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The different work cultures all around the world have evolved in a completely different way after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, whereby the work culture has been cognated in a different way. If one is talking about these situations right now in the place of company positions altogether, then the different sectors of management have completely changed. The roles of the Executives, supervisors and middle managers have become extensive and quite broad, so the individual roles will be redefined and remodeled in this essay, surfacing to the new post Covid-19 world.

Evaluate the leadership skills and behaviour required in post Covid-19 workplace

Leadership and behaviour of Senior Executives

The role of a senior executive has much to do with the coordination, supervision and control of the management body that supports the organizations effectively, meeting the organizational goals along with individual achievements. Senior Executives arrange meeting dates with different managers to discuss financial budget even during Covid-19 as Senior Executives focus on sanitization at a particular time interval in order to properly maintain the Covid-19 guidelines. If a member of the management team has defined a certain work goal in respect to the company’s unethical grounds, Senior Executives are responsible to provide them proper guidance based on the code of marketing management. Senior Executives are responsible for ensuring a successful work flow during pandemic in the whole system hierarchy, therefore, Senior Executives follow autocratic leadership. Autocratic management style often translates to the system of workflow whereby there is only a one way channel of communication, where the employees are not allowed to provide any suggestions that may provide a beneficial work standard for the company. Moreover, autocratic leadership of senior executives may be considered as individual control for decision purposes in the organization and it may be beneficial while quick decision is required (Chukwusa, 2018).

On the other hand, it may be argued that this type of autocratic leadership also de-motivate the employees as employee’s opinions do not matter in this leadership style. This type of management style is considered as micromanagement in company books, which often refers to the extremely close study of the employees, almost keeping an eye on the employees and thus moving in the one way directorial path. After the severe damaging effects of the Covid-19 on any sectors of work all throughout the world, the role of Senior Executive Managers have changed drastically to discontinue their usual work roles and take up the role of the authoritative work pattern. Remote working as a change of work activities and holding virtual meetings have developed due to the pandemic with the help of autocratic leadership that follow the Covid-19 protocols announced by the governments. On the contrary, the remote working condition adversely affects the nature of the employee relation with the firm, although such poor relations may have developed in the absence of the physical presence of the Senior Management level coordination (Baakeel, 2021).

MN740 Organisational Behaviour Assignment Sample 4

Figure 1: Leadership pyramid (Source: Baakeel, 2021)


Although remote working may definitely help the employee to maintain social distance in this pandemic situation, it is also a fact that remote working creates conflicts among the employees due to absence of effective communication. The front end workers of the company are although being affected by the outbreak of Covid-19, where the leadership of the Senior Executives is responsible for the management of the unit to disperse sanitizers, face masks and hence provide a healthy well-being. Senior Executive Management does deploy a new team for the designing and development of new face masks and conducting tests in safety camps near the company’s original locations. This leadership of the senior management level has taken up the task of making employees aware of the effect of Covid-19 virus in human bloodstream and creating emergency funds to help the distressed employees, which has emerged as a common strategy. The Senior Executive Management level is formed such that it contains visionary ideas and different viewpoints to frame the working of the company, where specifically it may be definitively put into a positive atmosphere.

Sometimes it may happen that the entire management may become quite chaotic and is operating without aligning to the specific market goals, so this has been always rectified by the Senior Executive Managers. The management skills remain, although the same, still the world faces a challenge regarding the operation of the management positions, classifying the role of Senior Executives in a different sphere. On a brief note, the motivation of the employees sometimes remains lost, and it becomes the responsibility of the leader to boost the employees. After the post Covid-19 situation, not only the increment of wages, but also the positive feedback response generation from the different Senior Management level is the pushing factor in this stage (Klopotan et al., 2018). The Senior Executive level is mostly concerned with the performance of the top senior managers, and after the post pandemic situation this level has turned to become the most crucial point in the management of the whole set of employees. The most important issue that deserves a mention here is the adaptability of the workers and the top Senior Management level that has been engaging with the power to let the workers adapt to the new environment created by the post Covid-19 pandemic.

In a company, be that a small time running institution or a gamma institution, the constant engagement with the clients is an essential thing that lets a business embellish. In this respect, we can say that the business environment needs to be such that all layers of managers receive the attention regarding the work procedure, where effective listening becomes the compelling force behind the construction of the business. After the Covid-19 pandemic, because the whole system of communication has turned to become an online way, the art of effective listening has been lost. The Senior Executive Management is responsible for the creation or revival of an effective listening environment that is lacking the required face-to-face communication space always. Developing the trust in the management requires the Senior Executive Management build first a reliable and warm bond with the fellow managers that may make the managers essentially communicate and comply with the new rules imposed after Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns.

