MMS714 Sports Organisation

MMS714 Sports Organisation

Part One


The Event and Sport Marketing (ESM) agency decided to hire an aspirant for vacant Senior Sport Marketing Manager’s position. There were three contenders named John, Nick and Ryan. These applicants were current employees of the company with a vast experience and were well qualified for the job. In respect to this, Director of sport marketing also required to have specific qualities such as leadership skill, communication skill, problem solving skill, etc. These all qualities in the director helped the organization to attain the organizational goals and objectives efficiently and effectively. At the same time, as a director of sport marketing, an individual must have required social skill that differentiates him from other directors. The job role of director of sport marketing plays a crucial role for an organization as marketing director; the responsibility of business growth is on individual by focusing on marketing the products and services efficiently and effectively. The all above stated qualities such as communication skill creates high influence over the decision making and development of relationship among the employees and customers.

A panel was formed by the agency which consisted of various directors who were entrusted with the responsibility to hire one of the three candidates. The members of the panel had different opinions but at the end a fitting candidate was chosen for the job.  This study highlighted the consideration of different HR personals regarding the selection of the candidates for the vacant positions.

Discrete Selections

The Director of human resource chose Nick as his suitable candidate for the job as Nick possessed most of the attributes required for this job. It was acknowledged that He had some temperamental issues like being rude and impatient, but those bad qualities are small when compared to all the good qualities he had in his Armor. The quality that differentiated him others is the willingness to learn continuously and being an ultimate team man.

The Director of Sport Marketing had a different opinion though. John was recommended to be hired by the director of the sports marketing company. He was working as the head of the sports marketing division of the firm, and had proper undertsnading about the team working with him. John had excellent social skills that make him a good communicator and allowed him to create new client database. These clients belonged to the national and the international modmain. John also paid attention to various details that wre required to improve th marketing skills and the promotional works. A future market analysis was done to determine the type of changes that were relevant for the business improvement. Through an i-depth analysis the needs of the future and the exusting market were carried out in a detailed manner. John was a creative leader and had the skills to motivate the people and lead the team in an effective manner. A creative idea was created to deal with the future ideas and ncoruaged the management to move ahead in a positive manner.

He was quite impressed with the qualities that John brought to the table. The strong social skills set , creativeness, ambitiousness are some of the qualities that created a picture in mind of the director which forced him to promote John as the perfect candidate. In respect to this, Director of sport marketing also required to have specific qualities such as leadership skill, communication skill, problem solving skill, etc. These all quality in the director helped the organization to attain the organizational goals and objectives efficiently and effectively.

At the same time, as a director of sport marketing, an individual must have required social skill that differentiates him from other directors. However, every director required to have necessary quality which differentiates them from each other such as Human resource should have a quality of managing the human resources whereas entertainment director should have a quality to develop an innovative idea to entertain the customers. The qualities of director of sport marketing would be value high as director has a quality to promote the sports products in the market efficiently so that large customer get attracted and make decision to purchase the sport products efficiently.

The Director of Client services had a similar view point to the director of Sport Marketing. He further brought notice to the quality of John which impressed everybody and the quality being a minute observer of details.

However, The Director of Public Relations and the director of Entertainment Marketing echoed the choice made by The Director of Human Resources. The Director of Entertainment marketing observed that Nick’s social media activities and vast tech knowledge could also have critical influence in achieving the goals.

Being organised is something that proved influential for the Director of Public relations to present forward the name of Nick for the job.

Nick’s extraordinary time management skills are something that impressed all the directors and his willingness to learn and grow with the team worked like a bonus.

Initial preference and Final selection

After a long group discussion between directors and after analysing the qualities of all the applicants NICK was hired to fill in the position. There were various reasons that compelled even the Director of Sport marketing and the Director of Client services whose initial preference was to hire John for the post to vote in favour of Nick at the end. It was a close call between John and Nick but in this given case the Director of Human resources raised his opinion that Nick is better equipped to lead the team than John and John’s reputation of being a late comer didn’t help as well.

After a long discussion and being in state of dilemma for a while the directors arrived at a conclusion that Nick was well-equipped to work in the position and a collective decision of hiring Nick was taken. The director for client services highlighted the services that were supposed to be taken by John for improving the internal valuation process is adopted to increase the performances. John was expected to integrate the team members, and organise the works. The leader had to pay the attention to the relevant details that were essential required to become an experienced leader. As a leader it was an essnetail to organise the works, and to monitor the works, and improve the performances of the team mebers. The board of dirctors had required to deal with various managerial authority and to improve the company performances. As the director of the entertainment marketing, preferred to hire Nick to work on the open managerial works, and was required to take up the responsibility to execute the works.

