.2. Business reason

The most potential business reason for considering microservices architecture by Netflix is the maintenance of online storage, database Management and video transcoding, content recommendation engine and analytics. As Netflix offers a number of shows in multiple languages for operating business on international platforms, the company requires storage facilities for storage of the video content, customer details, payment details and other agreements with internal and external stakeholders. As argued by Herrera-Quintero et al. (2018), Netflix considers Amazon cloud services as their Prime cloud computing for management of online storage activities for simplifying their business operations and continuing Customer services. The Other potential business reason for considering MSA as an appropriate software philosophy for Netflix is database Management and video transcoding.

Netflix has global subscribers who demand videos in their regional language and the video transcoding facility is one of the most important operational areas of Netflix for returning their global customers. Therefore, it can be stated that database management and required services for video transcoding is another potential reason for focusing on microservices architecture by Netflix. According to the view of Sun, Li & Memon (2017), the management of databases in a systematic and effective way is necessary for reducing complications and business operation and stakeholder Management process of the company. Microservices architecture provides automation services for the management of used organisational data through big data management and IoTs.

The video streaming market is very competitive after the development of Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney plus and other applications that offer unique and entertaining content to global customers. According to the view of O’Connor, Elger & Clarke, (2017), Netflix requirement for a recommendation engine for the purpose of suggesting relevant and interesting content is another important organisational reason for consideration of microservices architecture. Retention of global audiences effectively required a continued flow of entertaining content in order to maintain the interest. Therefore, analysing previous psychology to collect information on previous watch history, search history and maximum duration of engagement contributes to recommending the best content for retention of customers.

2.3. Business Proposal

Project description

Netflix is an American video streaming company that broadcast media services and developed original programming production. Approximately 40% of the content is Netflix original and the other 60% are broadcast by licence agreement with different producers. The headquarters of Netflix is located in Los Gatos, California in the United States. Adaptation of innovative MSA by Netflix apart from existing AWS will help in the improvement of company performances in market competition and maintain customer retention by targeting new potential customers (Netflix.com, 2021).


Netflix currently operates worldwide and it has business collaboration with multiple agencies including video production house, cloud computing service provider, and Organisation for maintenance of inbound and outbound logistics. As influenced by Nunes, Santos & Silva (2019), the major reason for selecting Netflix is possibilities of use improvement by adaptation of microservices associated with an automatic resolution for solving viewer’s problems during a software update and streaming videos. Microservice is the best architecture for Netflix because of their requirement for managing user customers and employees globally, the need for cloud computing for online storage of content, the importance of providing easy solutions to the customers for retention.

Aims & Objectives

Aim: The aim of this project is to apply MSA software philosophy in Netflix for improvement of cloud computing and business performances activities.


  • To improve organisational performances in the local and international markets place by maintaining their content storage and problem-solving effectively for profit maximization
  • To provide smooth experiences to customers for retention
  • To offer high cyber security and effective data storage of Netflix for reducing risk in operational management

Project plan

Activities Duration Key Deliveries
Development of API gateway 1 month Customer information collection, availing backend services
Automate resolution 1 month Controlling problems, assisting customers in their engagement
Classes of security flow 1 week Data management, privacy protection

Table 1: Action Plan of business proposal

(Source: Nunes, Santos & Silva, 2019)

2.4. Justification

The major reason for considering MSA associated with API gateway, automated resolution and security flow as a major concern area in the proposal is the requirement in Netflix marketing performances. According to the view of O’Connor, Elger & Clarke, (2017), the collection of customer information regarding their choice of entertaining strategy and interest in content genres will contribute to Netflix in improving the marketing performance effectively. It can also help the organisation is entering a new marketplace, understand customer buying behaviour and provide accurate backend services for advanced business performances. Increasing data hacking activities globally is a major threat for video streaming companies because all performances of Netflix are determined by their brand identity and maintenance of customer privacy. As per the view of Ghofrani & Lübke (2018), ensuring security on account details and bank details of customers while making the payment is a necessary requirement for winning the trust and loyalty of targeted customers. Consideration of an important MSA component and element for the development of the architecture of Netflix can help in the continuous improvement of marketing and financial performance by increasing organisational capabilities and acquiring maximum possible customers.

For applying of MSA in Netflix Agile Software Development methodology and quantitative techniques will be most appropriates for customize MSA software as per the requirement of Netflix. As per the view of Ghofrani & Lübke (2018), using of quantitative methodology for data collections and analysis can help in analysing financial benefits of MSA.

3. Conclusion

From the above discussion, it can be concluded that MSA transformation contributes to increasing the capabilities of Netflix for offering their services to international customers by managing organisational operations effectively. The study represents the importance of MSA as a software development philosophy for defining contracting clients and IT vendors for easy presentation of project expectations, roles and responsibilities, offered services, terms and conditions. As Netflix is a video streaming app, the company has limitations in creating content and fulfilling the expectations of their local and international customers. Consideration of MSA with multiple service providers contributes to maintaining transparency and increasing the capabilities of their services for maximum customer satisfaction and organisational survival. Maintenance of organisational projects by considering microservices architecture has capabilities of providing the best services to the customers and maintaining the privacy of organisations with high-security maintenance.

The recommendation for considering microservice architecture by Netflix is providing a maximum focus on mentoring core services, balancing of client-side load, maintenance of security flow and attention towards service resilience along with fault tolerance. Providing maximum attention towards maintenance of core services during the implementation of microservice architecture can help Netflix in improving its marketing performances by maintaining business objectives. Focus on the development of effective and advanced client-side load balancers is necessary for retaining customers in the era of competitive streaming video applications. Security flow focus during the implementation of MSA can help in maintaining the privacy of employees and customers from misuse and data breaches by any third parties.

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