MOD004451 HealthTech Global Assignment


The project management can be defined as an application of the methods, process, knowledge, skills and experiences to achieve the specific objectives of the project within the agreed parameters and it is according to a criteria of the project acceptance. Project management can finalize the delivery of the product which has value for the people and it has budget and timescale.

For this particular assignment the entire discussion will be on “health-tech Global-Ltd”. One analysts has been hired for the company who will lead the entire planning of the budget of the company to management planning. They are indeed a start-up developing Ai applications for diagnosing medical issues using a range of data ways. They were headquartered in Cambridge which accepted funds from such an Insurtech UK competition will establish the firm in 2019.

The examples of the project management are- The building construction, development of the software for the further  improvement in the business, the expansion of the sales into the geographic market and the relief  effort after the natural disaster. The purpose of the project management is basically focused to predict or foresee as various problems and dangers as possible, to organise, plan and control the activities for completing this project with a perfect planning , then build -up the plan, implement it and at last closeout.


General Overview

Since its beginnings, the firm has evolved, with headquarters now corporation headquartered, Paris, as well as Sydney to support with worldwide revenue. They plan on building more international research facilities during the 2018 – 2019 season. To speed up the future performance, it’s been chose to seek grant money from the a Funder for £3M, as well as they involve thier professional help in developing an appropriate construction strategy to protect the financial support as well as convince the corporation that they are good at managing such massive international initiatives.

The firm’s existing difficulty though is that project management approach is already ad hoc, and without any basic shape and controlling the project. Nevertheless, the firm has been effective, as well as the interaction energy here between specialized medical teams, but also sales, has culminated in typically happy customers.

Hence the total project  is managed with a very efficient manner which can make the path of their success. Global-tech explained an idea  which is totally vegan and the year was 1990 but at that time the management of this organisation had not found any potentiality into this work so did not accept it. So basically in this part A the overall information or in short the background information of global-tech will be provided .

“In the past” many ingredients which were important in making the chocolate products, were mainly purchased from the local market and from the wholesaler who were local. Sometimes there was no availability of the proper product due to their limited stock. Several times some products were out of stock from the market which may have stopped the  production of the company due to their lack of ingredients. In this situation staff were needed to cross miles of roads from the company to find the sufficient ingredients to make the better products. After that the team has changed their planning process.

They ensure that all time they store some of the products which are essential for their chocolate making and this may be at least for one week. But at the same time their manufacturing process is very random in nature and the company of the “HealthTech Global Ltd”  is unable to find any kind of the process to control the stock  of ingredients. They normally re-order the product ingredients after the end of stock but do not check the other ingredient’s amount so that they are able to order that particular thing at the same time and manage their time which they can give into this company as well as product development of theirs(Silvius,et al.2017).

This may cause the negative impact of this company into their first business level. It also takes more time for all the staff and makes the production procedure more large. So, next time they give the proper attention to it. After that the company takes an initiative to expand their brand name into the market so that they will be able to get a huge market attention.  Hence, they have invested in the product brand to establish it as a luxury good and they use good quality of papers for the wrapping and packing of all these products.

These papers are very glossy and the company has imported these papers from Italy. It takes almost six weeks to arrive and then it needs a minimum of a few weeks like four weeks in the printing company to make it in an appropriate way. Then it produces all the sleeves and it means that “HealthTech Global Ltd” is able to purchase a huge amount of sleeves which is nearly the amount of 100,000. Hence this indicates that there are a lot of products available to manage the productivity level of the company for the several few months(Picciotto,et al. 2020).

At this moment, this company has only a few members, about six in number and “HealthTech Global Ltd” who are involved to run this company, take all the orders from people and work into the production line of the company with all of the isx members of this company. This makes it an efficient company which can deliver all the needs of the people about their products within the time and it indicates a good gesture to the people or customers.

So, they become a good company in the chocolate industry and establish themselves as a trusted company which helps them to get a huge amount of orders from the customers. From this time it is growing themselves according to the people’s needs and trying to give a possible fast service for the customers. All the team members are very cooperative and friendly. So, all of them are trying to support the whole procedure of the production in this company.  Some of them are involved in the packing of the products and others are involved in the line of the production. Sometimes the team members are frustrated as they lost a huge amount of the order due to the lack of time.

Hence they try to make sure that they must deliver all of their products within the time already mentioned.  One team member suggests using the CRM system to develop their overview about the delivery and the orders of customers. The equipment was quite old so it often broke down during the production process and the motor failed due to this shortage. The staff needed to operate the motor manually and at this time during the work one staff member fell into the ladder which hurted the back of her and she was not able to continue her work for a long eight weeks.