Nock was excellent in using the system and was an active member in the social media, and this was the essential skill required to deal with various operational issues. He was the best team player and had the perfect knowledge about the works to be done to market promotional activity. The marketing and the promotional activities are public events and he made the relevant changes in the improvement of the ipertaional works.

The Director of Human Resources ‘s initial choice of hiring Nick was eventually the choice all the other directors agreed upon in the end. The Director of Human Resources wanted to secure the services of Nick for the job opening. Nick’s readiness to learn from every situation was considered a great bonus for the organisation moving forward. The Director also thought that Nick was adaptive in nature and thus moving from entertainment marketing division to sports marketing division was not the most difficult of task for Nick, who can easily change plans to achieve goals set prior if the current ideas were not meeting the goals. Nick has shown great amount of growth as a professional over the years and should continue to do so in this position. The Director of Public Relations had his mind set on Nick to be appointed as the Senior Sports Marketing Manager as he was considered the most organised out of the three shortlisted candidates. Nick’s amazing time management skills would help him to organise the staff and move the department forward as a well-oiled machine. Being a team player, he would motivate and encourage each member of his staff to work at the highest level of their abilities and bring out the best in everyone.

The candidate initial preference found to be different from the final recommendation which is provided for the bringing the improvement in the marketing and management system. While studying, it is identified that John is a candidate for a job role of director of sport marketing as he found to be suitable according to his skills and abilities.

The initial preference of Director of sport marketing is that individual required to have strong social skill, communication skill which help in developing a customer relationship. But at the same time, in final recommendations, it is clearly stated that proper research and development of marketing process help the Director to understand the marketing process for starting up the business successfully. The initial preference of director of sport marketing also includes work ethics which would remain same for all the employees of an organization. In comparison to this, final recommendation provided is that director of sport marketing must adopt controlled team management system in order to handle the complicated situation or condition in more efficient manner and also to run the business smoothly. On the other side, recommendations also include providing rewards, arranging compensation, good partnership and so on.  At the job role of Director of sport marketing, it is preferred that Director must be provided with extra incentive as he has more experience and high skills and work qualities which creates favourable environment in an organization.

Group Analysis of Candidates

There are five directors who have been involved in selecting the right methods and the best alternative method to choose the position of the senior marketing manager. The selected candidates are conducted to select the positive and the negative attributes about the candidates involved in the selection process.

Ryan was not the initial preference of any the five directors and was thus out of running for the position by process of elimination, even though he had vast sums of information about the global markets and was an avid volunteer but his inability to perform under pressure and missing of past deadlines diminished his chances of landing the job.

John was the initial preference of Director of Sport Marketing and Director of Client Services, both of whom put forward the argument that the position required a person with strong social skills, which John is the most effective at. It was brought forward that John’s ability to work on his own initiative would make him an efficient leader. John was motivated and ambitious to do his best and thus would implement a similar work ethic for his team. His ability of providing great attention to detail was also considered an attribute by both the directors. Computer skills of John were also a positive moving forward, but the directors decided that it was not the most important ability for this role as most of the computer aided work would be done by the team working under the manager.

Director of Public Relations shed light upon the fact that John was not the best person to handle a lot of work as he had shown inefficiency when he had to multitask. Director of Event Marketing called upon John’s incompetence to reach meetings at time and Director of Human Resources felt that he was too perfect a candidate on paper and presented his doubts. The directors who preferred John argued that he should be given some extra incentive as he was already in the same department but on discussion of the factor that each candidate had worked in different departments, it was argued that it would be negligent on part of directors to favour one candidate over another over this issue.

The Director of Event Marketing, Director of Public Relations and the Director of Human Resources preferred Nick to take the helm. They considered Nick to be the better leader when compared to other candidates and better suited to lead a team. Director of Human Resources acknowledged the fact that Nick was an avid learner and was capable of adapting to even adverse situations. Nick’s ability to multitask was also recognized as it was an essential ability for a manager. Director of Entertainment Marketing suggested that Nick was a level above other candidate when considering the ability to use social media as this could benefit to bring new deals and new marketing strategies in this digital age, which Director of Public Relations completely agreed with (Solnet et al., 2015).  Even though Director of Client Services preferred John, pointed out that Nick was a good relationship builder which could be an important asset for the organisation moving forward. Director of Public Relations stated that Nick was a dedicated and hardworking person and that would compel his subordinates to inherit those traits. The Directors of Sports Marketing and Client Services showed a major concern regarding the appointment of Nick as he was considered to be rude and impatient by the staff and were not the traits of a great leader.

