MNG81001 Assessment 4 Table 1: Evaluate the company’s corporate website

  1. Name of the company


  1. Key products and services

Products and services offered by Walmart include retail goods, photo services, pharmacy, financial services, and wireless services.

  1. The organisation of CSR.Is there a CRS department? Is it discussed on the website?

The term CSR or ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ can be described as the process of self-generating mechanism that assists the organisation to help the company be socially accountable to itself, its shareholders and in the public. There are various dimensions that are associated with the CSR or ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ includes ‘discretionary responsibility’, ‘ethical responsibilities’, ‘legal responsibilities’ and ‘economic responsibilities’.

Yes, the company, Walmart have their own CSR department. That department deals with the all social responsibilities that are followed by the company in order to develop all the business operation without any hassle.

The company CSR has adopted an integrated CSR approach that incorporates the following:

  • Allowing all the liberal firms and programs are pre-approved by the Anti-corruption sector of the company and the corporate affairs team and are acquiescent with all appropriate laws incorporating but restricted to the ‘Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, 2010’ and the ‘U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, 1977’.
  • Allowing the entire organization with charitable actions that are accepted by ‘Anti-Corruption Team’ and ‘Corporate Affairs’.

Apart from that, in the present time, the company, Walmar include the following:

  • Proper training and skill development training
  • Economic empowerment for the women. It can also include overall community development.

Apart from that, the company also provides other addition programs that are associated or interrelated with the prices offered by the wholesale stores.

Describe the following:

  • Sustainable development: It is one of the most common terms that can be described as the process to which present generation manages the resources that are available and the components must satisfy the future requirements. Moreover, the local system that is accountable for both social as well as economic development and environmental protection for intensifying the overall quality of the life of the employees of the organization. In the present scenario, the c
  • Sustainability: ‘Sustainability’ is another essential component of the company. This process assists the goods offered by the company and verifies whether it have a positive influence on people as well as the environment from the raw resources that are used by the company, roles of the suppliers, transportation modes that are followed by the consumers, ultimate removal. Apart from that, sustainability programs reverberate with the requirements of the consumers also.
  • Environmental affairs: Most crucial factor of any business organisation is environment. There are various environmental factors that are associated with the retail organisation, Walmart such as common asset extraction, water and vitality utilised underway, contamination, transportation, utilisation of the item lastly transfer. Others are normal yet can be controlled or, now and again, dispensed with, for instance biodegradable bundling to wipe out plastic in nature.
  • Social compliance: There is various social compliance that are associated with the company, Walmart such as ‘healthy lifestyle trend’, ‘urban migration’ and ‘cultural diversity’. The social factors in Walmart business environment influences both perception as well as the preferences.
  1. Examples of Corporate Social Responsibility in Action.

There are various CSR activities that are adopted by the company in order to develop the business operations of Walmart effectively such as supporting and helping the local communities, educating ad empowering the employees of the company, providing health and safety of the workers, gender equality and consumption of environment energy and others.


In the case of Walmart environmental factors refers to the following described below:

Environmental consumption:

  • The company Walmart uses 17,618 kWh less energy in the year 2015 compared, whereas in the last year the company converted around 45,573 kWh in order to clean renewable resources.
  • The company is concentrating to minimize or diminish energy utilization by around 20% by 2020 compared to the baseline of the year 2010

Water consumption:

  • The company Walmart uses around 417,714 less gallons of water in 2015 compared to the last year

Carbon emission:

  • The company Walmart offset around 426 metric tons of ‘greenhouse gas’ in 2015


  • The company, Walmart in the year 2015 saved 894 trees in 2015

Consumer responsibility

The company, Walmart support their farmers and workers at the highest level and try to accomplish their health needs. The company also provide organise health camp for the workers and provide medicine, multivitamins iron capsules and others without any extra charges.


The company, Walmart have approximately 2.2 million workers across the globe. For more than one year, the company, Walmart has been planned about leveraging their strengths, workers and other essential resources in order to construct well developed communities. Moreover, for making the working environment more attractive and workers friendly, the company also arranges different cultural program and gaming sessions for the employees.

Employee relations

The company, Walmart also advertises ‘hourly sales employees to supervisory’, then to administrative sections. The association’s concurrence with ‘American Public University’ in order to provide scholastic acknowledgment for work involvement with Walmart is a long haul maintenance procedure for representatives seeking after a profession to climb the organization’s company pecking order.