A recent exhibition and conference have elaborated the benefits of the company of “HealthTech Global Ltd”. It has a lot of good contributions in the supply chain and food production.  One of the interesting facts about them is that they create the direct direct sales for the customers to manage their complete chain for the supply purpose. Besides this the company which is made by the great intention of  the lady named “HealthTech Global Ltd” ,

applies their direct sales on the logistics operation and production of chocolate(Wu,et al.2021). This can implement a massive change of the company in their  industry and it helps them to improve their efficiency to achieve their customers globally and establish the company as a famous company in the chocolate industry. So they would be able to  increase the size of this company.  All these increments of that  company  are done by accepting the new technologies. So technology is the most acceptable thing which has a good impact on this company.

Customer orders

This company has developed their ordering process through the digital platforms as well as postal requests(Chen,et al.2019). The company uses e-mails, phone calls, online shops and other online apps to accept the delivery. This is a very good procedure for them because anyone can make their orders from anywhere in the world. This needs very less timing and there is no intermediate person in this process, hence it becomes low cost. So they are able to give the product with an attractive price. It catches the attention of customers towards them.

They always prioritise the orders of the customers but due to availability of new varieties product in the  market customers are also attracted by them. So the production of the existing product is put into the hold for some time. Then they try to increase their work time and they continue their work on the weekends also. Due to their lots of efficiency the company has succeeded in gaining the orders of the customers and increasing their production level. One good thing about this company is that all team members can not compromise with their food quality if  there is any crisis of the ingredients for the huge amount of production. Instantly they order the needed things and make the products with all of their care.

Their actual capacity for the production is currently 100,000 as per the basis of month. But they are not able to fulfill these tasks due to the less stock of orders and equipment failure. So it decreases to 80,000 in one month. But also they do not compromise with the making ingredients. They always try to make the chocolate healthy and with less of the chalorie which can not harm customers’ health. This helps it to achieve the orders from the well known customers of their products. Bad quality of stock that’s why per month eighty thousand meet the production. It also highlights the business organization connected to others organization and also notices the performance and objective(Sanchez,et al.2017). This project defines the identity of the common factor in organization. Cost, time and quality are three parts that are very important in project management.

Variable effect on the outcome depends on the decision on project management. That will be required to project in the organization and also manage the production and maintain the quality of food products. Order will vary on management of the project time. That will depend on the delivery in time. Project management fast method followed to the waterfall method that is described to the how to the cost of the product. Waterfall mentions the disadvantage and also advantage that is the importance of the production of the foods. Past international orders should be sent through DHL.

That time loss runs to the business profit because products are sent via air freight and it will be very expensive. They normally re-order the product ingredients after the end of stock but do not check the other ingredient’s amount so that they are able to order that particular thing at the same time and manage their time which they can give into this company as well as product development of theirs. All staff manually handle production of chocolate products.

Exhibition demos and conferences should help to the development of food production in the company. When production is completed in a proper time then easily handle the customer orders. Custom order meet up in time that is to help a business growth and also build a strong supply chain.  She created a huge supply chain that to be pulled in sales. As well as logistic operation and production both are important(Aanbari,et al.2018). And it is one of the most important parts of business. Customer orders have to be available through email, phone call, postal request and social media platform (online shop).

Project management is like a “application of knowledge”, tools, skill and also which type of technique applied on the requirement of the project. Per day increases customer orders so that time is properly noticed in the production house. After that some implement in the business such as increase a production house, recruit staffs, manufacturing machine also imported, provide to good food quality hence, it step by step proper maintained and achieved the custom what to need and also their good behaviour. Meeting the delivery is a big achievement in the business. Apart from that, punctual time helps the growth of business. Provide different types of facilities from the business.

In the present situation they try to achieve the future sales on the basis of their global customers. The owner always accepts that she has not the huge knowledge about the supply chain. So she mainly focuses on the development of the new products. “Health Tech global limited” has worried about the future orders because of their shortage of ingredients. So, they try to make some new idea about the storage security. They buy some new things related in the storing purpose. At first they make a store room.

Then they clean the place with proper way. After that they placed some refrigerators for the storage of the materials or ingredients which are very much needed for  the safety of the ingredients. After that they tried to make sure that there is no cooling effect on the materials. They check all the ingredients in day by day basis. If anything change in the nature of the ingredients are found by them, they take immediate action of that matter. Because they need to store all the products within their good stage which can help them to make the product perfectly.

The product should have the quality of healthy for the people and made with all the good ingredients only. Their main aim is to store lots of  ingredients for atleasts two weeks. They already suffered a loss of profit due to late delivery, so she is then concerned about the local stock holding to customers. There is a loss because a huge amount of products are sitting in the warehouse and it becomes damaged. “Health Tech Global ltd” then faced a huge loss of money by the lack of production planning and followed this shipment method.

