Case information

As per the given information, it is found that Sumi with her two friends go to a restaurant through the local go-cart track. In the restaurant Sumi avoided the rules of the contract between the restaurant and customer that was signed by Sumi. As avoided the contract rules, Sumi consumed the four beers in the two hours.

During the returning time, Sumi was driving in the over speed and loss the control from the car. Due to this, the car was hit to the cement wall. In this, accident, Sumi left arm damage and she got pain. For the help of Sumi, one of the employees of go cart tract comes and helped Sumi to come out from the cash.

In this act, employees hastily removed her by pulling on both of her arms due to this, Sum got the fracture arm bones. In this case, Doctor replied to Sumi that she will feel a tingling sensation in her left arm due to hastily removed from the care. Therefore, Sumi now wants to $25000 from compensation from the Fast tracks.

Legal issue

In the case of Sumi, I is evaluated that the legal issue is related to the negligence of duty. Sumi was using the service of the go-cart track, Fast Tracks. Due to this, go-cart track, Fast Tracks is responsible to care of its customers.

In this, it can be seen that employee of the go-cart track, Fast Tracks can remove Sumi with carefully manner but she was hastily removed from case (Law of negligence, 2008). It represents the negligence of Fast Tracks. Therefore, it can be said that Fast Tracks breach of duty.

Legal principle

Law of negligence and limitation of liability Act 2008 includes damages, harm, enjury. In the simple worlds, the term negligence is meaning that avoidance of duty and failure to exercise reasonable care (Law of negligence, 2008).

In the case of Sumi, this law can apply because it is applicable in the case of the damages resulting due to negligence of another party. At the same time, it is also found that as the defendant Fast Tract did not provide warning or information to Sumi on the drink and drive (Law of negligence, 2008).


After the evaluation of the case and law, it is found that the side of the defendant as Fast Tracks was not performing their duty in the reasonable manner. Hence, the concern of Sumi is fair regarding sue against the Fast Tracks for $25000.


Law of negligence (2008) Australian Government. Online. Available at: (Assesses: 21stMarch, 2018)

Note: – please read it.

This is not the way we need to do the assignment, we have to divide it into three parts and we are making it that way like you have to make a plaintiff side and a defendant side and third thing there should be a judgment (the decision of judge at the end).

And we have to present this assignment in front of class in oral so please right the complete plaintiff side including every think that is in support of sue to another person and you have add amount, another way on defendant side you have to right stuff like principles, torts, rules that support to save him from sue. And you need to add stuff in judgment that why judge took decision or what rules, torts or principle applied when judge took decision.

So finally, you need to add that much stuff we can speak for 20 minutes. Thank you from our team, if you what to know some think else about this case you can email us. But please we need quality and quantity both. And done it by 23rd because we need to practice on it. Thanks again. And please see an online example of mock trail and you have to find the principle in book business law.


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