Despite a long and tiring discussion, the directors thought that the decision was a comparable to a coin flip as both candidates were on par with each other. So, the directors made a list of positives and negatives of both candidates (Appendix). Both John and Nick had similar number of positives and now the selection was going to be based on who had less negatives.

Nick was considered rude and impatient by the staff, which was his only negative that came forward, but Director of Human Resources refuted the claim that being rude and impatient is always a liability and it would motivate the team more to complete its work before time knowing that the boss might get angry. Director of Sports Marketing brought forward a dilemma that a rude and impatient boss can highly affect the group dynamics in a negative way (Rowley, & Cooke, 2014).

John had a habit of arriving late for meetings and this is simply not acceptable at a position of responsibility which was acknowledged by the John preferring Directors as it could lead to loss of clients. John’s inability to multitask was also questioned as the post required a lot of work that needed to be handled simultaneously. After mapping the qualities of both individuals and contemplating over the qualities, the group of Directors came to a decision that Nick was the best candidate for the position of Senior Sport Marketing Manager as John’s habit of arriving late at meetings and inability to multitask was considered a deal breaker.


Part 2

Challenges and opportunities related to hiring in the sports management space 

Sports management is stated as large social industry where there are a different job opportunity in this sector such as director of sports marketing, administrator, agent and team executive and so on. For hiring a required qualified candidate for the sports management space, an organization has set some required job specification which an individual must pose for the required job. There are different challenges which affect the business performance and efficiency to a large extent as it is very challenging task for the company to hire a candidate with best-qualified skill and knowledge. Hiring a right candidate for a right job at a right time is required to be considered by the company in order to develop networking and deal with them efficiently (Taylor et al., 2015).

At the same time, the other challenge to sport management space for hiring is that in sport industry, there is high level of competition which creates cut-throat competition as it is usually seen that there is minority of people who are having a high level of talent for managing a sport management system and to recruit or select an organization has to face challenges (Reilly, & Williams, 2017). In respect to this, managerial skill, leadership skill in the candidate is mandatory for hiring a sports marketing manager. While studying, it is also identified that global sports industry is much aware of the increase in the challenges for encouraging the athletes and specialist to develop their future career in the sports management (Chelladurai, 2014). However, increase in the demand for the specialist in the sports management space is developing a competition at both national and international level.

Additionally, job satisfaction in the sports industry is also a challenging task because it is difficult to meet the employee expectation on time because there are different factors such as employee turnover, absenteeism, etc. But at the same time, employees prefer to retain in the organization only if it provides an opportunities to use their skill, knowledge and capabilities in achieving them successfully. On the other side, the other challenge in hiring for a sports management space is that diversity issues in sports industry which affects the business hiring decisions directly or indirectly. Hiring a new staff decision is based on the job role, responsibility, qualities, etc which is required in a candidate for managing the sports activities (Earl, & Taylor, 2015).

On the other side, sports management also enjoys various opportunities as it offers various exciting careers opportunity in the field of sport which influences the business decisions and performance of employees. In concern to this, director of Event and Sports Marketing (ESM) similarly provided with an opportunity to hire a suitable candidate for the job position of senior sport marketing manager (Baruch & Reis, 2016). At a global market place, there is also an opportunity for the sport organization which encourages the sport marketing manager to create an attractive marketing strategy that supports in promoting the sport products and services.

In addition, hiring for sport management space is now a unique opportunity for the sport management space as it helps in developing an international network at different international boundaries and also helps in sharing the local experience of the sport specialist. This opportunity also leads to the development of the multi-disciplinary program in the future which encourages the new career in the sport management system. In other words, grabbing the opportunity of hiring talented employees also help in attaining organizational goals and objectives on time efficiently and effectively (Pedersen et al., 2016). The increase in awareness program for the sport industry also supports in enriching the growth opportunity in the sport management roles.

The other opportunity in hiring for the sport management space is that it provides diversified career opportunity which encourages the sport specialist to contribute in their field of interest efficiently. The opportunity in hiring in this sector help in attracting a large numbers of candidates which best qualified managerial skill (Chelladurai & Kerwin, 2017). This ultimately leads to increase in the high demand for the well trained and qualified specialist which encourages other to perform well for achieving an organization motive and aim. Thus, hiring talented employees for sport management space is challenges as well as an opportunity for the development and growth of the business.


From the above discussion, it can be determined that there is a vital role of the HR professional skills to hire the different vacant position. In like manner, it can also be determined that there are also different issues and the challenges such as hiring a right candidate for a right job, job satisfaction, etc that can be faced by the HR manager at the time of recruiting the people.


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