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Management skills are significantly essential as these skills position an individual to act as an effective leader as well as problem solver in numerous situations which lead any organization towards success within a short span of time. In this concise essay, two important management topics such as Leadership Management and Human Resource Management will be discussed in detail.

Discussion of Leadership Management and Human Resource Management

Leadership is one of the key management functions which may lead an individual towards success which will eventually lead a whole organization towards success. Furthermore, it may also be mentioned that leadership is also interconnected with the other management skills such as planning, motivating, communication, controlling and coordination. Leadership is one of the crucial factors for any organization as an individual with the help of leadership quality may communicate an overall view of a particular task to all the subordinates which makes the whole task quite easier for all the team members. In addition to that, it may be stated that a leader with the help of leadership qualities may motivate all the employees by acknowledging their quality production with economic as well as non-economic rewards which in turn motivates all the employees farther to work harder in the near future. Leadership management skill will prompt a leader to supervise all the tasks that are being performed by all the subordinates and along with that it will also prompt a leader to provide guidance regarding a particular task when proper guidance is required. Moreover, a leader with sufficient leadership quality will be able to embed confidence inside all the team members by paying attention to all the innovative ideas which are shared by the subordinates.

However, it needs to be mentioned that a leader may need to pay attention to all the issues and problems as well as complaints of all the employees. On the other hand, it may be stated that any organization will witness its downfall if no proper information regarding the leadership management skill is provided to a particular leader. Coordination may be achieved by reconciling organizational goals with personal interest of an individual, therefore, it may be stated that synchronization may be achieved through appropriate and effective coordination which may be done with the help of leadership qualities. Furthermore, it may be mentioned that leadership management skill prompts a leader to create an efficient working environment inside the workplace which will in turn help the organization to witness a sound and stable growth. On a contradictory note, it may be argued that only a proper working environment is not enough for a sound and stable growth, in addition to that, the leader may need to treat all the subordinates on humanitarian terms. A leadership management skill may be called as an interpersonal process through which a manager is able to influence as well as guide all the team members towards a much awaited success.

Leadership management skills will prompt a manager of an organization to encourage mutual role respect as well as to establish a healthy working culture inside the workplace of the organization (McKibben, 2017).Leadership management skill also imposes some significant qualities such intelligence, personality and maturity in an individual and with the help of these qualities a person may lead an organization to meet the success. Moreover, it may be argued that leadership skill may be labelled as a group process which involves more than two people interacting with each other in order to provide guidance to a particular group of team members. Additionally, it may be mentioned that a person with proper leadership quality may be involved in shaping the behaviour of all the subordinates towards the accomplishment of all the organizational goals within a short period of time. Moreover, it needs to be mentioned that there are few significant leadership management styles such as Autocratic Leadership Style, Laissez Faire Leadership Style, Democrative or Participative Leadership Style and Bureaucratic Leadership Style which may be incorporated by the manager of an organization in order to accomplish much awaited organizational goals. In Autocratic Leadership Style, a leader has complete command over everything while in Laissez Faire Leadership Style, a leader entirely trusts all the employees or a team to execute a particular task on their own.

Furthermore, in Democrative or Participative Leadership Style, a leader invites and encourages all the subordinates to participate in the decision making process though the ultimate decision rests with the leader while in Bureaucratic Leadership Style, the leaders strictly stick to the organizational rules and policies and along with that the leaders make sure that all the employees of the organization strictly adhere to the rules and procedures. On a contradictory note, it may be argued that leaders need not use a single approach or style to manage the team as different scenarios, different employees, and different companies may urge for different approaches or styles (Bake, 2019). On the other hand, Human Resource may be termed as an operation in any company which may be designed to maximise all the subordinate’s performance in order to meet all the goals and objectives set by the employer. Human Resource Management is an operation which involves numerous processes which starts from selecting employees to providing proper orientation, training and developing skills which will in turn lead the organization towards success. Leadership management skill has a great influence on the management performance as well as other management activities which will in turn make sure that the management of an organization will surely witness the much awaited success within a short span of time (Cho, 2017).

A team with the help of human resource management skill makes sure the availability of competent workforce to meet all the organizational goals as well as to meet all the needs, values, aspirations as well as dignity of all the individuals or employees. On the other hand, it may be stated that the human resource management skill prompts the management of an organization to have significant concern for the socio-economic problems of a particular community as well as of the whole country. Human resource management may also be described as a coherent and strategic approach to the management of any organization and with the help of this approach the management is able to lead all the employees to work towards achieving objectives (Michael, 2019). Moreover, it needs to be mentioned that human resource management is composed of chiefly seven functions which are recruitment and selection, HR data and analytics, learning and development, human resources information systems, succession planning and compensation along with benefits. Proper human resource management skill will make sure that the management is recruiting an eligible employee as well as an employee who is eager to work hard in order to meet all the organizational goals within a short span of time.

Furthermore, it may be stated that contemporary management practices indicate that most of the companies have understood the importance of human resource management skills and are working towards acquiring all skills related to the human resource management system in order to meet all the objectives (Greer, 2021). Subordinates may fail to perform a certain task due to lack of knowledge regarding the task in that case, learning and development which is led by HR and good policies may become very handy when it is required. Succession planning is also a part of human resource management skill which enables the management of any organization to indulge in the process of planning contingencies if any key employee leaves the organization. Apart from that human resource management skills also help the management of any organization to cope with any sort of change as well as it enables the management to make expansion and diversification plans which will lead the organization towards much awaited success within a given period of time.

On the other hand, it may be mentioned that the management of a company with the help of this skill will learn to take care of all the employees and to create a healthy working environment for each and every subordinate of the organization. Human resource management skills will also prompt the management of a company to set some significant objectives such as proper assessment of human resources needs in the near future, to make sure the workforce is highly talented. Along with that it will also enable the management to pay attention to the weaker section of the society. Since 1980 human resource management has become an important topic in the management area and it has gained it prominence as it provides competitiveness as managerial efficiency in an organization (Ravichandran et al., 2017).


Considering all the information mentioned above in this report, it may be concluded that there is a huge significance of leadership as well as human resource management skills for an organization as it will lead the organization towards the accomplishment of the objectives. Furthermore, it may be concluded that these leadership qualities along with human resource management quality will create an healthy working environment for the employees which will eventually lend a great hand in the overall growth of any organization.


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