The development of the company policies regarding the Senior Executive Management system to stop the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic has led to the creation of a potent digital monitoring system. The development of the digital monitoring system has led to the assessment of the competence of the managers by the Senior Executive Management system, leading to the fresh improvement in the workflow (Abrahamyan et al., 2021). Development of digital assessment systems may lead to the advancement of the health condition among managers, specifically which has been the newest strategy of the Senior Management level. In addition to this, the companies working with international clients involving physical contact with clients, such as site visitation has been improved by digital monitoring through maintenance of online health check-up reports of managers.

Leadership and behaviour of middle managers 

During the post Covid-19 scenario it is the duty of the middle managers to implement effective leadership styles in the workplace or else the managers of an organization may not be able to change the organizational structure of the company. In addition to that, middle managers mainly use autocratic and democratic leadership as there is a huge importance of these leadership styles in the establishment of change manager during the post Covid-19 scenario. Moreover, the middle managers of the company mainly work as a bridge between the top level managers and supervisors and there is a huge role of effective leadership styles and interpersonal skills of managers to enhance the organizational efficiency. One of the biggest advantages of democratic leadership is that it is immensely impactful in improving the organizational performance and productivity level as there is an intimate connection between democratic leadership style and higher organizational productivity (Hilton et al., 2021). During the post Covid-19 scenario it will be extremely difficult for the top level and middle managers to enforce a certain change while the use of democratic leadership may be useful in distributing the power to the lower level managers.  Additionally, a brand manager and the departmental manager may act as a middle manager while without the successful implementation of leadership the middle managers will not be able to incorporate the organizational tasks.

It needs to be noted that apart from top level managers, middle management also use autocratic leadership as during the Covid-19 the managers of an organization needs to be strict and for that reason autocratic leadership may be useful in maintaining the proper discipline in the workplace. Middle managers needed to set clear goals and the goals needed to be designed according to the vision of the organization which will be useful in establishing change management in an effective way. The main characteristics of autocratic leaders are that the leadership style always follows a strict and rigid hierarchical structure which is immensely influential in completing the tasks of every employee in the workplace. On a special note, middle managers need to be stricter during this phase even though the establishment of human relations in the workplace may decrease the organizational efficiency (Peker et al., 2018). The middle manager needs to think in a systematic manner as there is a huge influence of thinking in designing a proper workplace plan during the post Covid-19 situation (Refer to Appendix -1). Middle managers need to be more communicative as the use of effective communication channels may play a vital role in communicating with the top level managers and supervisors.

MN740 Organisational Behaviour Assignment Sample 5

Figure 2: Leadership and behavioural skills of middle managers during post Covid-19 scenario (Source: HERMKENS, 2020)


One of the main tasks of the middle level managers is to execute plans in the workplace during the post Covid-19 scenario as there is a huge implication of price leadership style and interpersonal skills of middle level managers. Moreover, top level managers take the decisions in an organization as the main responsibility of the middle level managers to execute the plan which will be related to Covid-19 pandemic. It is the duty of the middle level managers to motivate and influence the supervisors due to lockdown during Covid-19 the supervisors of an organization may feel pressured. Moreover, the middle management needs to use different motivational theories to influence the supervisor as the reward process will be useful in engaging more employees in the workplace. The main duty of the middle level managers is to convert the strategies of top level management into operational activities and it is essential for middle management to identify and resolve the problem of lower levels management in the workplace (HERMKENS, 2020). On the other hand, if the middle level managers are not able to implement effective communication strategies either will be extremely crucial to collaborate with the supervisors and lower level management. Additionally, effective communication also helps the middle level managers to understand the needs and demands of employees during the post Covid-19 scenario.

In other responses, if the middle level managers do not have proper leadership skills then it will be extremely difficult to manage the employees of the organization. During the post Covid-19 the middle managers need to ensure that every lower level employee maintains social disorder, wearing a face masks and cover in the workplace. During the establishment of change management in the workplace middle managers need to play a huge role as during this phase middle managers have the biggest responsibility to implement the changes in a professional manner. More specifically, middle level managers act as a subordinate of top level managers as these managers need to provide peer guidance and support to the lower level employers which will be immensely essential in achieving the future goals of the organization (Refers to Appendix 2).