But they were not disappointed from that matter and handle the business. After that they tried to follow new processes for their further development and many staffs are recruited by them for the delivery purpose. So, all the products made by them were supplied through their own people of that company which helped them to gain more profit without investing the product.

Product Sustainability

The company owner “HealthTech Global Ltd” makes sure that the products and their company should not have any kind of impact on the ecosystem or environment. But a current supplier of her company uses a plastic tray which is made with non recyclable plastic material. There is a complexity for packaging, ingredients, cardboard boxes and shipping material as the range of the product is increased and new suppliers are unable to provide the exact information about the original source.

They struggle hard to find the original source. The company has  investigated the supplier’s sustainability. The suppliers are unable to trace the wholesalers due to the company rule. HealthTech Global Ltd was streaky in the production quality. As well as their supply chain will be focused on the quality of production and that will be increased to the development of the food production. That company also launched a new quality of chocolate that will be attractive to the young generation that will be part of the project management in the development of the organization. Project management is several contents of meat to the quality which is modified to the chocolate bar.

The company and also their products will want to ensure that there is zero impact on the environment of business strategy. Hence, which type of material is used in the company and how much impact it has on the environment. Which type of plastics production to use in a company and which material is possible to recycle. These types of material do not create pollution and proper balance of the environment structure. That will also help to improve the business structure and make hygienic food. Because chocolate is a very demandable food. Each and every customer likes chocolate so they carefully make it( Kwak,et al.2018).

When any time some products are expended so the time it takes to purchase some items that will help to balance the condition such as cardboard box, shipping materials,  packaging this process is very complex(Bjorvatn,et al.2018). Suppliers  also provide the information of the products by the original sources. She always tries to make fairtrade while purchasing the cocoa beans from the farmers of various countries to get original products and do the business with fairtrade suppliers. But this process introduces complexity into the business and requires a longer time of the supply chain(Lee,et al.2018).

They take a unique idea by accepting blockchain technology which is a very advanced technology. It helps them in tracing the products which are coming from the original sources. It is the first time for a chocolate bar company to  use this technology for ensuring the sustainability of the product.


Part B_Project planning

Gantt chart report

MOD004451 HealthTech Global Assignment Sample



Figure 1: Gantt chart

(Source: Microsoft project)


This report can describe the whole schedule of  a new business at its start level. It is very important for a company to know the days which are involved in the start time(C.Y,et al.2018).  Production overview is a vital point and this point helps to turn over the business. There would be a strategy of supply chain, global supply chain making a theory of supply chain. That time loss runs to the business profit because products are sent via air freight and it will be very expensive. They normally re-order the product ingredients after the end of stock but do not check the other ingredient’s amount so that they are able to order that particular thing at the same time and manage their time which they can give into this company as well as product development of theirs(Davies,et al.2018). They give the proper attention to it. After that the company takes an initiative to expand their brand name into the market so that they will be able to get a huge market attention.  Apart from that any brand company except for local products actually has good looks. Company growth and development depend on the quality of product and their behaviour. Management risk, analysis of the competitor and impact of the future technologies share information through the supply chain. Unique ideas and different types of reference and location also help to develop the strategy of business. Project management is several contents of meat to the quality which is modified to the chocolate bar.

Part C_Budget Creation

MOD004451 HealthTech Global Assignment Sample

Excel report

Figure 2: Report of income

(Source: MS Excel)

MOD004451 HealthTech Global Assignment

Figure 3: Report of Net income

(Source: MS Excel)  

This budget report can describe each and every important point of business. Incomes, expenses and net profit or loss everything mentioned in the chart. HealthTech Global Ltd created this company, as per report this company growth highly improved in a short time. And they should provide proper tax in government and also staff salaries per month.

This report mentions all small parts in expenses. Account and legal, advertising, depreciation, dues and subscription, insurance, interest expenses, office supplier etc are all mentioned to the business expansion part.  This company has only one non-recurring expense; it is furniture, equipment and software that will be some amount of expenses. Budget will not be fixed(Manning,et al.2018).All staff manually handle production of chocolate products. Exhibition demos and conferences should help to the development of food production in the company. When production is completed in a proper time then easily handle the customer orders. Custom order meet up in time that is to help a business growth and also build a strong supply chain.

She created a huge supply chain that to be pulled in sales. This reports data all are approximately data. Income type of four categories each data collected to just only approx. Actual and budget data difference only max to max two thousand approx. actual income tax and budget income tax is a huge difference. These reports also mention the actual income tax and budget income tax. Actual income tax is nineteen thousand five hundred fifty five approx and budget income tax is nine thousand seven hundred sixty nine approx.


From the above it can be concluded that it is mainly the project management of the company of a lady named “HealthTech Global Ltd”. This project is based on the chocolate company and it has some advantages and disadvantages in their path of success. But the lady can handle all of this and manage her company’s production.



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