In UK, Asda gave in excess of 10,000 awards as a feature of the ‘Chosen by You, Given By Us’ program in 2014. More than USD 100 million granted in state and neighbourhood allows by Walmart and Walmart establishment in the US.


The company Walmart mainly concentrates on leadership and mentoring skills, in order to enhance the work functions of the workers. Apart from that, the company also started different sport events and try to grab the attention of the consumers as well as the workers. In addition, the company also focuses on public space and overall infrastructure in ‘Indigenous communities’.


In the case of Walmart, the company tries to provide special advantages to the special childs, individual with disability and difficult health issues and others. Since the company is focused on decent variety, they accept they can more readily serve in excess of 100 million week by week clients and give a positive workplace to the 1.3 million U.S. partners.

  1. Is there a CSR Report 2018? Is it available on the website


  1. How ‘green’ is the website? Explain your answer

Website of Walmart is green because it contains proper statistics, revenue report, yearly sales, warehouse status and others. Apart from that, the website also contains location of different outlets, different locations along with headquarters in different cities and countries. Further the website also provided with Walmart U.S., Walmart International, Sam’s club and Walmart U.S.eCommerce. 

Table 2: Attributes of the CSR report and identify two sustainability initiatives for 2018.

Two CSR initiatives taken by the company Walmart are Sustainability and Community.

Sustainability: The company aims to intensify the sustainability of operations and value chains. Apart from that, there are three other basic components that are associated with the sustainability includes:

  • Reducing energy intensity and emissions (28%)
  • Eliminating waste in our operations (78%)
  • Reducing environmental impacts (34%)

Community: The company, Walmart aims to help strengthen local communities. Three basic initiatives that are adopted by the company include:

  • Disaster relief (approximately 4,37,448.46 Pound sterling)
  • Relieving hunger (2,07,09,00,000.00 pound sterling)
  • Supporting local communities (850,000 hours)
  1. Describe the form and content of the 2018 CSR Report.
  • Performance highlights
  • Key elements and approaches of Walmart
  • Definition of ESG, priorities, commitments and targets
  • Engagement of the stakeholders
  • Priorities
  • Fostering inclusion
  • Statistical data regarding women representation
  • Retail opportunity across the sector
  • Inclusive sourcing: Supporting growth of diverse businesses and small producers
  • Worker dignity: Factory workers and responsible recruitment
  • Reducing environmental impact: Project Gigaton
  • Six pillars of project Gigaton (i.e., Energy, Waste, Packaging, agriculture, product use and design and deforestation)
  • Supporting measurement and transparency: Blockchain pilots
  • Local and global giving highlights
  • Ethics and compliance
  • Cybersecurity and data privacy
  • ESG commitments and progress
  • Forward-looking statements
  1. CSR reports are valuable to many different types of readers for many different reasons.Who is the report designed for?
  • Investors (Yes)
  • Employees (Yes)
    • Present (Yes)
    • Future (Yes)
  • Academics (No)
  • Community activists (Yes)
  • Public officials (Yes)
  • Corporate managers (Yes)


  1. Identify one key messages for one group identified?

Gigaton TM, is an initiative to work with suppliers to remove 1 billion metric tons, a gigaton, of emissions from our supply chain by 2030’.

  1. How thorough and credible is the report?
  • Is this a CRS report or a community affairs report? (Yes)
  • Does the report provide details on CSR practices as well as policies? (Yes)
  • Does the CSR report provide systematic data or just anecdotes? (Yes)
  • Does the company report data in a comparable form? (No)
  • Does the report present future goals as well as past practices? (Yes)
  • Does the report include bad news as well as good news? (Yes)
  • Does the report address the company’s greatest challenges? (Yes)
  • Does the company integrate CSR reporting with its traditional business strategy and its financial reporting? (Yes)
  • How can readers look beyond a CSR report?
  1. Identify the key elements of the report

Opportunity, sustainability, community and governance

  1. Identify two sustainability initiatives for 2018 (or 2109 if details available)

For 2018

CSR activities of the retail corporation, Walmart includes creating economic opportunities, increasing the sustainability in the operations and building strong communication with other retailer operators. The main three operational goals of Walmart are supplying 100 percent renewable energy to the organizational activities, creating zero waste and selling products that can sustain propeller and the environment. The company supports local communities and improves employee health and safety.

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