Leadership and behaviour of supervisors 

The supervisors of a company are responsible for organising the needs and helps in supervising the employees’ performance which might help the company to grow. Moreover, the supervisor too is responsible for guiding, motivating and even identifying certain developmental skills of the employees in order to know about the relationship between the employees and the company. Furthermore, in the Covid-19 situation, the work of the supervisors had doubled as the whole world was in the lockdown situation and also it had affected the employees and even the company because of huge misunderstandings due to work from home. Nevertheless, the supervisors of the companies have been able to mitigate the problems by managing and even controlling the situation with the help of adopting different strategies in order to mitigate various problems in the companies. Therefore, the supervisors have to make sure that the supervisors implement practical and managerial implications and even put forward effective leadership in order to create a positive environment in the workplace (Maximo et al., 2019). Additionally, in order to maintain the work environment well the company has to make sure that the supervisor provides valuable leadership to the employees in order to work in the company. Therefore, the company may be able to follow transformational leadership which might help the supervisor to work in collaboration with the employees and even establish good relations with the employees. Thus, the supervisors may be able to establish good relations with the employees which may help the employees to work without any kind of hindrance.

The supervisor with the help of transformational leadership may help the employees with a vision creation which may help the employees to work accordingly for the company. However, in order to maintain the leadership the supervisors have to first try and make sure that the employees are well motivated especially after the Covid-19 pandemic situation. Additionally, the supervisors may make sure that the employees are taken care of well which may help the company in working properly. Additionally, with the lockdown situation added with the work from home, the employees were both frustrated and also may even have became quite restless which may cause problems for the company therefore the supervisor have to make sure that the employees were provided with different kinds of activities beside work so that it helps the employees to work more precisely. Moreover, with the help of motivational theory, the supervisor may be able to understand the mixture of guidance, direction, resources and rewards and also may be able to impart quite proper motivation for the employees by using certain tools and techniques (Nurun and Dip, 2017).

MN740 Organisational Behaviour Assignment Sample 6

Figure 3: Motivational Theory X and Y (Source: Nurun and Dip, 2017)


Therefore, the supervisors have to make sure that as the authoritative kind of leadership may put the employees into a setback therefore the supervisors may incorporate transformational leadership. Furthermore, the supervisors have to see to it that the employees are supervised at each and every step for making the employees work efficiently. Therefore, the supervisors make sure that the employees are provided with good incentives which may make sure that it may produce desirable results. The supervisors of the company have to make sure that the company provides a valuable outcome for the company which may make the employees work well. Moreover, the management styles of the supervisor to be such that the supervisor may make sure that the employees are quite motivated to work. Furthermore, this kind of management may work only with the help of encouragement and also with the help of responsibility taken by the supervisors in addition to the employees.

Moreover, the supervisor has to be sure about the employees to solve work related issues after coming back from the pandemic situation which may make sure that the employees have been able to work quite well. Furthermore, in case of transformational leadership in a situation after the Covid-19 pandemic situation, the supervisors have to put a vision for the employees so that it helps the employees in mitigating various kinds of problems. Additionally, with the help of transformational leadership, the morale, motivation and performance helps the employees to work efficiently and follow the supervisors by working in collectively (Refer to appendix 3). Therefore, the efficient work of the supervisor is very much essential during the post Covid-19 situation as the work of the supervisor enhances the performance of the employees. Furthermore, in the case of transformational leadership, the job performance and the behaviours of the employees have to be directed in order to enhance the company’s performance (Buil et al., 2019).

The company has to make sure that during the post Covid-19 situation the supervisor has to be quite flexible in the working environment of the workplace which might help the employees well. Moreover, the employees need not only a flexible workplace although mental health awareness and even access to better understanding of the employee’s health may help the employees to work comfortably in the workplace. Moreover, the employees may be able to work well with the help of good and flexible management of the supervisors and may help the employees to do the work well. Furthermore, with the increase in the unemployment situation in the post Covid-19 situation for which the leadership styles need to be used for many innovative ideas to implement in the organization (HUTAJULU et al., 2021). Furthermore, the supervisors have to make sure that the employees do have valuable information about the protocols and maintenance in the workplace situation so as to remain healthy and safe. Additionally, the supervisors have to make sure that the employees develop new skills which may help the employees in sustaining for a longer time and even the relationship between the supervisors and the employees have to be good in order to maintain a flexible and better environment in the company. Thus, the company with the help of the supervisor and also with the help of the employees have been able to work well in the company in the post Covid-19 situation.


In accordance to the above discussion it may be concluded that leadership is a crucial aspect in the workplace post Covid-19 pandemic as the motivation of an employee highly depends upon the leadership quality of the higher management. Moreover, the management of an organisation along with the immediate supervisors plays a significant role in maintaining the morale of the employees as well to motivate the employees and bring out the best from them. An effective leadership is the best process to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the employees for their own personal growth as well as for the growth of an organisation.


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Appendix -1

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Appendix -2

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